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Kitchen Floor Remodel – Inexpensive Options for Kitchen Flooring

If you are considering modifying and modernizing your space with kitchen floor remodel, you need to renew your floors to create the clean and finished look your space deserves. No matter the style you need or the budget you have, choosing the suitable one can make a complete difference to  create a space you always need. A new floor is needed when you plan to change the layout or remove the walls, and you can even consider this step during the work when you are all set for the renovation process.

Kitchen Floor Remodeling
The job can be a larger undertaking than one can expect, and older homes often have sagging floors along with haphazard underlayment. Once the home renovation contractors eliminate the existing floors, it is up to you to decide the type of flooring that can perfectly enhance any space. When installing a new floor, it can cost you around $5000, while updating those can double that cost, and once the structure is ready, you need to look for the material that is suitable for your kitchen. Further, you need to note that price is not the only consideration, but the material also has the same importance for the kitchen environment.

It needs to be DIY-friendly – Saving money is only possible if you are capable of installing flooring by yourself, but if you are hiring someone for the installation, it won’t be a cheap floor even if the material is inexpensive.

It needs to be durable and easier to clean – If you are replacing the floors within a few years, either because it is dingy or falling apart, it is not a bargain.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is available in sheets, tiles, or luxury vinyl planks and these are among the most admired flooring materials to fit in your space. If your subfloor is in excellent shape, vinyl can be within your means because you need to install it right over the subfloors, and it can avoid the expenses for the new underlayment. Vinyl is available in different types, so you can shop depending on the price, look, or installation method but make sure it suits your kitchen interior design. Vinyl flooring is among the best performing materials for a kitchen floor, and it has various notable advantages – 

  • It is among the most inexpensive of all flooring materials.
  • Vinyl floors are available with a resilient surface that is easy on the feet.
  • It is extremely easy to clean with simple damp mopping.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is again among the most popular of all the inexpensive flooring materials. It can keep you entirely satisfied due to its manufacturing that looks like hardwood, natural stone, or even metal. Among the various kitchen flooring options available, Laminate flooring can leave you entirely satisfied – but it is not among the most durable choices for the room – despite what manufacturers are actually promising. The hard resin surfaces for the planks are completely scratch and stain-resistant enough to tolerate kitchen traffic and abuse that homeowners do, but the seams that are there between the plants are vulnerable to water damages. A leaky dishwasher or accidental spills can affect the flooring, so you need to be careful of standing water and avoid damp mopping altogether. Further, if you are willing to spend more, you can consider water-resistant laminate, which can resist standing water up to a specific period.

  • These can persuasively impersonate wood, ceramic tiles, stone, and other quality floor casing.
  • These are easier to install for DIYers.

Ceramic floor tiles

Ceramic tiles can give you the most hits because they can bring a virtually everlasting surface that is much easier to clean – although the grout lines can be tricky to clean, sealing them can avoid the same issue. If installed appropriately, bargain tiles last just as long as the most expensive tiles and the features of a cleaner and a simple style. Ceramic tile is a classic kitchen flooring material and if you are using them for your kitchen space, these can deliver –

  • A very graceful flooring surface
  • Extreme durability that lasts for decades
  • Surfaces are extremely easier to clean


Cork is among the most comfortable and visually pleasing materials that are much easier to install that can last longer than you actually think. When used for the flooring installation, it can offer more cushion underfoot as compared to any other flooring type. Cork is also a good DIY option, and you will come across various corks that do not need the foam underlayment necessary for the laminates since the planks are available with a layer of built-in underlayment. Cork flooring in the kitchen can deliver some of the advantages that are –

  • comfort for the feet when installed on the floors
  • easier installation options

Before starting with the installation process, you need to plan the layout of the plank so you don’t end up with a really short piece at either end of the row or a really narrow strip at either side of the room. Further, you can use a tapping block to hammer the pieces together while locking the joints, as hammering them directly on the planks can break them easily.