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Stunning Home Renovation Ideas for Rectangular Living Room

As living rooms come in different sizes and shapes, some are more difficult to decorate than others. Rectangular layouts, for example, may provide a slew of interior design flaws.

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The lengthy & relatively narrow footprint can frequently cause difficulties with traffic conditions and furniture placement. But don’t worry, with our stunning home renovation ideas for a rectangular living room, little meticulous planning, and several handy tips, your rectangular layout will seem elegant, efficient, and welcome

Are you ready to begin? You’ve arrived at the correct place.

Read on our home renovation ideas to help you create the living room of your fantasies, from designing a layout to evaluating the size of your sofa to alternate sitting arrangements.

Create a Floor Plan

Creating a scalable floor plan is among the most excellent home renovation ideas to discover the key to making your rectangular living room design practical. Firstly, determine the width of a short & long wall. Afterward, check the size of the entrances, skylights, and other design structures, including a fireplace, as well as note their precise placement on every wall. Begin at a quadrant & measure the length between each feature’s edge.

Then, take measurements for each item of furnishings you want to utilize in your area. Make a list of the whole thing you observed and label them. Design the layout of your living room using half-inch graph paper and an industrial scale or ruler after you get all of the measurements. Determine that each half-inch square equals one square foot of area for the objectives of this layout. Construct scaled furniture designs on some other piece of paper & cut them out so you can move them around easily.

Make printouts of the room layout and sketch several furniture arrangement suggestions on them. It will provide you with a foundation for visualizing how various living room designs would work (or not), so you might not have to waste valuable time shifting your furniture across.

Evaluate the Traffic Flow

Another critical home renovation idea is to evaluate the traffic flow in a rectangular living room. You would not want to design a room that is difficult to enter and exit or stroll through. The simplest way to achieve this is to stand at an entrance and move from one entry to another. Keep a note of any challenges you face if the space has already been equipped.  Design traffic flow patterns on your floor using vertical lines or lines with arrows. Draw a tiny arc (at right angles) between a sequence depicting the doorway and the wall to signify door opening.

Determine the Focal Point

Rectangular living rooms, considerably in size, may contain more than one focal point. Built-in focus points include architectural elements such as a fireplace or a huge picture window. A second focus point might be an entertainment center, a wall-mounted television, a sculpture, a big piece of art, a wall of bookcases, or a piano. You might even set aside a comfortable nook on one end for gathering, meditating, or reading. Segment the floor plan by generating at least two different conversation zones by arranging gaps around each focal point.

Ensure Appropriate Spacing

If you do not leave enough space between furniture items, any area in the room will feel congested. Our home renovation experts suggest a minimum of three feet is required for major routes. A path among two furniture pieces should be at least 2.5 feet long. Allow at least eighteen inches between the coffee table and the couch or twelve inches between the table top and a recliner. If you have an open plan, contemplate the traffic movement in and out of neighboring areas, such as the dining room.

Narrow Living Rooms

Some rectangular living rooms are incredibly narrow & long, like a cavern or pool hall. Build a conversational space at one end of the room to help counteract this impact. Put a tiny end table among two chairs that are opposite one another or tilted, looking out if there is a balcony. To help halt the eye, place a couch against the small wall.

If there is a television or fireplace on a long wall, you should position chairs to allow for a pathway on one side of the room. Placement of face-to-face sofas or lounge chairs right in front of the fireplace but diagonal to the wall will allow a pathway against the other wall. The placement of sofas and chairs on the other wall allows for a pathway between the coffee table and TV. Consider adding built-ins on one end, such as a bookshelf or other storage item to help ground the area.

Large Rooms

Another stunning home renovation idea is to think about large rooms.  Large rectangular living rooms may allow a wide range of furniture configurations. Float furniture in the center of the room to help fill the space & generate a unified effect. Place two couches next to one other, divided by a coffee table. Always incorporate a large area rug (or stack many mats) to complete the look. Alternatively, design a U-shaped talking space beside a fireplace or Television on a long wall, allowing a pathway while behind the couch.

For added storage, place a desk & a massive bookshelf along one short wall and one or two tiny chairs and an end table on the other short wall. A floating sectional couch may be used to break up the long lines of a large rectangular living room. If you have the space and enjoy music, integrate a piano, stereo equipment, or just a cozy corner for spontaneous jam sessions at one end of the living area.

Dimensions of Furniture

Aside from furniture arrangement, layout, and traffic flow, considering the dimensions of your furniture items will significantly benefit your rectangular design, mainly if you are working with a small living room. Instead of a sectional sofa, think about a smaller couch with a matching ottoman. It will provide a comparable aesthetic while taking up less room, and you can constantly shift the ottoman around as required. Consider a smaller and less bulky couch, tiny end tables, and less obvious accent chairs, especially if you wish to split your space into more than one section.  Invest in multipurpose pieces, such as a coffee table that may also double as a side table.

Try a smaller, bulky sofa, tiny end tables, and less obvious accent chairs, especially if you wish to split your space into more than one section. Invest in multipurpose furniture, such as a coffee table that can also be used as a side table. Contemplate modular couches, which are made up of smaller components and provide a lot of versatility.

Different Seating Configurations

Whether you choose a smaller sofa or a sectional, consider some more options for seating. While you may have an ample rectangular living space, conventional seating may not be the ideal choice for you. Perhaps you enjoy entertaining and need extra places for people to congregate.

In such a scenario, incorporate other seating choices such as poufs, floor cushions, benches, tiny stools, and even bean bags. These choices give guests a comfortable area to rest, but they are compact and easily moved about, so they won’t disrupt the flow of your room. Accent chairs are also lightweight and portable, ideal for gatherings, reading groups, and even movie nights.

Illuminate A Narrow Space

Light quickly brightens up a space, so first and foremost, enable any natural light to come in by removing thick, dark window coverings in your living room. If you’re searching for stunning home renovation ideas for your rectangular living room, the best idea is to consider sheer window coverings or install white wooden blinds or shutters to let natural light in during the day while still giving seclusion at night.

Utilize Mirrors to Reflect Light

Not surprisingly, designing using mirrors can make a lengthy living space appear much more prominent. Hang a huge mirror on the wall opposite or very near a window to reflect the outdoors and widen the impression of your room. Mirrors reflect equally naturally occurring light or artificial light, brightening a space throughout the day and night and reflecting light deep into the room, making it appear larger. Mirrors on the walls and glass table tops provide the illusion of a more open flow.

Final Words

If you want to modernize your home, enhance its beauty, or even raise its resale value, you may embark on a home renovation project. Though renovation may occur in modern homes, it is most frequently linked with older properties due to more difficult structural concerns. We all spend plenty of time in the living room, so it must appear not only attractive but also be practical & pleasant. Whether you want to build a new rectangular living room or convert your older open living room into a rectangular shape, these home renovation ideas can help you a lot. You can contact Homednb to get more ideas for a rectangular living room. We have trusted and professional home renovation contractors who can help you alter your space the way you want it!