Trending Basement Redesign Ideas for 2021

Trending Basement Redesign Ideas for 2021

Trending Basement Redesign Ideas for 2021

The basement has become the place for fun and family activities. In this blog post, we will give you basement remodeling ideas on a budget so that you can get the family together in a fun space without breaking the bank. We also give you easy solutions to a basement bathroom remodel so that your basement space becomes fully functional and up to date even if your space is limited and you need small basement remodel ideas. Whether you have a lot of room or just a little, we have the right ideas and tools for you to make your basement the place for fun and family.

The biggest key to your new basement in 2021 is going to be functionality. The basement is becoming more of another space to live and work as much as it is becoming a place for recreation. Many homeowners are using this particular space as a place for dual uses and our team tells you how it can be done.

One of the hottest trends is built-in shelves. Because so many basements are limited with space, having your shelving built into your walls is allowing homeowners to not feel so boxed in. These shelves are great for decorating to give your basement an at-home feel.

Color is another big trend as many basements are overlooked when it comes to bold and vibrant color. Many feel that because the basement is underground and out of view that it should remain bland, but not true. The more color you have in your basement the more it will feel like home.

Because so many people are finding themselves working from home more and more, many basements are doubling as the home office. Away from the noise of the rest of the home, many can use these newly decorated and renovated spaces to get work done and feel as if they are not spending too much time in the same areas of the home. Our experts will help you pick out the right furniture and the proper layout of the room.

If people aren’t going to the office, then they are most likely not going to the gym. For those who want to keep up with their fitness routines, the basement has become the best place to put an at home gym. If your space has plenty of room, it is a great area to put in some equipment and get some privacy while you are staying healthy and fit.

Making your basement a playroom has been a tradition for many years. The basement is a great place for kids to get loud, play with all of their toys, and make a mess on floors and walls that are specifically designed to withstand scratches, crayons, and toys.

A lot of homeowners have begun to add bars and kitchens to their basements. If you choose to make your basement your mancave or entertainment area, having a bar/kitchen is ideal as you can cook and serve without leaving the room and walking away from the big game.

The biggest of all trends is the home theater. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the movies from the comfort of their own home? With movies streaming on so many services, families and friends can gather in the comfort of the basement to see the latest films and releases. With room for a big screen TV and plenty of chairs and couches, the basement is the newest place to sit in the dark and be whisked away by the movies.

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