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Top Reasons Why Spring is Ideal Season For Home Renovation Projects in Boston

An old saying goes that there are three good times to do anything – when you can, when you must, and when you want to. But, when it comes to home renovation Boston, the weather isn’t always ideal, so you might put off starting your project until fall or winter when the climate is more agreeable.

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So, have you made the decision to remodel your Boston home, and are wondering when to get started? Are you also like many people who mistakenly believe that the best time of year to do home renovation is summer months? Because that’s when construction sites are busiest and contractors have fewer conflicts with their current clients. However, it’s not really true. In fact, spring is the ideal time to start home renovation projects in Boston because several factors make it an excellent time to undertake this kind of work.

With the changing of the seasons, there’s no better time to get started on your ideal home remodeling project than in spring. Not only does it mean you have more time before summer starts and swarms of contractors hit the town, but spring also brings with it more energy and motivation, making it easier to cross those tasks off your to-do list that you’ve been putting off all winter! Spring is the perfect midpoint between the harsh winter and the sweltering summer, when homeowners must and want to meet to create the ideal conditions for undertaking home improvement projects, including those related to your roof, windows, siding, or any other exterior or interior aspect of your Boston home.

Here are five reasons why you should wait until springtime to begin your home renovation project in Boston:

The Weather’s Nice

While many homeowners in colder climates cringe at thoughts of spring, there’s one genuine reason why springtime is ideal for home renovation projects is the ideal weather. While nights might still be chilly, days are warm and sunny. During these longer daylight hours, it’s easy to get your projects completed without relying on artificial lighting. And while there may still be snow on some patches of ground and rooftops, it isn’t cold enough that you can’t comfortably climb a ladder or spend time on a roof repairing the damage. If you’re looking for a reason to start that home renovation project you’ve been thinking about doing all winter long, there’s no better time than now when Boston’s weather is nice.

Starting in Spring Means Less Work for Fall

It’s true that a warm, sunny day makes starting your home remodeling projects seem all the more inviting. But regardless of when you start, there’s always plenty of work involved. If you start early on in spring, however, you can use summer to take a breather and then finish off your project before winter comes around again. If you wait until fall or winter to begin renovating your home, however, it will mean another entire season of work ahead of you. Starting early means less work overtime! No one wants a summer full of renovations, and no one wants an extra-long winter spent worrying about unfinished projects. There are plenty of ways to make sure that your project doesn’t get neglected over time and begins at just the right moment for you.

Finding Good Contractors is Easier Now

Finding the contractors for your spring renovations project is extremely easy than in winter it’s not cold out. When it’s freezing outside, it can be difficult to get contractors on-site. So, finding good contractors willing to take care of your home improvement projects when it’s still warm and sunny outside is much easier than trying during winter months. Another reason is the days in spring are longer. This might seem like a minor issue, but having more daylight hour’s means that contractors will have more time to work. They don’t have to worry about going home when it gets dark, which is often an inconvenient or unrealistic deadline for construction workers.

Make Your Home Ready For Summer

When you start a home, kitchen or bathroom remodel Boston project during spring, you get a lot of added benefits—not just better weather. In Boston and throughout New England, spring is home remodeling season. You can take advantage of milder temperatures outside and see changes much more quickly than if you were working on your home during another season. You also have easy access to both interior and exterior home remodeling contractors who can help make your vision a reality. And you won’t have to worry about investing time or money into your home until after winter—the most active time for damage by pests and inclement weather conditions. What’s more, Boston homeowners report that 80 percent of their work happens from April through September, with only 15 percent occurring from October through March.

You’ll Save Money in the Long Run

Remodeling on a budget can be challenging, but when you begin projects in spring, your home remodeling cost could go down as much as 20 percent compared to starting work during colder months. It happens because you’ll have access to less expensive products and materials. Moreover, you can start home renovation projects in spring to save money on energy bills.

If you renovate your home during winter, it could get costly because of increased utility costs. Likewise, if you wait until summertime, your budget might suffer from higher air conditioning costs. By starting a project in spring and breaking up your renovation into phases, each with its own distinct budget, you’ll have time to plan for these changes and keep them from throwing off your financial plan.

Increase Equity

For most homeowners, their biggest source of wealth is their home. When it comes time to sell, you’ll want to make sure you have as much equity in your house as possible. This makes a remodel in spring ideal; many homeowners start remodeling projects when they know they won’t be living there over summer. Remodeling your home increases its value. Every room has a role in determining your home’s value and that role is directly correlated with how much you’re willing to pay for it. So think of each room as a share—the higher its stock price, the more money you’ll make when it’s time to sell. The projects on our list will give you some powerful gains because they address issues that impact how potential buyers see your home: curb appeal, layout and function of common spaces, and technology. Although you could begin any of these projects at any time during the year, spring might be your best bet if you’re trying to maximize equity gains by selling soon.

Financially Beneficial

Remodeling during spring can give you a financial advantage over other projects. With consumers around Boston finishing their winter home improvements, competition is already heating up. If you want any chance of taking home a significant amount of your money after your project’s complete, you’ll need to beat out established businesses for skilled labor and materials. That means starting your project earlier than those around you! In addition, since winter is historically the slowest time of the year for contractors in Boston and many home remodeling contractors are looking for extra work, it could be easier for you to negotiate price and possibly even receive a bulk discount on supplies. Early spring also allows you plenty of time before July 4th so that when summer rolls around, your project will be well underway!


These are just a few of the reasons why the spring season is an ideal time to complete your list of home improvement projects in Boston. The home renovation project you’ve been putting off since winter has come to an end, and spring is finally here! If you want to save money while also doing something good for the environment, why not start your home renovation project in spring? By getting started in spring, you can get the most out of your perfect home renovations, while also avoiding some common pitfalls of summer and fall work in Boston. The above reasons will definitely inspire you why it’s ideal to start spring home projects now that the weather has warmed up. Think how much happiness you will have from your home update when you begin your home renovation Boston projects this spring.

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