Bathroom Design Consultant Tips To Make the Small Bathroom Look Stylish!

Finding small bathroom renovation designs consultants can be daunting because they are compact, and the owner saves money by using fewer materials; another reason is the small bathroom is small, and nobody likes being cramped. The new custom built homes professionals such as designers, home decorators, architects, and remodel workers can guide you best on how to remodel a small bathroom.

  1. Take Off Items That Stick Out

The overhang items in a bathroom add a feeling of complexity and heaviness. Do not have anything that protrudes from the walls.

For Instance: Instead of a towel bar, go with mount one on the back of the door, built magazine racks, and toilet paper holders. Avoid decorative shelves; these can only take away precious square footage.

  1. Bathroom Design Consultant Storage ideas

The builders built smart custom homes by paying appropriate attention to necessary things in which storage is most important. Your bathroom must have storage to cover toilet paper, towels, daily supplies (cleansers, makeup, teeth supplies, etc.).Medicine cabinets along with a shaving set fitted in walls in between the studs.

  1. Clear Shower Enclosures

In order to give the illusion of more space to your small bathroom, try to eliminate the visual clutter as possible by selecting appropriate fixtures and materials, such as use swinging doors rather than bypass, clear shower enclosures with minimal hardware.

  1. Make Small Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom vanities are the notorious space-waster. If you are searching for the affordable bathroom remodel near me, then clear them about mini bathroom vanity. Numerous companies are now making apartment size vanities or choose the simple pedestal sink or wall-mounted sinks.

  1. Install Right Lighting To Give High Ceilings Illusion.

Everybody wants to have a large bathroom, but if you can’t make one, then make the illusion of one. The experienced small bathroom renovation designs consultants have thorough knowledge to make your small bathroom look large with lighting. One way to make your bathroom appear larger, try cove lighting or a high ceiling with wall sconces. The appropriate lighting gives the impression of a higher ceiling that is used in big-size bathrooms. To give the illusion of a more open area, illuminate your bathroom’s one wall with accurate lighting.

  1. Place Floor Tiles On A Diagonal

Grid, regimented tiles can make your bathroom feel smaller. Whenever you install the tiles in the bathroom, keep them on a diagonal, this trick will make your bathroom looks bigger in size. Large size tiles with thin grout lines will give the appearance of square footage.

  1. Glass Door Instead Of Shower Curtain

A bathroom with natural plants is the perfect combination. Do not install a glass door if your bathroom only has a shower stall; instead of considering another wall, replace it with a glass door. Make sure your outdoor view should be appealing, or if you don’t have enough space, then you can choose big lots outdoor wall decor and enjoy your shower.

  1. Be Mindful While Placing The Door

When placing the bathroom door, be sure it swings out instead of in, or use the pocket doors. In case your bathroom doesn’t have enough space, then ensure that your bathroom doesn’t open in front of the toilet. It’s better to open towards the wall than the toilet.

At homednb, we tell our clients that when remodeling a home, you must get into every corner to make sure every square foot of your home is to your liking. This blog covers small space remodeling ideas for the guest bathroom with small bathroom renovation designs. Also, we cover small space remodeling ideas for walk-in closets, and other areas that may need a small space remodel.

Small Bathroom Renovation Designs Ideas For You

Our team has listed all the do’s and don’ts to making your small spaces a functioning part of your home. We will guide you on how to make your small spaces comfortable. Of course, no one wants to see a small space and know off the bat that it’s going to be tight. With proper decorating and furniture for the space, your nooks will  take shape. Additionall, you want to create one of the more sought out areas of your house.

Closet Remodeling Ideas

Small space redesigning and remodeling ideas
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Walk-in closets can easily be transformed with the help of proper shelving at various levels and sizes to fit shoes, shirts, hats, and jewelry. The proper placement of rods and what hangers help clothes look and feel better are also discussed in this blog along with storage ideas for the closet that will help you hide what you’re storing and keep what you use the most front and center. Choosing the proper outfit will be a breeze.

Breakfast Nook Ideas

Breakfast nooks can easily be created with benches to save space and comfortable pillows. A small, yet sizeable table can be exactly what you need for your morning when you are having coffee, reading the paper, and planning out your day. Nooks are the best spots to start your mornings the right way.

The blog will also give details on patio design and how to make your patio feel private with flowers and shrubbery as well as what furniture to use that is durable against the weather but comfortable when you are sitting outside. Beyond shrubbery and flowers, there are many other fixtures that are available for your outdoor space like artwork, statues, fun planters, seasonal flowers, and vegetable gardens that bring life to your outdoor experience. From pavers to outdoor rugs, we’ve got you covered on ideas that may spark your own imagination to renovate your outside space.

Guest Bathroom Remodeling


One of the most overlooked areas of the home is the guest bathroom, which in most cases is a half-bathroom. These rooms tend to get lost in the fray, but the homednb team has assembled some great decorating ideas to make this room just as vibrant as a full bath. With proper paint colors and accent wall, you can make your half-bath feel bigger than it actually is. In such a small space, scent is everything. 

We have you covered with what scents will give your guests a pleasant experience and make the half bath feel more comfortable and less closed in. From decorative towels to decorative soaps, the proper décor will give the room a personality all of its own that doesn’t necessarily have to match the rest of the house. Our designers will get more in depth in this very informative blog.

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