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Trends in Home Remodel After Covid-19 Pandemic

The saying “there is no place in the world like home” has always been truthful, but it has never been more so than in the previous one and half years. Before the pandemic, homes were a place to relax after a long day, but today it is utilized by individuals for various purposes every day. The home has been transformed into a school, office, restaurant, playroom, gym and more.Change has undoubtedly occurred since most individuals worldwide spend much more time in their homes than ever before. Spending so much time at home causes people to reflect on their surroundings and desire to make adjustments, such as home remodel, to suit their requirements better.

Home Remodeling

Moreover, many individuals viewed their homes in a new harsh light due to the pandemic’s lockdowns, shelter-in-place restrictions, and overall lack of things to do outside of their own homes. The kitchens were not up to par. Improvised home offices were a disaster in terms of ergonomics. Outdoor places were unable to provide the essential relief. People began wishing their homes were just a little or more significant very quickly to meet their specific needs.

Pandemics have traditionally been connected to home design and improvements. In reality, infectious illnesses have influenced the creation of modern bathrooms. A cholera outbreak in London prompted replacing thick carpet and heavy draperies in bathrooms with tile and smoother, easier-to-clean materials. During the 1918 flu pandemic, homeowners began constructing tiny bathrooms on the primary levels of their homes so that visitors could wash off without having to visit the whole home. Nowadays, guest bathrooms or powder rooms on the main floor are a popular design trend.

Styles and trends are evolving as people spend more time at home and engage in home remodel projects. The Covid-19 pandemic affects home design in the same way that previous outbreaks have. This blog has discussed some home design trends to help you know how home renovation has changed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Focus on Hygiene & Well-being

Health & safety are two of the most important considerations for homeowners. Rather than picking materials and things that match their particular taste, more individuals are opting for antibacterial and easy-to-clean materials. 

Materials with inherent antibacterial qualities, such as brass, copper & bronze, are becoming more popular. These materials, which are widely found in doorknobs and kitchen cabinet handles, destroy germs and bacteria on their own, eliminating the need to apply chemical sprays and wipes regularly. Several contractors that offer home remodel services use these materials in home designing to stay safe and hygienic.

Moreover, to combat the transmission of germs, smart homes are adopting touch-free technologies. Hands-free sinks & toilets, automatic lighting, smart thermostats and voice-controlled smart gadgets keep individuals contented while minimising what they come into contact around the home.

New Quality & Bold Colors

COVID-19 pandemic has brought new ornamental style trends in terms of quality and colour. Individuals are choosing subtle hues to create a relaxing environment at home. Amid the uncertainty and upheaval outside, softer materials, brighter colors, and more natural light have become popular ways to create a peaceful ambience.

Bold styles such as dark accent walls and patterned wallpaper, on the other hand, are having a moment. Bold colors enable homeowners to celebrate new ideas & cultures from the ease of their own homes, rather than travelling or spending time at events. Bright colors may also energise and encourage creativity, which can benefit those stuck in a similar routine.

People invest in higher-quality pieces that can endure heavy usage and last for years as they spend more time in their homes. It is especially true in the home offices, where low-cost desks were formerly commonplace. However, since more and more remote employees expect to work from home soon, home remodeling contractors suggest investing in high-quality seats, desks and storage.

Multi-Use Spaces

Another home design modification that happens due to covid-19 pandemic is the addition of spaces that may be used for many purposes. The dining area, which was formerly only for meals, is today the epicentre of virtual learning. The basement of the homes, which was previously used as storage, is now used as a home gym. Homeowners construct rooms with numerous uses in mind and select furniture and décor that can be used for various purposes.

Homeowners are demanding home remodel experts, larger kitchens with incorporated seating to put up more individuals doing various at home doings. Desks & workspaces are being combined into the bedroom design. The admiration of flexible & multi-functional fixtures has grown due to the requirement for rooms to be able to change quickly.

Open concept floor ideas were popular for years, but the pandemic has caused homes to return to more traditional layouts with rooms closed off to form separate spaces. People now want to lock doors to offer each individual their area, rather than having virtual school, leisure, and remote work all take place in the same shared room.

Sanctuary-Like Spaces

Several studies have found that the coronavirus pandemic has had a negative influence on people’s mental health. Because it’s difficult to relax in a busy environment, many home remodel experts predict sanctuary-like places like reading corners and green spaces to grow increasingly popular in the future.

Cooking may be soothing for many individuals, but a typical kitchen may not be adequate for a serious home cook. There’s always the option of pursuing a kitchen renovation project if you believe your kitchen lacks key features or needs additional room. The kitchen should be functional and appealing because it is the place in the home where we spend most of the time.

Moreover, architects or home designers can give you creative designs to make the most of your area. Glass panels have gained popularity as a result of the presence of several family members at home during the day. When working from home, people don’t require visible separation; they need auditory isolation.

Outdoor Space Has Been Prioritized

More individuals are venturing outside due to social distancing and company closures, although public outdoor places are frequently congested. Instead, individuals are emphasizing the importance of their outdoor area. Outdoor areas of all kinds, from large backyards to modest city courtyards, provide homeowners with a place to cook, play, eat & exercise in the fresh air.

Architects & home remodel contractors design new homes with outdoor living in mind, including more porches and balconies. People are seeking innovative methods to optimize outdoor life with multi-purpose outdoor areas in their current houses. Aside from a surge in landscaping initiatives, outdoor products such as trampolines, hammocks, and swimming pools have increased.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the number of individuals who have started cultivating gardens has exploded, with vegetable seed sales soaring in recent months. Several individuals find gardening to be a soothing mental health activity and a source of food rather than relying on grocery store supply chains.

Final Words

These developments in home design affect more than simply home décor & DIY businesses. Individuals want to be comfortable & safe in their homes now more than ever. The finest customer experiences cater to these requirements and simplify individuals to establish secure, inviting environments.

The Covid-19 pandemic has generated enormous stress beyond people’s control, but their home is one thing they can manage and serve as a haven from the chaos. People have understood the significance of having a pleasant and practical place. Thus, these design trends will remain long after the epidemic is finished.

Home remodeling contractors or architects must adjust their experiences to home-style to keep up with these developments, such as selling items made of cleaner materials and promoting products that may serve many roles. People who invest in home renovation projects demonstrate that they want to stay in their homes for the long haul. Therefore, businesses should offer at-home services and delivery alternatives to stay at home for as long as they need.

Covid-19 has compelled individuals to stay at home more than they have in the past. These home design trends will stay for a long time, and the best future experience will take into account the trends to ensure continuous serenity and comfort at home. While social separation appears to be a necessary step, it’s fair to believe that fears of future viruses may push architects to build with vast areas in mind, allowing and encouraging individuals to spread out.

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