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Styling Hacks to make the most out of your small bedroom

While tackling your small bedroom space, the most subjective part to consider is the size. Whatever seems small to one person can feel like an entire apartment to another, and it depends on everyone’s perception.

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Instead of stressing about the layouts and what needs to fit, here are some of the clever styling hacks you might want to use for a small bedroom. Our home designer professional can help you implement them now!

The biggest challenge with most small bedrooms is clearly their size, they are not big enough, and you might have a ton of things that you need to find storage for. Getting started with a creative solution for all of your personal belongings can deliver great help. 

You don’t even have to put a whole lot into it, but you still need a place to store all of your essential items. Before turning towards storage and organization, it would help if you completely understand your lifestyle and needs.

A cohesive look

So, if you want to get started with the cohesive look, you need to think about the mood that you are creating in space. Do you want to blend colors to relax and unwind? Or, want to add a bedroom that is entirely unique but goes with your interior well? Creating a cohesive look is all about how one piece vibe with the next and the next piece with the next. Every piece of furniture, starting with the bed, helps dictate the feeling in the room. Use paint to help solidify that feeling.

Storage needs

If you have little to no space in your small bedroom, storage is probably among the biggest concerns. Luckily, there are tons of creative ways to make your small space work for you. Here are some of the smart solutions for your storage needs –

  • Specify a beautiful wardrobe – This piece of furniture becomes the focal point of your bedroom, but it can create a design statement with one simple trick. Make sure to measure the space at first and max out the width. Don’t forget to account for the depth of the piece so you can open the doors freely. If you want your bedroom to feel larger, opt for the wardrobe with legs, but for a custom look, create a wall-to-wall wardrobe with identical cabinets that you can install side by side.
  • Shelves – If you don’t have the depth of space for installing a wardrobe, you can install rows of shelves that make a great vertical height on the wall. You don’t have to keep a huge budget to create a storage solution, either.
  • Boxes or baskets – Always use the boxes or baskets to keep your belongings organized, or else your space can look really messy that you surely don’t want. An installation of a bookshelf can even create a beautiful backdrop for the small bedroom that is coupled with a creative paint finish.


If you have your bed situated on a wall that is in the center of the space, you just need to figure out the space you are left with for the symmetrical nightstands. Place your bed in the optimal position. Measure the space leftover on both sides to maximize the width of the nightstands. If you find out that you don’t have much room to fit a complete nightstand, try to install a wall-mounted nightstand. These nightstands are typically smaller as compared to traditional nightstands. It is the perfect solution for those who want to fit a larger bed in their tiny bedroom. However, if wall-mounted nightstands are not your vibe or you don’t have that kind of room, try a side table instead. These are typically smaller than the nightstands, perfect to fit in the space that is remaining by your side.

Desk as a nightstand

Most people prefer a work or study area in their small bedroom, so instead of placing symmetrical nightstands, try a desk on one side. Having a desk in the bedroom can be an advantage for the students due to their reliable uses. Just make sure if you are installing a desk in your small bedroom, keep all of your paper away, close your laptop so that the energy of your busy workday doesn’t disrupt your night sleep.

Wall sconces

The installation of the wall sconces can easily replace your table lamps. Everything you source, make sure it works overtime and delivers triple duty in a small space. Hang your wall sconce directly above your nightstand. Make sure the height should clear any essential that you may need beneath it.

End of the bed bench

Another storage hack for the small spaces is an end-of-bed bench that makes great seating and fabulous storage. Make sure you source an end of the bed bench with hidden compartments inside. You can use it to store seasonal sweaters, extra blankets, books, snacks, or toiletries.

There are tons of storage and organization ideas you might need for that small closet that is in the bedroom. If it is something you are interested in, our designer for home renovation can deliver great help to make things organized.