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Tips for a Successful Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are one of the most commonly used spots in a home, so it’s no wonder that they constantly rank high on the list of top locations homeowners want to remodel. Bathroom remodel improves utility and increases property value. Still, deliberate upgrades with a long-term effect are more important,

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which is why trendy bathroom design is a top home improvement trend. The design may adjust based on space and personal choice, but it is intended to represent durable design while including elements that improve living at its foundation. The three essential components of bathroom design are simplicity, attractiveness, and utility.

Taking on a bathroom remodel, on the other hand, is both exciting & daunting. For many people, it is a fashion statement and one of the chances to put a big personalized feel to their homes. However, it is a considerable commitment, large enough to make most individuals think twice before plunging in blindly. If you are prepared to renovate your bathroom and want some guidance on doing it correctly, we are here to assist. If you use the suggestions discussed in this blog for a successful bathroom remodel, you will understand how to bring your visualization to reality. To help you start, search for design inspiration.

The most successful remodeling projects have three key characteristics. When contemplating a bathroom remodel, keep the following in mind:

Minimal Upkeep

Choosing finishes that  are simple to keep clean and looking new saves you money and effort in maintenance and extends the life of your renovation by keeping it looking new and fresh for longer. Consider the following low-maintenance bathroom design ideas:

  • Quartz countertops rather than marble
  • Long-lasting faucets made of high-quality materials
  • Glass shower doors coated with water-repellent chemicals


Energy savings are one of today’s most appealing selling features for a home. Water scarcity and rising utility expenses make this a must-have for home purchasers. Energy efficiency is also important in terms of the environment. When planning a great bathroom remodel, consider the following elements to improve energy efficiency:

  • Tankless water heaters
  • Low flow toilets & faucets
  • Insulated windows
  • LED lighting instead of luminous lighting
  • Radiant floor heating

A Light & Bright Bathroom

Every homeowner desires bright, open rooms. The more light there is in your bathroom, the larger it seems. And, if you’re spending time and money on bathroom remodel, don’t allow your design decisions to go unnoticed in a gloomy, murky space – lighting will elegantly display your bathroom renovation investment. Three methods to make your bathroom brighter:

  • Install windows and skylights
  • Use lighting for diverse purposes around the bathroom
  • Select surfaces and finishes that are reflecting and bright

When considering bathroom renovating, ask yourself if each item meets the three criteria listed above. Fortunately, the most recent high-design ideas not only appear lovely but also solve these concerns.

First, Look for Design Ideas

Every successful home renovation project, particularly those with a hefty price tag, must start with a strategy. Before you begin the physical aspects of the project, such as removing flooring or installing a rain forest shower, you must have a clear picture of what you want the completed product to look like. Use the internet to get design ideas for this. If you are unsure about defining your style, you may speak with interior designers and share your ideas with them. Always, keep in mind that you do not have to follow a single design rigidly. Feel free to combine elements from different designs till you find a bathroom space design you adore.

Consider Your Budget

When you’ve settled on a design, it’s essential to consider your finances. Contemplate your budget along with the cost of your ideal project. Though it may not be the most enjoyable procedure, evaluating your finances will assist you in determining which aspects of a makeover are most feasible for you. You may do a few things to keep your project on budget. Before deciding who to hire, obtain estimates from several bathroom remodel contractors, consider doing some of the work yourself to save money on labor, and look for wholesale firms in your region that will allow you to buy goods at a discount.  Keep your most valuable items in a neutral hue.

Maintain The Neutrality of High-End Items

With the exorbitant cost of bathroom remodel, one of our favorite recommendations is to make your high-end buys as neutral as feasible. We’re specifically discussing tile flooring and shower design. Allowing these components to be more of a blank canvas will allow you to quickly modify your design as trends change and ensure that they have a greater appeal if you ever sell your home. Remember that incorporating these neutral things does not indicate that your bathroom will be boring. Incorporate your personality into the area by selecting items that are easy to change over time. Consider using a few visually pleasing objects such as mirrors, vivid paint colors & so on. Consider using visually attractive objects such as mirrors, bright paint colors, floor coverings & hand towels. Include some unique storage solutions.

Purchase High-End Lighting

LED lighting is perhaps the most energy-efficient bathroom upgrade you can make. LED lighting uses seventy five percent less energy and lasts twenty-five times longer than incandescent lighting. LED lighting not only saves energy but also adds a gorgeous design component to any area. They can be set to change colors and may be used near water without risk. They are ideal for do-it-yourself projects since they are simple to install in any bathroom. Aside from task lighting, here are other creative ways to use LEDs:

  • To tint the water in a bathtub or sink
  • On a wall, as a color wash upshot
  • Backlighting wall mirrors
  • To illuminate countertops or shelves

Think About Storage

Storage is one aspect of a bathroom remodel that sometimes goes unnoticed but is much appreciated. Whether you want to keep additional toiletries or a couple of pairs of guest towels, having them on hand when they’re required is a huge advantage. Consider pushing out a wall to incorporate an extra storage closet and built-in bookshelves if you have the space. Even if relocating walls is out of the question, choose an organizing unit that complements your style. It will give your area a professional appearance that is well worth the additional money & time.

On The Shower, Spend Extra Money

The bathroom, just like every other space in your home, needs a focal point or a design item that pulls the eye. Luxury showers are among the most preferred amenities among home buyers, so it may be a nice feature to promote. Consider it this way: you’ll get to enjoy numerous showerheads and heated flooring right now, with the bonus of knowing your investment will most likely pay off in the long run. Surprisingly, the same study discovered that soaking tubs had fallen out of favor. Many people believe they are underutilized and need a lot of effort to clean. If your primary aim is to sell, consider bypassing this expenditure. It is equally vital to consider personal preference. Include an eye-catching vanity if at all feasible.

Don’t Compromise on The Glitz

Another element where you may make a huge impression is the bathroom vanity. On-trend features include twin sinks, big mirrors, and lots of storage. If feasible, choose one with a luxurious top made of a material such as granite or marble to give an aesthetic appeal to the area. Remember that you can always modify the look of your existing vanity, if necessary, during your bathroom remodel project. Giving it a fresh coat is an elegant and sophisticated project that will completely change the area’s look. You may also replace the drawer pulls or get a new topper from a craft store to refresh the bathroom’s appearance.

Consider A Floating Vanity

Skip the wall-to-wall cupboards and free up the area to make a bathroom look more prominent. A bathroom counter or vanity that appears to float is a beautiful method to do this. Another option to get the appearance is to forego the typical cabinet vanity base in favor of a couch table with open storage beneath.

Final Words

Undertaking a bathroom remodel can be both a thrilling and worrisome experience. On the one hand, there are few things more rewarding than knowing you’ve left your unique imprint on your home. Some projects may become so expensive that even taking the initial step might be daunting. But don’t worry if you are considering a bathroom remodel, you must read the tips discussed in this blog to make your bathroom remodel project a success.  You can contact Homednb for the trendiest bath space design ideas to help you turn your bathroom into a retreat. Our expert home remodeling contractors can help you make your dreams a reality. Schedule a consultation now and let us improve the overall aesthetic of your home with bathroom remodel!