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Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Create Maximum Storage Space

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Manmohan Kumar

January 27, 2023

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When you consider a small kitchen renovation, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. The low kitchen renovation cost is one of the benefits. Spending less money than you would if it were larger is a result of having less room.
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Maximize Storage – Kitchen Renovation Solutions

Additionally, a small kitchen renovation is usually more practical because everything has to be within easy reach for hurry meal preparation. The cons are easy to see. However, it will never be the “hook-up space” you’ve always imagined.

It occasionally feels a bit crowd if you have a big family. We can teach a small kitchen renovation to optimize space, utility, and aesthetics with no issue!

Since everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a tiny kitchen, these suggestions may use for any kitchen you wish had more space! Here we have brilliant kitchen renovation ideas that can help to give you maximum storage space.

Useful Storage Techniques for Your Upcoming Kitchen Renovation

With our inventive tips for getting used to all your kitchen cupboards, you can create a storage-filled kitchen. These three kitchen renovation ideas can help you create the most of the room you have, whether through creative cabinetry solutions or small storage hacks.

Use The Work Triangle

The work triangle is essentially a line that extends from the sink back toward the cooktop, refrigerator, and sink. It has been the industry norm for kitchen design for the past 100 years since it maximizes functionality regardless of the size or form of your kitchen.

Movement is minimized when your kitchen is structured using the work triangle so you can reach all of its essential components in the fewest number of steps feasible. With minimal movement, you achieve maximum comfort.

This design idea also increases the security of your regular kitchen workflow and provides adequate extra room between all the key equipment.

Think About Your Appliances

Remodeling your kitchen around your old equipment will not lead to significant savings on your kitchen makeover. Older equipment in a newly renovated kitchen seems out of place and might actually detract from its appearance.

In addition to being more attractive, modern appliances use less energy and have a host of other features and advantages made available by new technology.

Consider a contemporary integrated-panel option to ensure that your appliances completely match your kitchen cabinets if you want a really simplified kitchen design. It’s a very lovely appearance.

Remember to include minor appliances as well. Include an appliance garage in your kitchen renovation to keep your microwave, blender, and other kitchen electronics out of sight while not in use. Clear counters enhance the appearance of your kitchen.

Put In Contemporary Lift-Up Cabinets.

Consider pull-up cabinets instead of regular wall cabinetry if your kitchen is small and has little room for workspace. Lift-up cabinets are a great option to consider if you want to save space. Lift-up cabinets are an added plus because they open and close quickly. Your usage, demands, and subject taste should all be considered while selecting cabinets.

Adapt To Organizational Needs

Kitchen work zones increase productivity, functionality, and adaptability while minimizing collisions among those using the kitchen at the same time. Divide your kitchen into zones according to function rather than how the appliances are arranged. You have all you need in each zone to complete the tasks required in that area.

These zones enable efficiency by putting everything you need for each work in one area. For typical culinary activities, there should be a natural flow. Storage for common items, such as spices, oils, pots and pans, and tablecloths next to the stove are just a few examples.

A Pullout Trash and Recycling

You could feel that you don’t require this functionality. You most likely grew up with a solitary garbage can or one kept under the sink, and you’re doing OK now, aren’t you? But here’s what makes having this bespoke pullout so great: First, all you have to do to discard something is take out the drawer. And second, the drawer does a fantastic job of containing smells.

Put Workable Solutions in Place for The Problematic Corner

“Blind corner” refers to the intersection of two banks of kitchen cabinets. Due to its depth, darkness, and accessibility, it is frequently wasted space. It’s challenging to reach goods placed at the rear unless you have particularly long arms and flexibility, even when the design includes a cabinet door.

Drawer Or Cabinet?

All concur that deep and broad drawers typically tend to be more helpful, despite the fact that cabinets sometimes cost less than drawers. They are easier to use and help you make use of the entire depth of space. As a general rule, we always prefer using drawers over lower storage behind doors.

The limited width frequently dictates whether to utilize a cabinet or drawer for under-counter kitchen storage. If there is room, utilize a broad, deep drawer. But a cabinet may be more practical in constrained areas. Use thin banks of drawers as well; they’re ideal for storing good cutlery and tablecloths.

Getting Over a Barrier: Selecting Materials

The hardest part of the kitchen renovation process is picking the components for the kitchen. You have to put a lot of effort into studying countertop materials and learning how they differ in order to pick durable appliances.

A huge pantry cabinet can be transformed into two smaller cabinets (upper and lower) to increase countertop space. The pass-through window will be made larger, and the bar counter will be reduced. Both architectural concepts would effectively link the living & kitchen spaces.

You may choose a two-tone cabinet treatment, and the white upper cabinets really opened up the space in the kitchen. You may find that it would be nice to add some color to the bottom to give it a little personality. A more open feeling is created by using open shelves over the sink rather than an upper cabinet.

Increasing Room and Storage

The best approach to visually open a kitchen is usually to remove the storage, especially top cabinets, but it is still feasible to have both the storage you want and the open feel you desire. A kitchen will often seem more open if storage is maximized since there will be less countertop clutter. Using full-height storage on one wall alone frees up room for a counter and eliminates the requirement for higher cabinetry everywhere.

Storage And More Features

Cabinets, with each one built for optimum usefulness, storage, and efficiency, are concealed behind the plain white doors. Roll out the trash and recyclable bins that are located in base cupboards adjacent to the sink. To store snacks and preserve the freshness of baked products, the butcher block-topped cabinet at the end of the island includes drawers with sliding plastic covers. All of the rollouts and drawers have full-extension slides to provide you full access to storage areas.

Although the butler’s pantry still exists, the butler’s position has long since disappeared. The pantry offers a location for dish staging and finishing food preparations that are near to, but separate from, the dining area. It has over 20 square feet. Ft. of counter space, a wine cooler, an under-counter refrigerator to keep drinks nearby, and a small sink. The dishwasher is a backup when there are several diners at a dinner party

Renovating Advice: Get Your Supplies Early

Several unforeseen circumstances develop, including an ancient dumbwaiter shaft running through our intend kitchen. The need to replace the floor joists, and the requirement to reroute the gas line from the basement via three other apartments. In hindsight, none of these things ought to have come as a surprise in a historic structure. Every step of the way, our Homednb contractor will be there to help you adjust your plans to account for unforeseen circumstances.

The greatest advice to aspiring renovators is to order all the fixtures and finishes with lengthy lead times before the job starts. Nothing delays a project’s completion date more than having to wait for supplies or stopping all work since the tiles are now in the truck.

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