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Home Renovation Ideas For Small Spaces

In recent years, the tiny home concept has gained popularity as a vacation home or permanent living space for the adventurous minimalist. But small homes or condos are a daily way of living in many neighborhoods throughout the greater Cincinnati region.

Curtains & Blinds for Rooms

Moreover, whether the home is small or large there is always a need for more space and we all aim to maximize space to make our homes seem welcoming and pleasant. Fortunately, there are numerous home renovation ideas for small spaces that may be incorporated into your home’s interior design to make your small space appear much more spacious.

Maximize available space in your home, whether it’s growing with your family or filled with belongings. Small apartment or tiny room?

These inventive home renovation ideas will make it feel larger while maintaining style. Discover creative solutions, from sophisticated techniques to simple room dividers, for optimizing your small environment.

Use Lighter Colors

Opt for a brighter, neutral color palette to enhance natural light, creating a spacious and open feel. Darker shades foster intimacy but can make a room seem smaller. To create an illusion of more space, paint trim and moldings in a lighter tone than the walls. This tricks the eye into perceiving greater depth in your space.

Make Your Room Look Spacious By Using Mirrors

One of the oldest tactics, and still one of the most successful, is strategically putting mirrors throughout your area to create the illusion of extra space. They also assist in continually reflecting natural and artificial light about your home. Giving you a more open, bright sensation that is frequently missed in a smaller area.

Open up the floor plan

Interior walls limit space in small homes, hindering storage, lighting, and movement. Older homes separate kitchens and dining rooms, creating cramped areas. If your kitchen and dining room share a wall, consider eliminating the wall to make more space during your home renovation project.

If the living room is close to a dining room or kitchen, the wall might be eliminated to improve the connection between the areas in the home. Removing barriers will also allow the external windows to naturally light additional internal space, brightening the home. If you’re thinking of planning any home upgrades to make the most of it, you must contact home renovation Cincinnati professionals first.

Use Same Flooring in Different Rooms

Using the same style of flooring in multiple connected rooms ticks the eye into picturing the areas as one enormous space rather than several smaller ones. This strategy is beneficial if your floor plan has been opened up or has more enormous doors between rooms. But it may also be used in a home with smaller areas. Hardwood or engineered wood flooring is an adaptable choice that will work in most first-level rooms. While neutral carpeting is suitable for the second story. Whatever flooring you choose, ensure that the material’s upkeep features correspond to your demands in each space.

Maintain Minimalism

The more you gather, the more clutter you will bring to your area, making it feel smaller. Avoid amassing an excessive amount of knickknacks since they frequently take up too much of your valuable living space. The same may be said for your color scheme and art pieces. Do so quietly with a few dashes of color scattered throughout your rugs or pillows if you want to add vitality. Alternatively, pick a vivid focal item that steals the show and arrange the remainder of your space in a neutral color scheme to contrast.

Make Use of Folding Furniture

Opt for foldable furniture like a Murphy bed or desk to save floor space and prevent clutter. Versatile pieces like ottomans that serve as both coffee tables and seats are also helpful. Recessed shelving and cabinets provide functional storage while keeping the home tidy. Built-ins maximize storage in areas where regular furniture won’t fit.

Make Use of Glass Sliding Doors

Swinging doors often need more space, adding sliding doors are an excellent solution to this issue. Installing sliding doors in any area, whether it’s the bedroom or the living room, will bring practicality and flair. It’s one of the innovative small home renovation ideas to make the most of your small space. By swapping out-swinging doors with sliding doors, you will increase the size of your living room while also giving it a more luxurious, elegant ambiance. Sliding doors with glass panes enable more natural light to enter.

Make the Most of Available Height

High ceilings may be found in even the smallest of spaces. This is common in historic homes, especially in Cincinnati’s downtown regions. Extend cabinets, fireplaces, trim work, and entrances higher to use the additional height. We are less inclined to notice tighter barriers at eye level when we have a feeling of grandeur overhead. This also allows for extra storage and decorating, which can help to eliminate clutter near the floor

Reuse or Repurpose Abandoned or Underutilized Space

If you have tiny rooms in your home that aren’t being used for anything special, think about repurposing them or connecting them with nearby rooms. If your property does not already have a master bedroom with a walk-in closet, this might be a good strategy for developing one. Another alternative is to examine your home’s construction to determine if there is any area that can be extended into to produce more square footage. Garages and attics are two areas to explore for this type of space. But reorganizing a corridor may significantly influence usable space in certain circumstances.

Use of Your Cabinet Space

Installing large sliding drawers within your cabinets might save up counter space. Aside from culinary necessities and a wine collection, store your garbage and appliances in a cabinet. It will not just make the space look cleaner, but it will also hide your rubbish.

Select a Larger Rug

Choosing a larger rug helps in creating the sense of, you guessed it, greater room! The smaller the rug, the more focus on the area looking smaller and more congested. An enormous rug that spans the whole floor of the room and has a basic monochromatic pattern or single-tone color will offer a splash of color without dominating the space. If you pick a color, connect it to the rest of the room using matching accessories, such as pillows or rugs.

Make Organization A Top Priority in Your Renovation Tasks

An organized and structured small space creates the illusion of a larger area. Keep countertops clutter-free and maximize storage options. Glass-fronted cabinets and cabinetry can showcase collections while maintaining a streamlined aesthetic. Incorporate these ideas into your kitchen or fireplace renovation for a place for everything and a visually appealing space.

Wherever Possible, Include Natural Light

Large windows that let in natural light and provide views of the outside world can quickly make a tiny area appear larger by blurring the barrier between inside and outside. It’s a simple trick that can be used in almost any space with windows or skylights.


Small homes create an immediate sense of intimacy, but without proper organization, they can turn into cluttered spaces. Fitting everything in is challenging, but designing a small space can be enjoyable. The mentioned renovation ideas can maximize your small area.

Need more ideas? Reach out to our trustworthy professionals who can help create a spacious and unique home!