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Planning A Vacation on Thanksgiving? Get Your Home Remodeled Before You Return.

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Manmohan Kumar

November 29, 2022

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Getting your home renovation in your absence would be a dream for many individuals. What if it is possible? Today, we’ll tell you how you can start your home remodeling process in your absence which will complete when you return.

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Plan your Thanksgiving getaway now!

Everyone knows that home renovation isn’t a simple process. Get your home remodel is an intimidate process for which you need tons of time and effort. It isn’t possible for busy individuals to put all their effort and time into home remodeling. It might be possible during Thanksgiving, but no one likes to work during holidays. Everyone like to rejoice and celebrate their holidays with their family, and avoid the chaos of home renovation.

That is where Homednb steps in as a savior to homeowners who just dream of building or renovating their homes but don’t have the time. Homednb is a platform that can connect you with vetted contractors who will oversee the renovations behind your back and ensures to complete the home renovation process before you return from your holidays.

Here we mention the whole process of how the Homednb team will help you to renovate your home during Thanksgiving behind your back:

Step 1: Before You Begin

Truthbomb: Take your time to define your needs if you want the same aesthetics in your home.

Discuss your needs with our specialists. The more clearly, you’ll define your needs with us, the better results you’ll get. Here are some of the steps that should be done before starting the actual remodel process:

Pick The Starting Point:

Choosing the first place where to start remodeling seems like a critical decision. We suggest you start by renovating your kitchen and bathroom. These two places actually determine the whole functioning of your house. Pre-deciding other things like materials will help you to save a few chunks.

Give Yourself Some Time.

Give the procedure at least two weeks before—this will really give it time to simmer. Then, choose a few of your absolute favorites and transfer them to a new folder or pinboard. You’ll discover that they are all quite similar to one another or that they share common characteristics.

Finding Trusted Home Renovation Contractors and Formulating a Budget

On finding what you need, we’ll match you with a perfect design and build firm that will be capable to fulfill your requirements. These design and build firms will propose an offer you can accept or reject based on your budget. The home renovation process will start when you find a perfect bid according to your budget.

Setting The Milestone

Milestones would be clear before the start of the project. These milestones are the standard to which the hired design and build firms would have to comply. The vetted contractors at Homednb would take these measures to find the actual progress of the project.

Step 2: Ready, Set, Remodel

Your team is prepared, your strategy is in place, and you don’t even have to stand by and observe. Our managers are active during the whole reno process to keep the home renovation on schedule.

Monitor And Quality Management

During the home renovation process, the reliable contractors at Homednb will overlook all the progress of your home renovations. We give you real-time updates even in your absence to maintain the quality of the work. You won’t have trouble accomplishing your desire milestone – we will handle it all for you!

Changing Orders

Changes to the plan after work starts (referred to as “changing orders” in the construction industry) nearly invariably result in additional time and costs. Instead of making modifications halfway through the project, when they throw your timeline and budget off, take the extra time to iron out all the specifics before it begins.

The majority of designers and architects will present their ideas to you through sketches and simulations so you can view the final product and make any revisions to avoid any extra hassles.

Step 3: It’s Done! What Now?

When the design and build team is done with the home renovation process, the time comes to complete the punch list. Our managers arrive at your home with the complete punch list to provide you with satisfying results.

Benefits Of Renovating Your Home During Vacations

The stress of remodeling makes individuals hesitant to begin. This stress may substantially disrupt your routine, and the noise may be unpleasant. You must opt for custom home renovations during your vacations when you are away to meet your family and friends. Let’s examine why taking a trip or visiting your family makes the most sense when remodeling:

Safeguard You Against Health Problems

Children and adults can both impact by renovations, and people with health issues may experience challenges. Before 1978, when lead-base paint was outlaw, buildings’ walls were painted with this substance. When lead-base paint is scrape or sande, for example, in a structure that was construct earlier, poisons may be release.

These chemicals may negatively impact your health if you are near the home renovation site. You may often analyze and evaluate lead-based paints in older homes with the assistance of home renovation contractors or home builders. If you live in such a house, it is advisable to take a trip while renovating.

The Sound Pollution from Renovations

The peace and quiet that the house should have been essential for comfort and renovations will undoubtedly disturb this. Currently, it would depend on the renovation’s kind. Even if you’ve already made the decision to stay put, significant ones can eventually force you to move out. Even your neighbors, let alone you, who would be inside the house, may be disturbed by the sounds of various hammerings. Take into account the fact that you are a remote worker as well. If a loud remodeling noise is disturbing you, you won’t be able to enjoy your zoom calls or focus on your job.

Therefore, going on a little trip to a peaceful location will be really beneficial. Experienced home builders are managing the project, so you may fly away and return when they are finished.

Risk Of Mishaps

Perhaps one of the benefits of taking a trip while your home is being remodeled is the potential for mishaps. Having kids that are always moving around and being active might be highly harmful. In certain cases, renovations may be extensive and require the removal of some building components. Additionally, there is a significant chance that some construction components may become unattended, break off, and fall to the ground.

If you have a curious toddler who would want to slip into the area to observe quickly, it is not safe because the floor will nearly always be soiled with dangerous items. Traveling with your kids is an option if you want to prevent any negative news. Perhaps they were already anticipating it, and this would be the ideal opportunity to accomplish it.

The Discomfort That Results from Changing Rooms

Those who choose to remain while a renovation is done typically have to relocate to some rooms where no work is being done, then relocate once again when the work reaches the room they first relocated to. It may be highly frustrating to repeatedly go from one room to the next until all the areas of the house have been handled, especially if you are also rearranging other stuff.

If the kitchen is involved, meals will also become a significant challenge—unless your home has two kitchens. You can escape this inconvenience by taking a vacation while the restoration is taking place.


Simply because they desire a nice surprise when they return to their newly refurbished property, many people choose to leave their flats during renovations. Along with the thrill of returning to a “new home,” big house renovations may be stressful and uncomfortable, so it’s best to avoid them by going on vacation at that time.

You may have all the fun you want while on vacation, only to return to a beautifully refurbished house where everything has been set up and looks even more beautiful. When you do your next remodeling, you should definitely think about taking a trip.

Taking a trip during your renovation process is something that you can do to avoid home renovation hassles. Having a trusted partner like Homednb on your side who will manage and handle your project will give you satisfactory results. Schedule an appointment with our professionals so that you don’t have to worry about the renovation process behind your back.

Once construction has begun, our project managers will keep an eye on every stage, and homeowners may use our platform to check on the progress at any time. To ensure homeowners receive the most return on their investment, we consult with them at every level.

What are you waiting for? Arrange a free appointment with our experts to learn more details!