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Top 10 Tech Features To Add During Home Remodel in Washington DC

Hi there, DC homeowners! Do you want to remodel your home in Washington DC? Are you looking to add the latest technology features? As technology improves, it only makes sense that the innovations trickle down into residential properties.

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From smart lighting and TV screens to smart heating and security systems, adding technology to your space during home remodeling Washington DC project will provide convenience and increase its value and efficiency. Building or remodeling your home to include new technologies that make it easier. And more efficient can increase the value of your home and make you more comfortable in it as well. The technology features will help you create a better living space, improve your home’s security. And keep you connected to the outside world from within your home’s walls.

Whether you are starting with a new home in Washington DC or looking to add on to your existing home. The process of remodeling your house can be quite the undertaking.

Not only do you have to spend long hours taking care of the actual construction and design work, but if you want to get the most out of your remodel, you also need to consider how you want to use technology within your new or updated home. Here are 10 of the best new tech features you should consider adding during your next home renovation Washington DC project because your home could be lacking some seriously awesome technological perks!

1) Smart Appliances

There are plenty of smart appliances to add tech features to your home during a remodel. From washers and dryers to dishwashers. Homeowners can even integrate their devices with services like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Nest thermostats to automate their homes. And control them through an app on their phone. You can control things like lights and temperature without ever getting up from your couch! Although smart appliances may be a bit pricier than more traditional models, they’re worth it. If you’re looking for convenience and ease of use during your remodel. Plus, adding technology has no negative impact on resale value. So they can still be a good investment in that regard as well.

2) Energy Efficient Windows

During your home remodeling Washington DC project, why not add energy efficient windows? Not only will they save you money on your utility bills and lower your carbon footprint. But their sleek design also provides a beautiful aesthetic that adds to home value. Their higher price tag is often compensated for by tax credits for energy efficient renovations. And many states even offer incentives for going green in your home. How’s that for making going green easy?

3) Smart Plugs

Smart plugs can make home life easier and safer by allowing you to remotely control everyday appliances from anywhere in your home. You can use smart plugs to turn off a space heater before leaving on vacation. Or put lights on a timer to come on and off at random times throughout the day. No matter how you use them, smart plugs add convenience and safety to your home with very little hassle. They’re easy to install, too.  Just plug them into an outlet, connect it with Alexa or other voice assistants and you’re ready to go!

4) Modern Bathroom

Today’s bathrooms are designed to be tranquil spaces where we can relax and unwind. The bathroom is considered by many as their most personal living space. Since we tend to keep our private items in there such as toiletries, reading material, etc. Homeowners today want a modern bathroom design that not only offers comfort and privacy. But also encourages them to engage in activities that make them feel at ease such as soaking in a bathtub or catching up on their favorite shows. While using home theater accessories like an HDTV for bathroom mirrors with surround sound system. Or reading digital books on their tablets (such as kindle paperwhite) connected via a WiFi network.

5) Security System

For most homeowners, a home security system is one of their first purchases during a home remodel in Washington DC. Having an alarm system can help you feel secure knowing that it’s unlikely your home will be broken into while you’re away from it. Of course, there are many different security systems available on today’s market. So finding what works best for you may take some research. Some great questions to ask yourself about a potential security system include: Do I want to use an existing company or am I willing to pay for self-installation? Do I want alarms that notify my phone (through apps such as)or do I want less hassle and prefer traditional keypads? How much money am I willing to spend on a monthly basis?

6) The Home Theater Room

Home theaters are becoming more and more a part of modern home design in Washington DC. It’s no longer an option to have one in your house; it is a must-have. A high-quality home theater system can provide great entertainment for everyone, as well as be used by business owners for professional presentations that wow potential clients.

7) Video Doorbell

Video doorbells let you see who’s at your door without opening up or even getting up. In some cases, a simple button on your smartphone can connect you with visitors from anywhere in your home. Some even have smart locks built in so that visitors can unlock your door for themselves after you accept their request to enter via app. Keep things convenient for everyone by adding a video doorbell during home remodel Washington DC projects.

8) Fire Alarm Systems

If you’re looking to add some technology to your home, consider a fire alarm system. These smart fire alarms can detect smoke and other dangers around your home, alerting you via phone or email with different types of emergencies. You can even program them to notify an off-site location, like a business or friend’s house, if your home has been compromised by a fire or other danger. There are plenty of cool features for these systems—like smart sprinkler systems—so talk with a home remodeling contractor Washington DC and find out which is right for you. After all, if your house burns down because it didn’t have some high-tech protection built into it…well then that would be sad…wouldn’t it?

9) Lighting Controls

Lights are usually controlled by a single switch, but it’s easy to install switches for individual lights. You can also make one light serve multiple purposes; for example, you could use one light as a nightlight and another as a reading lamp. You could add an automatic dimmer or photocell so that lights adjust their brightness based on time of day or lighting conditions (for example, dimming lights when people leave a room). Another cool feature is remote control—lights that turn on and off from your smartphone or tablet. It’s a great way to add convenience and security to home lighting.

10) Technology Integration

The average home today uses several different technology devices such as cell phones, computers, televisions and tablets. While many of these items play a key role in our daily lives, there is still an opportunity to incorporate them further into a remodeled home by incorporating them into smart technology features that can be controlled through voice or touch screen commands. For example: if you have an old doorbell system that doesn’t integrate with your cell phone, you might consider replacing it with a smart doorbell. These are typically mounted on walls near entrances and can be activated by simply touching or speaking to them. They allow users to see who is at their front door and even speak with them via built-in speakers and cameras before opening their doors!


When you’re planning on making some major changes to your home, it’s important to add technology that will make your life easier, more convenient, and more efficient. From improving Wi-Fi coverage to implementing a video surveillance system, technology offers several ways to make your home safer and smarter. If you’re looking to add a few tech features to your home, there are even more considerations to make. In addition to asking about various things to your home remodeling contractor like their process and design styles, you should ask about cost-effectiveness and functionality. With enough planning, you can add some really cool tech features that will give your family plenty of entertainment options while also helping them stay safe and comfortable at home during a remodel in Washington DC .

Whether you need to incorporate the tech features in your conventional home or want to build a new home from scratch with the smart features, you can contact Homednb! We have trusted and reliable home remodel Washington DC contractors to help you make your living space more safe and secure!