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Bold Small Bathroom Remodeling Designs – Home Renovation Ideas

Designing a whole new bathroom is no doubt challenging, but we have the ideas that can make you rethink your creativity to design a perfect bathroom regardless of the space. 

Bathroom Remodeling Design
Worried that your bathroom will not look good if you have a small space? Designing a small bathroom is hectic, but you need a little bit of creativity to make plans that work when it comes to elegance or storage space.

There are various aspects to consider when designing a small bathroom, and you need to be creative when it comes to the smart finishes and detailing of the space.

With the basketful of ideas, you can even make your bathroom look extremely elegant, and here are some top tricks that you surely want to follow to make your small bathrooms look glamorous.

The mirror can make your space look amazing

Mirrors in a small bathroom perfectly elevate the style when using tactics to create an illusion for your space. It is an age-old secret that various interior designers use to enhance your area. You can even add charm to the look and feel of your bathrooms with a perfect mirror, which especially works great with a narrow bathroom. Mirrors can work perfectly to reflect light, and they can make your bathroom look nicer and brighter, so matter the shape you are adding, make sure it should have a wooden frame to enhance the space.

Wall-mounted toilets save floor space

A bathroom space with an entire blank wall can look dull, so adding a wall-mounted tank can work great to save floor space along with the legroom, and these toilet types can even hide plumbing due to the unavailability of flush tanks. When you have a smaller bathroom, adding wall-mounted toilets can bring in the sleek, clean aesthetics while leaving your room below to show off your patterned tiles.

Make your sink float too

The wall-mounted washbasins are an excellent way to save floor space that creates an illusion of a larger bathroom, and when you need extra storage space, adding a floating vanity can give you a dedicated place. You can even use that space to stack all of your essential toiletries, and a sink installed uses this side of the wall judiciously. It is even easier for the small bathrooms to look cluttered, but you need to opt for the flat-paneled cabinets for their sleek and streamlined design.

Add cabinets for extra storage

Since a bathroom is a space where you clean and wash up, it only makes sense when you make it the freshest space in your home, which means there should be clutter-free basins, neatly hung towels, and no water stains. Give everything around you a dedicated space, including your makeup, toiletries, dry towels, and more – with cabinets like these; you can get the right small bathroom. Choose a cabinet style that comes with multiple drawers and cupboards to organize your things neatly; otherwise, you have to display them on the countertops.

Add a glass panel instead of shower curtains

Nobody here likes the idea of adding shower curtains, but only it sticks to your body during showering but also loses its colors and sheen with time. When you add shower curtains, these can make your bathrooms look smaller as they cover one-third of the entire area visually, so replace your shower curtains with a glass panel to open up your bathroom and allow more light to the shower. Make sure to avoid sliding glass panels that need bottom and top racks, which are extremely harder to clean.

Add simple white bathroom tiles

Believe it or not, the white color has the power to make your small area look spacious, and it even reflects the light perfectly, so using white-colored tiles for your small bathroom can work amazingly. When you paint your walls in paint, add white wall tiles and a hint of black to the floors – it is what captures maximum attention. The white color is all about beauty, and when you add the right type of light, either coming in naturally or artificially, it entirely looks gorgeous.

Pro tips you can actually follow –

  • Remove the bathtubs – you must not be aware, but they can take up twice the entire space compared to the standing showers.
  • Bathtubs are extremely expensive, and there is also an extra cost that you have to bear on its installation.
  • If you need a bathtub for your kids, then prefer to choose low ones that make it easier for them to get in and out easily without getting injured.

Use these small bathroom design ideas to give your space a complete makeover, but do not let a compact space become a barrier in between your desired bathroom space. There are endless possibilities to maximize the area, and overall look of your bathroom, so choose the one that goes well with your space needs.