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Modular Kitchen Design Tips What you Need to Consider?

Layouts, cabinets, pull-outs, even the countertops – if it is the first time you are renovating a modular kitchen design for your home, then you need to be ready to express your lifestyle while going over your mind. Still wondering about the pointers to be kept in mind when you meet with an interior designer? Here are some of the points that you can actually consider when you are not sure where to start with the designing part for your modular kitchen.
Kitchen Design Tips

Identify your kitchen work triangle

A kitchen work triangle can include your refrigerator, sink, and even a hob for the uninitiated, so make sure to place them efficiently.

The main problem with choosing a kitchen layout arises when you have to decide how these items need to be placed and how much space you should keep in between them.

You can draw a rough sketch of your kitchen space before considering any of the layouts to get a better idea.

Ideal countertop height

The standard height for any countertop that you are installing in the kitchen is usually decided by considering the person’s average height. It would be great to keep the counter height between 820mm to 860mm, which is comfortable for most people to work at but ensure that the space between your kitchen cabinets and countertops should be reliable. It can be difficult for the shorter people to reach the upper shelves if it is too high, so it is better to keep the height within reach. 

Choose kitchen colors wisely

You will need to maintain the kitchen for the long run, so it is best to avoid going with an all-white kitchen if you prefer to have regular meals at home. It is because cooking can result in many tough stains and an all-white kitchen demand for consistent cleaning that is again high on maintenance. However, it does not mean that you can opt for the bright hues as the darker shades actually attract heat during the summers, so always choose a combination of two to maintain the harmony.

Ventilation is key

Cooking can generate maximum heat, but you need to make sure your kitchen has sufficient ventilation to avoid heat being a major problem for homeowners. You can go with the chimneys that would work great while adding a classic touch to your kitchens or add an exhaust fan to vent out the frying fumes. Ideally, you need to keep a door in the kitchen that actually opens up to the balcony or the washing area while allowing the fresh air to come in and make the smoke from the cooking doesn’t get collected inside your home.

Kitchen lighting

Nothing can beat a natural light that floods in throughout your windows to lighten up your kitchen, and however, these ensure that your space has great lighting for the evenings or nighttime. Overhead lighting will light up your countertops where most of the action happens, but today, the under-cabinet lights are becoming extremely popular as they provide direct light on the countertops as needed.

Safety first

When it comes to the kitchen, an important thing to consider is safety – you need to ensure a safe gas piping to curved countertop edges to make your kitchen a safer place. Ensure that even the flooring you are choosing is slip-resistant, and the appliances need to be placed closer to the switchboard. When you arrange everything while considering each and everything in your space, it can leave some area in between the basin and stove for convenience.

Don’t forget about corner spaces

Often, when creating the storage shelves along with the cabinets, most homeowners ignore corners; however, nowadays, there are various options available to make the best use of corner spaces. Professionals can help you personalize your layout to get the most out of your available space as they can enhance it better.

Trash is right

Some people even prefer to keep the trash can in a plain view to be easily accessible, and these are easier to clean compared to any other tactic. However, if the thought of seeing the garbage can in an open area is not a thing that you want in your space, then you can go with the built-in bins that are constructed behind the cabinet doors.

You can use these ideas for your kitchen, but don’t forget that these are the basics, so you have a long way to go with a lot of thought and research while renovating your kitchen interiors. Renovation is an important investment that can make your cooking space customizable, eco-friendly, and functional so make sure the whole process should be in the right direction. Let our modular kitchen design experts help you sort out the renovation and designing part to enhance the space better.