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Open Kitchen Designs with Living Room

Make cooking, comfort, and relaxing a fun affair with conventional boundaries.The concept of open kitchen designs with a living room was always on-trend due to its luxurious and comfortable style.
Open Kitchen Designs

Everyone desires an open, airy space that accommodates relevant space for cooking and relaxing to bring a modern vibe to the entire home. But are you sure that they are entirely suitable for you and your loved ones who are living with you?

The trick entirely depends on determining the distinctiveness of an open kitchen that you desire to have in your space, so it will allow you to adjust as well. It is all along well-known as a nothing-to-hide design. So, will these models affect the family’s privacy, or is there any practical solution? 

To make the design entirely easier, here are some of the best shortlisted open kitchen designs with living rooms that work great to create balance and privacy in the homes. It sounds great already, but why not implement the same. Read on to know about the ways you can actually use to make the best out of your open kitchen design.

Half and half

Small apartments rarely offer a spacious kitchen area, and with floor space, you have to use the space; however, you want to use it. With spaces like these, having an open kitchen design with a living room works great to create an illusion for a more spacious kitchen. The best thing about a modern kitchen design is that they can be brightly lit with the natural daylight that makes the space well ventilated and allows the family to stay engaged in the conversations. The stylish interiors of the kitchens and living rooms even provide you the freedom to keep the guests entertained while socializing without any space barriers. 

Corner open kitchen designs with living room

There is a reason why open kitchen designs with living rooms work as a great alternative as compared to the traditional spaces, and it is because they utilize the space efficiently while considering every square footage of the home. When you renovate a home corner into a cozy-yet-spacious open kitchen, you actually allow the person cooking to enjoy the whole fun while being a part of a get-together. When your space does not have the walls to hold you back, you can even customize the interiors in the way you want them to be. A corner-style kitchen entirely opens into a spacious hallway while offering you the required privacy, and if possible, adding a French-style window can let the warm sunlight come in.

Invisible boundaries

An L-shaped open kitchen is undoubtedly an easy-to-implement design, but it can provide you with ample scope to use different textural elements that work great to amp up the entire space. You can dedicate one wall to all of your cabinets and appliances to make the entire space look clutter-free. Another benefit you get with an extremely minimalistic design is the freedom to set up the invisible boundaries, so it would be great to place the solid granite countertops parallel to the kitchen wall but capture maximum attention from the on-lookers. It is a simple yet elegant design that is again ideal for various homeowners, who are always looking for ways to add a monochrome vibe to space. When you blend the color shades of black with white and earthy brown, you actually lend your living or kitchen area to get a clean, polished appeal.

One-wall open kitchen designs with living room

With the motive to blend the kitchen with living space, you can go with a one-wall design that is a perfect choice, and it provides you with great flexibility to add entertainment elements such as a minibar or some indoor games setup. With a countertop that acts as a medium of partition, an open kitchen design with a living room provides your space with a cohesive appearance. The easiest way to do so is by extending the same flooring or repeating the style elements to set up your space mood for the room. When you prefer adding just one wall to use for the regular cooking need, it should be planned efficiently that is spacious enough to accommodate appliances along with containers and cutlery. You can even use a kitchen chimney to suck up all the smoke and oil from your cooking, ensuring a living area remains odor-free.

Island floor plan

The concept of an island floor open kitchen plan actually features a simple and easy-to-work area along with well-defined cabinets, sinks, space for appliances, and everything else for which the daily cooking is needed. If you enjoy hosting your guests, you can add another counter as a service station to socialize freely with them. The entire space will become spacious enough to throw parties with large gatherings, which is among the best open kitchen designs with a living room that is again ideal for bungalows. The best part about the designs is that the guests will never visit the kitchen area that allows you to maintain the needed privacy in the cooking zone.