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Small Dining Room Issues – Tips to resolve them

You may be living in a studio or an apartment with a tiny dining area, and space might be extremely small to work with. But what about those long and narrow dining rooms? One thing they all have in common is a challenge that you have to bear for designing them.

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Even if you are still not sure how you can actually enhance your tiny dining room, our renovation design consultant can provide suitable tips.

The biggest challenge with most small bedrooms is clearly their size, they are not big enough, and you might have a ton of things that you need to find storage for. Getting started with a creative solution for all of your personal belongings can deliver great help. 

Renovation Design Consultant – Small Dining Area

Small apartment living 

If you have a small apartment or a tiny studio space, it means you are actually looking for an area for two people. However, even if you live alone, you need a seat for guests. The best location for a dining table is to find an empty wall and flank a square table on an empty wall. Make sure to source for a dining table in the same color as the walls to blend it well. Even if the wall covers one end of the table, you are left with three more edges that make the space for three people.

If your space has a nice view window, flank the square or rectangular table against the window. You can enjoy the view, hide the radiator, and free up the clearance for passageways. The same situation even arises when you don’t have any space for a table – at that time, a wall-mounted ledge can be just as functional. If you only have a tiny corner with a passageway next to it, place a small table, or if possible, you can even customize it to fit space.

Tiny Square-shaped Space

What if you have a small square space for your dining area? You need to start with taking measurements of the room – the length, the width, and the height. However, if you have a smaller space, a small home, or a small apartment, a 30 inches clearance can work. Look for the suitable dining table shape that best fits the shape of the room. If your space is in a square shape, you need to go with a square or a round table that blends well. With a rectangular-shaped room, a rectangular or an oval-shaped table blends well. The best small tables for a dining area are leggy – these feel more open even in a small space or a pedestal type for a single table base.

Glass-top surface tables are great for a dining table since they reflect a lot of light – either from artificial or natural daylight that streams through your space. If you have smaller dining tables, always look for the shapes and styles of the dining chairs. The chairs’ reputation, style, and shape make the dining chairs appear as they are one unit. However, if you are adding six or more chairs, it’s clear that your dining area is not that small. Armless dining chairs are typically smaller in width that allows more seats around a table.

Constricted Room

If you have a narrow dining room, the issue that arises with space is that you don’t have clearance for the passageway. The best solution for a narrow dining room is to look for a built-in bench, banquet, or a slim bench. A built-in banquet is perfect when you don’t have clearance for a walkway, but you have a tiny corner with a passage to a hallway or door next to it. Openings can bring various challenges for you, but the built-in banquettes are the perfect solution for these conditions. If you don’t want to go for the customized stuff, you can also prefer a slim bench, a settee, or a sofa against the wall or corner.

Have you ever tried a curved shape for your custom bench? It can be a great choice for any space where you want to add your dining space. Our renovation design consultant can provide the tips you need for your dining space makeover.


If your small space doesn’t have a separate dining room, you can prefer to go with an eat-in-kitchen style. If you have an empty wall, put a single leaf tabletop with a simple leg for support. If you can fit in a four-top table, prefer to place a round table, instead of any other shaped table in order to make more space. Without any sharp edges from a square or rectangular table, you can walk freely around your space. If you have a small corner, take advantage of the space with a custom bench. The best designs are those that feel well-thought-out and fully integrated into the design of the kitchen.

Open Plan dining room

What if you have an open plan dining room in between the kitchen and the living area? You always need to measure the space you have been allotted and check for at least 36 inches minimum clearance. You are sure to optimize the complete views, look for the round tables and chairs. So, you can place the chairs in any direction. If you have a square table, you are forced to place the chairs in front of each edge. An open-plan dining space can be a part of the eat-in kitchen, and one of the edges can be placed against the wall. Utilize these ideas for your space and create something custom to fit your lifestyle and needs. Always remember that the function of the dining room is paramount to its success, so the table shape can provide you an idea regarding the number of people that can fit around it. For better guidance, you can hire a professional home design remodeling contractor who can guide you at every step of the way while handling your dining room project.