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How to put your basement to its best use

Basements in most homes are not more than a fuse box, storage boxes, or a water cylinder. Converting those improperly used areas into a living area can deliver great value to your property. It is the most popular way that homeowners can make additional space even without moving out. However, if you are thinking of altering your basement, we have the tips to help you every step of the way.
Basement Renovation Services
When handling the improvement tasks, there are various things to consider that can become a major disaster for your space. The situation can become less problematic when you hire our basement design consultants to let you know about those pitfalls.


Nothing can add a better value to your home than having a self-contained living space in it. An annex can be a great option for older teenagers or elderly relatives. Converting your basement into a living, sleeping, and cooking space can make the home much more desirable.

 Even if you don’t have a spacious basement, a well-designed studio annex can add value to your property.

Modern Family Rooms

A trendy use of subterranean domestic spaces can provide a great family room. It would help to lay ceramic tiles and rugs on your basement’s surface that can add warmth along with a modern, chic look. Don’t forget to whitewash your basement’s ceiling to provide your room a functional look. Make sure to avoid installing a false ceiling that can make you feel trapped, particularly when it does not have any source of natural light. 

Games Room

Games rooms have been hitting the trend for basement conversions for years. Your basement can become a welcoming bar when you need a space to entertain friends and shoot some pool. Like all basement conversions, make sure to keep the tone of the wall and ceilings much lighter. Install a conventional light, but don’t forget to add spotlights to make the electric light as uniform as possible. Even a well-lighted basement games room can look dingy if any of the corners are darker than the other spaces.

Home Theatre

If your basement has a ceiling, it means you can only stand up, or if the beams are making it difficult to walk, you need to make room to sit comfortably. The installation of a media room or a home cinema is a good choice for such types of basements. It can be worth considering the soundproofing features to avoid upstairs sounds for either type of basement conversion project. Keep your flooring and furnishing light in tone while using carpets for your floor instead of hard surfaces. Our basement design consultants can provide the ideas to ease your burden of making the decision.

Utility Spaces

Some basements are not spacious enough to convert them into the living spaces you need. If your basement is not sizable, turn it into a laundry room or utility space. With the installation of any appliance in your basement, you can free up your space in your kitchen. Install good-quality units, and make sure those are specific to your kitchen. Keep in mind to add a lot of recessed lighting to make any space easier to maintain.

Bars and Wine Cellars

Keep in mind that bar installation is the same as a new kitchen installation that doesn’t need appliances. If you need a less pricey alternative instead of a full bar, add cabinets, a buffet, or a fridge. Choosing the cabinets from the big-box store or modular furniture can save most of your costs considerably. However, if you need a classic bar or a wine cellar, consider your budget and work backward to determine the features you need to add.

Home Offices

When adding home offices, keep it ideally of the same size as a bedroom to make the space private. You can prefer to add a closet or a window to make it look like a well-furnished bedroom. These added pieces of furniture can make your home office look like a bedroom that will have the same privacy. Use a double set of French doors on the basement offices to maximize light while keeping a feeling of openness.

Mega Media Rooms

Most homeowners use their basements to create a multipurpose area due to its space rather than dividing the basement spaces into little rooms. Here are a few tips to keep in mind –

  • Avoid installing viewing screens near a window.
  • You can create a platform that enhances visibility, just like the theaters.
  • For true sounds and video, same as the theatre, you need to consult a home theater expert for the speaker placement.
  • You need to make the walls of media rooms soundproof, along with the exterior walls.

Personal Gyms

These spaces tend to make great additions in a home, and if your basement design consultants has a lower ceiling, it can become a little difficult to install equipment. The first thing to make sure of is that the equipment can easily come down through the basement stairs. If you have stairs with a 90-degree turn, it is not possible to move the equipment down. Always take the measurements of the equipment before taking them down to your basements.

At Last

Before hiring the services for basement renovation design, you have to be sure about the usage of space and how you want to use it. There is not any appropriate or inappropriate way to arrange your space, but you have to focus on what you need the most in that area. Basement remodeling has enormous ideas, so you need to consider your space’s ideas that fit best.