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10 Kitchen Updates to Consider When Planning a Renovation in NYC

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home, and that’s why it pays to spend time making sure you’re happy with your current kitchen design before you move forward with renovating or designing a brand new one. After all, you will likely be spending hours in your kitchen each week, so it’s important to have features that suit your needs and your lifestyle. The kitchen in your NYC home has probably seen better days, but you don’t have to gut the space to make it look new again. 

Kitchen renovations are frequently on the top of most homeowners’ renovation lists, with good reason! It’s one of the most important rooms in the house, where family and friends often gather to enjoy meals and spend time together. Whether you want to add some modern touches or update and clean up the outdated design, you can give your kitchen a facelift without spending too much money or making major changes to the room’s layout.

Consider these 10 kitchen updates when planning your next renovation project in New York City and see if one of them would work for you!

Check The Existing Lighting in Kitchen

Lighting is one of those things that often get overlooked during kitchen renovations. Sure, it may seem like an easy and inexpensive upgrade, but more often than not, you can end up with a set-up that doesn’t suit your needs. Check out existing lighting in the kitchen; not all homes have enough natural light (or good artificial light) coming into their kitchens. So, if yours is lacking, consider investing in some brighter bulbs or track lighting. A well-lit space makes for happier cooks, and it also makes for better photos!

Add A Touch of Natural Light

One of the easiest ways to bring life into your kitchen is adding natural light. This is often an inexpensive upgrade. Simply change out your existing recessed lighting or pendant lights with track lighting, can lights, or under-cabinet lighting. You can also install skylights and add windows to maximize exposure to natural light. For maximum effect, use cool tones such as blues and greens (to prevent overheating) and stick with dimmable LED bulbs that save on energy costs while providing bright light. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation NYC project, consider adding a touch of natural light that will make all the difference.

Clean Up The Cabinets

Every kitchen has at least one cabinet that’s filled with odds and ends you’ve had forever. A kitchen renovation NYC project is a great time to sort through all those mismatched dishes, appliances, and small appliances you haven’t used since your college days. Ditch anything you don’t need and donate items that could be useful to someone else. If you have an extra cabinet or two, consider adding some extra shelving and wall hooks for added storage options. The more organized your cabinets are when they’re finished, the easier it will be to keep them neat after the renovation is complete!

Upgrade Appliances and Countertops

Upgrading your kitchen appliances and countertops can provide an instant lift and make your home feel more luxurious. Make sure you only choose high-quality items, though—you don’t want them breaking down after just a few months of use. If you have time on your hands, consider purchasing long-lasting materials like granite or stainless steel. These materials are resilient, which means they should stay looking new for years to come. If you’re tired of constantly repairing your old appliances and would prefer something that will last, then it might be time for a kitchen upgrade!

Brighten Up With Fixtures

Countertops, cabinets, and even appliances are easy to change out when you’re planning a kitchen renovation NYC project. But one of the easiest ways to brighten up your kitchen is with new fixtures. From under-cabinet lighting that can make an outdated space look brand new to pendant lights that shed light on different parts of your room (so you don’t have to turn on every single light at once), these items can easily improve any kitchen layout or space.

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Make It Easy To Entertain Guests

If you’re looking for more space or just want a kitchen design that feels less cramped, consider knocking down walls between your kitchen and adjoining rooms. That way, one room can function as multiple spaces; it’s far easier to entertain guests when you have an open-plan feel rather than being confined by dead-end walls. If you’re really feeling adventurous, look into making an indoor/outdoor kitchen, which will not only give you even more space but allow for al fresco dining during warmer months. The key is to have both worlds at your fingertips.

Organize Your Pantry with Cabinets or Drawers

Whether you’re building new cabinets or simply getting your kitchen drawers organized, make sure you’re considering how they could be used for more than just food storage. If you spend a lot of time cooking and prepping meals, consider creating room for serving dishes, platters and bowls. Or how about lining up canisters or glassware in an open cabinet to give them more of a display. Look around your space—what cabinets would lend themselves well to storage if they were closed off? What items already have their own places but could use some help organizing? There’s no wrong answer! Drawer dividers can provide extra organization with almost no effort at all and let you utilize every inch of space available.

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Add More Storage For Cookbooks and Bakeware

Although not all kitchens have them, if your kitchen has cabinets above and below your sink, adding more shelves is one of those quick and easy updates that will immediately give you more storage. Of course, there are other options too – installing additional cabinets or drawers, for example. Building up rather than out is always an option if you’re dealing with limited space. Just make sure you know what’s already there before making changes; you don’t want to accidentally build on top of plumbing or wiring by mistake! Plus, be sure to stick with reliable kitchen renovation NYC contractors who know how important it is that their projects comply with local codes. 

Enhance The Room With Accents And Flowers

A professional kitchen renovation NYC contractor is your best bet for inspecting walls, floors and any other structural elements that may need to be repaired or replaced. If it looks like you’ll need some work done before you can start renovating, it’s okay. That’s what they’re there for! 

Have A Professional Check Out Any Design Flaws

Design flaws are pretty much inevitable. There’s a lot of room for error when you’re putting together your kitchen and hiring someone who is good at what they do can make all of the difference in both function and aesthetics. Sure, it will cost you some money up front, but nothing is more frustrating than having to redo or replace something later because it was installed improperly.

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How to choose between replacement and remodeling? 

Replacement and remodeling are two options for kitchen updates. 

Remodeling involves tearing out existing surfaces, cabinets, and appliances to update your kitchen without changing its overall structure. 

Replacing your kitchen’s fixtures with upgrades of comparable quality means renovating—you’re still keeping much of your original infrastructure. 

The benefits of each will vary depending on what’s important to you, but here are some things that go into deciding which route is best for you: 

Cost: Going with a remodel can be significantly less expensive than replacing your kitchen entirely. Even though you may not need new flooring or electrical work, it’s likely that there will be other costs associated with updating your kitchen. For example, if you choose to change your countertops from laminate to granite or marble, then you’ll also have to pay for labor (which can cost as much as $100 per hour). If budget is an issue for you, then a remodel might make more sense because it won’t require any structural changes. You could even choose to do just one small area at a time until budget allows for more extensive renovations. 

Functionality: A renovation may be better if functionality is most important factor in choosing between replacement and remodeling. In many cases, remodels are able to provide more space by opening up walls or adding an island. You may also be able to increase storage by adding pull-out drawers and shelves under your countertops, which would allow you to keep items out of sight when they aren’t being used. This can help create a cleaner look in your kitchen while making sure that everything has its place. 

The Bottom Line

Kitchen renovations can be fun and fulfilling, but they can also be very stressful. Having someone with experience on your side will help smooth out any bumps along the way. Whether it’s selecting appliances, designing layouts or ensuring that your kitchen renovation NYC project meets code requirements, having an involved professional means never having any surprises come back to bite you later on down the road.

You can contact Homednb, if you are planning to update your cooking space with some renovations! We will make your dream kitchen a reality with vetted kitchen renovation NYC contractors. So, register at our website, submit your project details, and let us manage and monitor your project from start to finish and make it a hassle-free experience!

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