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Tricks to Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

The kitchen feels overcrowded when you have a small space, but you can make your small kitchen look and feel more spacious than ever before with some easier-to-follow tricks.

Kitchen Remodeling

Cramped and dark rooms can make you feel low, whereas when you walk through a brighter, lighter room – it can lift your spirits up. There is no reason not to renovate a smaller kitchen with an appealing style or make it feel more spacious. A kitchen of any size can feel roomy when you are aware of some of the easier design tricks to make it look appealing and dazzling. 

Most homeowners in urban areas keep their kitchen smaller, yet they are among the most attractive kitchens around the space that reflects your lifestyle and deliver the space-saving solutions. If you are among those homeowners with a smaller kitchen, various design tricks work well with your space to create an illusion of a bigger space.

You might not believe it, but these can maximize every square inch of your space in a better way for kitchen remodeling in San Antonio

Use Color

Changing the entire color of your kitchen costs you less, and it is among the simplest updates that will make your space feel bigger, but today, the white kitchens are on-trend. The color is extremely appealing for visually opening up space, and if you want to add something brighter to your space, yellow can create a welcoming, sunny kitchen. It can add a vibe to space, even in the middle of the city, while green is a color that symbolizes the natural world and tranquility. The use of pale green along with the teal are among the trending shades that can add a needed appealing touch to a white kitchen, but you can complement this look with some delicate green plants or arranging flowers.

Add geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are highly trendy in art, and these look great with the interior designs – you can even get those patterned tablecloths, rugs, blankets, and cushions in geometric patterns. These are again ideal for the kitchen as you can use them efficiently to create an illusion of more space while making your kitchen look like a perfect example of a delighted interior design. You can use the patterns to accent a small kitchen but make sure to avoid overdoing it – if you are using too many patterns, you are actually making the space feel overcrowded. Geometric patterns can work great to create a better illusion of a longer plus taller kitchen while making your mini space feel open yet spacious. You must have seen the thick black lines on the subway tiles, these actually work great to create an illusion of a spacious kitchen, and if you are not willing to spend enough, you can go with the tiles that deliver the same visual effect. Our professional kitchen remodel in San Antonio, can help you make a reliable decision for choosing the tiles.

Use see-through elements

A clear physical and visual path will make your kitchen look better, and when you keep the sightlines in your kitchen completely open, you can see through space incessantly. Further, adding clear plastic chains, floating islands, along with the bar surfaces, backless barstools, or glass pendant lights, can work great to achieve this effect.

Add mirrors

Mirrors are well-known to make a room feel more spacious, and it is amazing how people use mirrors in the bedroom or bathroom but don’t you think the mirrors can enhance your kitchen space as well. Adding a supersize mirror that covers one wall can look striking, especially when it reflects back a table or a kitchen worktop which is a sitting flush. You can even make the best use of mirrored splashbacks or the cupboards that create the needed illusion.

Opt for open shelving

Open storage again gives your kitchen a more airy and spacious look, but you need to remove some cabinet doors and take a step back – immediately after that, you can see an illusion of a spacious kitchen. However, the trick can only be done if your cupboards are not currently bursting or have cluttered shelves that can make your space feel even smaller. Copper shelving is again on-trend and super chick, but if you prefer a neater and tidiest place, these can make a stunning addition to increase the feeling of a space.

Get rid of clutter while adding minimalism

The minimalist look works well for creating an illusion of a spacious kitchen, so you need to avoid overly decorative details to keep the look fuss-free for long sightlines and a roomier feel. If it looks like you don’t have enough space for all of your stuff in the kitchen, space can look cramped and smaller. However, you need to stick to the rules of making sure that the kitchen surfaces are always clear and every item in the kitchen has a storage space. In a small kitchen, you need to be ruthless with any other item you are not using, and if possible, you can even donate them. Investing in a steaming hot water tap allows you to free up a kitchen space as you will no longer need a kettle, and integrating a food waste disposal in your kitchen sink will allow you to get rid of that unsightly food waste bin.