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Stylish Upgrades for Every Major Detail of Your Small Kitchen

Most kitchens deal with a single issue, and it is that they lack preparation space. Once you are done with laying out the cooktops, stove, refrigerator, or sinks, there might be very little room left on the countertops. Space can play a huge role in setting up appliances, gadgets, or pretty styling pieces.

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We have tips that are all about maximizing your kitchen storage while making the layout much more efficient. Whether you are going with a complete renovation or starting with a blank slate, or looking for ways to update your existing kitchen, give these tips a try. Or, you can hire our experts for kitchen remodeling in San Diego, CA, to get help for the remodeling process.

Smaller kitchens can deliver a lot of advantages over the larger ones, and the biggest benefit is it costs less to remodel. You have to spend less on purchasing finishes or materials. Further, you have a space that is tighter and makes an efficient work triangle. DIY is a lot more practical, the same as a backsplash that you can endeavor yourself or the smaller walls to wallpapers. Higher-end materials are more affordable because you have to collect them in a smaller quantity, which can also add drama to the small space.

While small homes and apartments can be extremely charming to design and decorate, they tend to be lacking in kitchen space. The kitchen space is all about considering the layout you actually have – no matter if it is a single wall, a U-shaped kitchen, or a small L-shaped corner kitchen. Even though your space is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t make any personality or style changes that you desire.


You can push the cabinetry all the way to the ceiling to expand the look of the ceiling height. Often the standard kitchen cabinetry has an open space at the top. While it can create a more airy feel for the larger kitchens, it often looks short and stumpy for the smaller kitchens with a shorter ceiling height. Another trick you can try is to remove all the upper cabinetry to replace them with open shelving instead. Open shelves are extremely functional, making it much easier to access dishes and glassware that you use every day. You can use your kitchen as an aesthetic means to showcase your personality, lifestyle, and needs.

Countertops and backsplash

Surfaces and durability are the two important things that we need to prioritize in a kitchen countertop. No doubt, marble and granite can enhance your kitchen better, but if you anticipate heavy use, you also need to lead towards man-made materials such as porcelain or quartz. These allow a better level of durability, but there is a great variety of color palettes on the market that you can use for countertops. However, when you find something that is durable in the color or pattern you love, that would be great. Marbles are a stunning addition in any kitchen – there is a lot of polarity with this material, especially in the kitchen. Further, choosing the right one depends on your style and aesthetic.

Add a prep area

If your small kitchen does not already have an island, you can add a prep area yourself. If possible, you can install a rolling cart that you can actually move in and out of the way. It is an extra surface prep space and the bonus points for a nice mix of materials in the kitchen. Think about sourcing an island that you can actually use as a dining table in a smaller kitchen. You can choose a marble stone-like marble to give a luxurious upgrade to island tops. However, you can also prefer to use the stainless steel top that delivers an industrial vibe

Lighting in the kitchen

You must have installed the track lights in the kitchen, but think about installing the pendant lights and the statement light fixtures that really amp up the drama. It can include two or three identical pendants over an island. Further, wall sconces are also a great way of highlighting a focal point of the kitchen. If you are installing a functional under cabinet lighting, these can highlight a beautiful countertop and a work surface. Always remember that good lighting and the combination of lighting are incredibly important while cooking and lighting up the heart of your home. Before you start with doing any of the above-discussed ways and spend any more money, make sure you are following these tips –
  1. Get rid of clutters on the countertops.
  2. Add shelving to clear your counter space.
  3. Same as your wardrobe, you can keep the things you need in your kitchen.
  4. Get rid of unused small appliances, serving pieces, and dishware.
At last, make sure to contact our home renovation contractors in San Diego, who can guide you every step of the way to make the whole process easier for you.