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Ways to Protect Your Home with Renovation in Harsh Winter

When the world is blanketed in snow, everything else seems to keep changing – the sidewalks become extremely quiet as traffic can reduce. The whole front yards become much more optimistic and welcoming, with cheery snowmen saying hello to the passengers. The homes become even cozier and lovelier with luminous fireplaces. And the aroma of hot beverages brewing inside. Home renovation with a touch of seasonal charm enhances the overall warmth and appeal.


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Life is different in the winter; it is both more pleasant as well as more challenging. It offers a lot of happiness and cheer. But it also poses many possible hazards to your comfortable living. Heavy snow, freezing temperatures, and chilling solid winds may create many problems. And significant damage to your property. But unless you take necessary preventative steps. Prepare your home effectively for the severe winter weather. Your careless acts may contribute to the harm, so you can even more cautious and prudent than usual.

Winter home renovations are often less concern with curb appeal and more concern with remodeling interiors. You can make your home more livable, comfortable, and energy-efficient with it. Whenever it comes to protecting against the weather in cold-winter areas

the different structural and mechanical systems in a home bear an extra load. Water is problematic even under the best of circumstances. But in areas where water freezes for weeks or months at a period, the problems are enormous. Here are some home renovation tips or ways to help you safeguard your home from harsh winters and the difficulties that come with them

Take Precautions With Your Water Pipes

As the weather starts to cool, the first thing that you should do is unplug and store any water hoses. It prevent exterior plumbing equipment from freezing. Then, turn off exterior faucets, empty the lines, & insulate hose bibs. When indoor plumbing pipes run through outside walls, keep an eye on them. Over the winter and ensure that wall insulation meets prescribed levels.

Repair Any Holes or Cracks

Even minor openings where cable cables or phone lines enter your home might serve as an entry point for frigid air—or a way for valuable interior heat to depart. During your home renovation project, close them up with a can of foam insulation. Then, to repair any breaches around your doors and windows, apply spray foam insulation, weather stripping, or caulking. In colder climates, inspecting the outside of your home for gaps and cracks needs a yearly ritual.

Add Insulation

Make sure your home has appropriate insulation to protect your pipes from freezing & to keep your home warm. Insulate your outer walls, basements, attic, and, in several situations, the pipes themselves. Your local energy service company may offer complimentary in-home energy audits to analyze your energy use and propose strategies. They can increase the R-value in the ceilings and walls to required guidelines for your region.

Faucet Dripping

If anyone of your inside faucets is on external walls that aren’t suitably insulated, put them to a slow drip if temps fall well below freezing. It usually is only required during really extreme cold spells. Faucets and pipes near external walls are particularly vulnerable to freezing. Make certain that each hot and cold line is slightly open for the most effective efficacy, as each is inclined. Keep in mind preserving cabinet doorways open to permit the room air to reheat your pipes

Maintain Easy Access To The Water Shutoff Valve

If a water line ever freezes and bursts, you should flip off the home’s water delivery without delay. Rearrange your basement or storage so that it is without difficulty on hand in the case of a plumbing emergency. If rubbish is stopping, easily get the right of entry to your primary water shut-off valve. Then, double-take a look at that the shut-off valve is in fantastic functioning condition. Turning the valve handle completely counterclockwise must flip off all water to the home. Update the primary shut-off valve right now if it is rusted open or handiest partly closed—that is commonly a job for a professional plumber. 

Take it a step further through ensuring that everybody in your own home is familiar with where the shut-off valve is and how it is used to turn off the water. If you reside in a warmer area, the shut-off valve are outside, near the water meter.

Old Trees Should Be Cleaned Up

If you are planning a home renovation in winter, then before the heavy snow and deadly ice arrive. Make sure to prune and remove any older, dying trees in your yard. Sure, if you’re dealing with larger trees that are sick or dying. Then you might have to pay for a professional service. However, this one is cost-effective and potentially life-saving, as trees and huge branches have a horrible propensity to fall on top of dwellings during winter storms.

Find Your Water Meter

Invest in a meter key (or preserve an adjustable wrench accessible), so you can flip off the water on the meter if the shut-off valve fails. Then, practice turning on and off the water to get a feel for how it’s done. Please keep in mind that your city may have laws prohibiting you from switching off the water on your own. If this is the case, have the water department’s emergency number available so you can report concerns as soon as possible.

Keep The Garage Doors Shut

Reduce the amount of time your garage door is open if it is related to your home.  It’ll maintain cold air out of your house and guard plumbing furnishings on your garage as well as pipes in shared partitions among your own home and garage.

Gutters Should Be Cleaned

Full gutters increase the likelihood of ice forming on your roof, which you don’t want to cope with. Make time before the winter weather starts to clean up your gutters. Gutter screens, sometimes known as “helmets,” help keep leaves from blocking gutters.

Maintain Your Thermostat

In your home renovation project to protect your home from harsh winter don’t forget to upgrade your thermostat. Over the previous decade, thermostats have come a long way.  Before you turn up the heat this winter, consider installing a Wi-Fi-enabled smart, programmable thermostat such as a Google Nest, Emerson Sensi, or Honeywell. A smart thermostat will let you use heat more efficiently and on-demand. This is one of the simplest winter DIY house renovations that will immediately save you money. Keep additional batteries on hand to ensure you can keep your thermostat operating consistently

Examine the Attic Ventilation

Ice dams on your roof can avoid with proper attic ventilation. Inspect your attic for any insulation that can obstruct your soffits or attic vents. The unrestricted airflow in your attic will keep warm air from melting snow on the roof and running down to refreeze at the roof edges.

Get Ready for Vacation

When you leave your home for a long time during the winter, consider turning off the water and emptying your plumbing system. So you don’t have to worry about frozen pipes or other plumbing difficulties while you’re gone. There are also freeze alarms available for purchase for your home, which can monitor the temperature in your home and send you a text message or email if temperatures drop to a dangerous level. If you are a “snowbird” who leaves your northern residence for a warmer area in the winter, such a monitor is essential insurance.

Hire a Professional

It’s wonderful to want to tackle a job yourself, but if you’re merely doing it to save money, shop around first. Not only will competent home renovation experts have all the tools they need to respond to whatever Mother Nature throws at them. But they’ve also likely done enough of this work in your area to know how to prepare correctly to prevent any complications.  Going solo may not save you much money in the long term. But it will likely get done faster and with fewer problems.

Working with professionals is vital if you are considering complete home renovation to protect your home in harsh winter. A renovation contractor can assist you in completing the task correctly the first time. Even if you have some prior DIY expertise, hiring a home renovation firm can provide you with a piece of mind knowing that the task is being handled through someone who has the required skills and knowledge to avoid costly mistakes. So, if you’re seeking specialists for your next winter home renovation project, go no further than Homednb.

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