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Purcellville, VA

Not mention More than 2 weeks $5,000-10,000
The primary goals of this home addition and renovation project are to: • add a large living room on the rear of the home, • add an additional bedroom upstairs, • turn the downstairs bedroom into a modest master suite with walk-in closet and master bathroom, • add a back porch that is covered and screened, • replace kitchen cabinets, • add a walk-in pantry, • add a walk-in laundry room, • improve the comfort of the home by addressing temperature imbalances, humidity swings, pest issues, and unlevel floors in the kitchen and one upstairs bedroom and bathroom, and • have the new work and existing structure (both interior and exterior) be consistent enough with each other so to not be blatantly apparent where existing structure and new work meet. A rough estimate of the additional livable interior space is about 500 sq. ft. on ground floor and 130 sq. ft. on the second floor. The covered back porch is approximately 525 sq. ft.