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Make an Energy Efficient Home with Home Renovation in New York City

In recent years, there has been an initiative to make homes more energy-efficient and ecologically friendly. When constructing a new home or remodeling an existing one in New York City, most people think about energy efficiency. A home that is energy efficient may help you save money in the long term in a variety of ways.

Energy Efficient Home Renovation
An energy-efficient home renovation New York City can boost your home’s overall efficiency. Investing in an energy efficient remodeling for your home will provide you with various benefits that you will notice instantaneously. It will also enhance your home’s value when you choose to market it.

Furthermore, conserving energy not only saves money on bills but also helps to safeguard the environment. Consuming less energy reduces harmful carbon emissions, conserves natural resources, and avoids destroying valuable ecosystems.

Making your home more energy efficient may appear to be a pricey and challenging task, but it does not have to be. If one decides to concentrate solely on energy efficiency, they will make cost-effective modifications to their home. Here are some home renovation suggestions to help you make your home more energy-efficient.

How to Make Home Energy Efficient

If you’re mainly interested in improving your home’s energy efficiency, you’ll want to concentrate on specific areas more than others. A new paint coat on your home walls might brighten up the home’s interior, but it is improbable to result in substantial energy savings. Instead, concentrate on projects that need energy or that will assist in maintaining a consistent and pleasant temperature and humidity within your home. 


Light, heat, and fresh air are all allowed in through the windows. They are also proficient in releasing air & heat. Heat loss & gain through windows can reason for up to thirty percent of a home’s cooling & heating costs. When it comes to home renovation New York City, homeowners’ most frequent reason to replace their windows is to increase energy efficiency.

Although upgrading your home’s windows might help you save money on your energy costs, the project can be rather costly. Fortunately, you do not have to replace all your home’s windows to make it more energy efficient. Making changes to the windows, for instance, adding caulk or weatherstripping can assist create an improved seal & reduce heat loss & gain in some situations. The addition of interior and outdoor window accessories, such as curtains or shades, can also make your home’s existing windows more energy efficient.


You might believe that making your home’s lighting more energy-efficient involves changing glowing light bulbs with LED bulbs or compact fluorescent lights. Even though replacing light bulbs can result in energy savings in your home & you will get a decreased power bill. Still, many other methods are there to make the lighting more energy-efficient in your home & surrounding areas.

The amount of energy utilized by light bulbs has a significant impact on your home’s power cost. It also refers to how long your house’s lights are left on. While you can remind your family members to turn off lights when they leave the room, installing light fixtures with occupancy sensor controls may be a more dependable alternative. When somebody steps into a room, the sensors detect it and switch on the light for them. When somebody steps out from a room deprived of switching off a light, the sensor control in the light detects that nobody is in the room and turns the light off mechanically.

You can also opt to add timer-controlled lighting fixtures. You may set the timer to turn on the lights at a specific time, such as immediately before you arrive home from work in the evening.


When it comes to home renovation New York City, appliances are the most important factor to consider. As part of a home renovation project, energy savings can be realized by replacing older, less energy-efficient appliances. Overall, your home’s appliances are expected to account for approximately thirteen percent of your energy expenses.

When looking for new, energy-efficient appliances, it’s vital to consider both the sticker price and the total cost of ownership. You must be aware of the cost of the appliance you intend to purchase, as well as how much it will cost to operate it at your home during the year.
Compared to a more expensive, more energy-efficient model, a less energy-efficient appliance may have a low purchase price but a higher lifetime cost. When it comes to renovating your home, which appliances should you prioritize are:

  • Washing machine
  • Stove/Oven
  • Heater for water
  • Dryer
  • Refrigerator
  • Furnace
  • Dishwasher

You must get a tankless water heater if you want to change your old water heater. While you could replace your storage tank with a more energy-efficient one, tankless water heaters are the most energy-efficient option because they only heat water as needed.


The envelope refers to the external walls, windows, doors & roof of your home. You may wind up paying more to keep your home cool in the summer season & warm in winter weather if air escapes through the envelope. Air will not be able to go in or out of the envelope if it is sealed.

One approach to effectively seal the envelope is to enhance your home’s windows efficiency. Adding insulation to your attic is another option to enhance the envelope surrounding your home. Insulation reduces heat flow, lets warm air stay inside in the winter & hot air escape in the summer season. In addition to preventing ice dams in the winter on your roof, an insulated attic may be beneficial to keep pollen & insects out of your home.

Air Conditioning

If your house has air conditioning, you may save a lot of money by upgrading to a more energy-efficient unit during home renovation New York City. You might save up to fifty percent on your energy expenses by using an energy-efficient air conditioner.

When picking an energy-efficient air conditioner, there are several points to bear in mind. The leading factor is your home size & how it is currently set up. A mini-split system may be an acceptable alternative if your house does not now have an HVAC system or ductwork. A free energy consultation is one method to figure out which cooling system is best for you. An energy expert will assess your present air conditioning and heating system’s energy use and provide recommendations for a more energy-efficient cooling and heating system for your home.

Benefits of Having Energy Efficient Home

You can consider it helpful to your quality of life whenever you can save, enhance, or minimize energy usage in your house. When you think of spending up to eighty to ninety percent of your time indoors, you will want to make it as enjoyable & efficient as probable.

Increase the value of your home: Potential buyers will be drawn to a home that has made an effort to be more energy-efficient. It will be more expensive than non-efficient residences in the neighborhood.

Reduce CO2 emissions: Every small part helps decrease greenhouse gas releases, contributing to environmental alteration.

Improve resident comfort: Better air quality and stable mild temperatures will be noticeable. You can prevent mold development and condensation problems by reducing moisture concerns.

Reduce energy expenses: Just as energy use varies depending on the season, lowering costs varies depending on the residence. It will take time and financial commitment, but considerable utility cost reductions are generally offset after a few years.

Improved operational performance: Well-maintained building systems (HVAC, plumbing, and electrical) require fewer repairs, are more dependable, and last longer.

Enhance your reputation as an ecologically concerned citizen: Your eco-friendly approach to energy efficiency may inspire others to follow your path.

Find a Trusted Reliable Home Renovation Contractor!

Even minor changes to your home, such as upgrades to your cooling and heating system, for example, can significantly reduce your energy expenditures. You have decided that remodeling your home is the right option for you, and you are looking forward to making improvements that will lead to long-term savings. Perhaps you might have a query about how you can begin renovating your home to make it energy efficient. Starting any major renovation project can seem daunting, whether focusing on a single room or the entire home.

Your home is possibly your biggest asset, and it’s essential to hire professionals who are experienced in home renovations New York City to make your space energy efficient. While there might be some aspects of your renovation project you can tackle yourself, you are likely to feel more at ease if you have a professional overseeing the process. Try to find a contractor who is insured, licensed. How much cost will be spent to get your home more energy efficient will vary depending on what needs to be done. That is why it is ideal for getting quotes from a few different contractors before you decide which one to work with. You will have an improved information of what is out there and what costs you might expect.

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