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Home Additions – Modern Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

The requirement for space increases as your family gets bigger. Even if you are thinking about changing your home, it can make you pay a huge amount for the buying process. Besides, the new space will not carry the same memories that you have made while staying in your old homes. Therefore, you can keep your old space, but think about making additions that can be a perfect solution.

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Many people have their own reasons for expanding their homes or adding new space. Whatever the reason can be, the addition of one or two rooms can deliver function and value. Check out some of the modern contemporary interior design ideas for additions that we have summed up for you.

Remodeling ideas for second story

The best way to enhance your house even without covering up your yard is by adding a second story. It is economical yet functional that can deliver the desired space even without making any home makeover. The cost of renovation will depend on the renovation option you will choose, but the results will keep you satisfied.

If budget is a huge problem to buy new space, going with the second story option can be a great alternative. It is completely a better option to install and use while spending much less on labor and materials. You just need to make your roof appealing from the top, and your home is all set to stand out.

Don’t forget to add a balcony

When you are all done with setting up the second floor, you may want to add a balcony that can provide a space to enjoy the cool breeze. There are various options that you can opt for when installing a balcony. However, there are two preferable choices – 

  • First, you can prefer to install a conventional deck ledger that would be attached to the building. 
  • Another one is to provide greater support to the corners that can make them look like a freestanding deck. 

If you are going to use the second option, make sure to use the diagonal wooden brackets under the balcony to deliver support to the corners. You can prefer the diagonal rods or even cables you use to hang the corner for your homes. You can also use the conventional decks that can support the corners independently. 

Additional suite

Building a suite for your guests can be an excellent solution for you, especially if you live in a multi-family. You can use your basements, your empty backyards, or your attic to go with such solutions. While remodeling a new suite, ask your home designers to add a bedroom, a small kitchen, and a relaxing bathroom. The ultimate goal of building these spaces deliver great home additions, perfect to meet the guests’ needs and a large family. Before building it, you need to consider who is actually going to use it. Choose the interiors according to the suitability of the members who are going to live there.

Tap your basement

Oftentimes, you can get the best living space out of the existing unused areas you have in your homes. Instead of keeping them as it is, you can start with cleaning them up to make the most out of those spaces. Our professionals have basement design ideas to give you a better space if you are converting your basements for additional space. The process is extremely simple and easy as laying a carpet on the floor, but you need to focus much on finishing and renovating your basement. For that concern, you may need to overcome the issues of huge moisture that can be there due to less ventilation. Further, you need to install the insulation and the frame along with the utilities, after which you can paint your walls.

An enclosed deck concept

Install a deck to relax while having your afternoon tea or reading your favorite book. It can deliver a great experience but can raise a huge privacy issue. If that is your main problem, you can go with installing the walls that can surround the spaces. 

Go with a modern home office in the garden

You can prefer to have a private space where you can create your home office to entirely focus on your job without getting distracted. Instead of setting up your home office near your living room or bedroom, you can prefer to use your backyard. It is a place where no one will come often, and you can entirely focus on your work. If you need a modern look, our professionals can provide a wide choice to make things easier. As a bonus, those choices can add much more charm to your garden.

Take advantage of your garage

If you are short on space, going vertical can save much of your efforts and spending. You can build a room above your garage to get the most of your space. Before getting started, you need to keep in mind the complete appearance of your existing space. You can overcome this situation by choosing an appealing design that matches your home’s style as well as your lifestyle.