Six Ways to Organize and Design Your Laundry Room

The most essential amenity in any home is having a washer and dryer. Anyone living in a small New York apartment will tell you how they dream of having laundry in their unit. Laundry is one of those luxuries that many people do without and they are forced to go to laundromats. Many drop their dirty clothes off and have someone do the work for them. For those who have laundry in their home, however, a laundry room is at the pinnacle of home design. If you have the space to build a laundry room, do it, if you already have a laundry room, use the space to its full potential. Here are six home renovation designs for your laundry room from the home design architects at HomeDNB that will help you make it completely functional, organized, and stylish.

Wall Mounted Cabinets for Safety

Wall mounted cabinets add safe storage

Organized storage space is a must-have in your laundry room. With so many detergents and other cleaning chemicals on the market, it is useful to have a place to put it all. Whether it’s a detergent for dark clothes, a fabric softener, pods, or dryer sheets your laboratory of laundry needs can fit safely and securely in wall-mounted cabinets. Renovation designers recommend cabinets mounted on your wall and secured up high to keep dangerous chemicals out of reach of children. Most cabinets are designed about ten inches deep, so you can keep your detergents pushed back as far as they can go. With your detergents out of view, your room will look well-kept and clean. Keeping your cabinets white adds to the aesthetic of cleanliness.

Storage Wall for Added Space

Storage walls add lots of space

Although it may seem out-of-the-box, a storage wall is a great solution to keeping your laundry room organized. House remodel designers say that all you need to do is mount panels on the wall and you’re good to go.  You will be able to install hooks and hang baskets for holding miscellaneous items. Hooks can be rearranged on the panels to suit your needs. Shelving can be placed on this wall as well for hanging items on hangers or storing extra sheets or towels out of reach and out of view. Once the panels are installed on the walls, with a spacious clean design and layout, the storage wall will be a great area of your laundry room that will feel functional and feel organized.

Ironing Station for Convenience

If you don’t feel like dragging your ironing board to the nearest electric outlet in order to smooth out the wrinkles in your favorite button down, installing an ironing station in your laundry room is a great convenience. Your ironing board and iron can be securely stored in a cabinet that will blend into the rest of the décor of the room. The ironing board can fold down and swivel, and safety mechanisms can be installed into the unit so that as soon as you are done ironing and folding up your board, your iron will know to shut off to prevent any accidents from happening. The home improvement designers at HomeDNB know exactly how to safely install this type of ironing station quickly and efficiently.

Oh, Chute!

Installing a laundry chute can be quick and easy. Depending on the layout of your home, a remodeling design architect can have a chute put through the ceiling of your home and into a master bedroom or hallway. You can drop your dirty clothes into the cabinet to the bottom and not have to worry about losing articles of clothing or handling bulky baskets on your way from the top floor to the lower floor. If you live in a ranch style home with no top floor then you can also install a stylish hamper in your laundry room where you can drop your dirty laundry without it being seen. Stylish wood cabinets can be designed to match the color of your room. These cabinets can also double as a flat surface to fold clean laundry if the layout of your laundry room doesn’t have counter space.

Sink for Functionality

A great luxury to have in your laundry room is a sink. Since plumbing already exists in the room, installing a sink is hassle free. The only thing that you will need is the space. If you have the space, a HomeDNB home renovation designer can install a small sink for rinsing out clothing, washing your hands, and soaking clothes before they go into the washing machine. Save yourself the time and energy of having to use your bathroom or kitchen sink for laundry needs. Keep all of your laundry requirements in one room.

Hang It Out to Dry

Not all clothing goes into the dryer, and not all people want to hang their clothes on a clothesline. Install drying racks on the walls of your laundry room. Home renovation interior designers recommend these racks as the perfect place to hang your wet clothes if the weather is bad and if you don’t want your clothes hanging all over the house. Save space and keep your room organized with drying racks that mount on your wall or pull out of cabinets. When finished you can fold up the racks and place them back where they belong and out of the way keeping your laundry room looking organized and clean.

A laundry room adds to the organization and cleanliness of your home. By making sure the room is streamlined and functional will not only help you take better care of your clothes it will allow you to take better care of your home. Laundry rooms add to the value of your home and creating the perfect room won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Contact Homednb today for a free consultation with one of our remodeling design experts on how to make your laundry room function better or ask us how we can add a laundry room to your home.

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