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Kitchen Design Trends in Upcoming Year – Designers Insights

Many architects and interior designers always consider the future kitchen design trends, endeavoring to foresee or prepare for popularity in the coming year. They’re typically very accurate, but several designers and kitchen renovation contractors have disclosed that the future of American kitchens looks utterly different from what they predicted just a few years ago before the pandemic. In the last two years, kitchens have seen significant modifications, mainly due to the covid-19 and the changing demands of individuals who keep working from home and cooking at home. Now, our kitchens have several functions.
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They serve as the center of the home, a gathering place for family and friends, and a practical room for cooking, working, or simply relaxing.

Homeowners in the United States increasingly started to embrace and enjoy their living spaces so much this year. We talked with home interior designers to get the information on the kitchen design trends that are already generating a lot of conversation for 2022.

In 2022, our kitchens will continue playing a hybrid function, as we are more likely to bring long-term solutions to home working while also rethinking the structure of our homes. As we are approaching the New Year, we’ve undoubtedly understood the value of having a diverse kitchen. So, several designers have revealed their predictions for 2022 kitchen design trends. And our list spares no new designs for anyone wishing to renovate this often-use room

Adaptable Lighting

Lighting will become increasingly important as the kitchen evolves into a multipurpose room. Lighting controls & the aptitude to alter your lighting to work within reach are significant trends. It might be as essential as dimming the lights or as complicated as app-controlled color temperature & light intensity. App-and voice-controlled lighting are the general kitchen design trends as standard as classic dimmers and motion-sensing lighting in 2022. Multiple light sources are yet another essential element for a place utilized for various jobs. Adjustable sconces are especially popular in kitchens. These lights can be positioned where and how they are needed, bringing both illumination and flair. We will see significant trends on the way to black & gold finishes for all fixtures, with white light fixtures.

Colorful Accents

In the kitchen, the color will make a comeback. Since the epidemic, everyone has spent more time in our cooking areas than ever in the past. There is a natural desire to make this place seem more personal. Our houses have been both a shelter and a source of inspiration for us. And people will have a lot more fun with kitchen design in the next year. A bold, contrasting color palette can not only weave charm and personality all through the space. But we will also see a wide range of finishes, which include matte as well as a high gloss!

Wallpaper in the Kitchen

Yes, you read it correctly – kitchen wallpaper might be on-trend in 2022. Wallpaper is often regarded as helpful as carpet in the bathroom. But there is a new generation of wallpaper on the market that is particularly created for kitchens. We’re seeing homeowners use wallpaper to offset the simplicity of white cabinets and neutral countertops. Many people are hesitant to use wallpaper in the kitchen due to the humidity. Once the wallpaper is hung and dried, apply a layer of matt water-based varnish to cover any edges and seams for further protection.

Open Kitchen with Living Room

The most recent kitchen design trend is incorporating the space into living rooms. The concept of open kitchen interiors has significantly impacted contemporary design trends. Though the kitchen is not the central area in the house, it is a functional, harmonic, and attractive place. Kitchen blends nicely with the rest of the house. The work areas are hidden and modern; ultra-sleek cabinets add a distinctive look.

The current trends explore the simplicity & contemporary areas that fit nicely with the rest of the house design and do not restrict the kitchen as a distinct zone. The 2022 kitchen design trend provides a place to cook and unwind. The notion of multi-functional rooms result in kitchens that also serve as a resting place. A wood-burning stove, warm nooks, superb storage, and seating space contribute to the lived-in look. Using natural materials to improve aesthetics may make a place seem even more welcome and comfortable.

Eco-Friendly Kitchens

Refurbish kitchens have achieve the pinnacle of popularity as people become more conscious of the need for environmentally friendly design. Second-hand kitchens are practical and ecologically responsible choices that recycle items in the workplace. These may assist in obtaining up to seventy percent of reduction, making them budget-friendly as well. Wooden kitchens are not new to the market. But with the latest style and originality, they find their way to the top of the list of kitchen design trends 2022. These ideas build a link with nature and give a comfortable atmosphere, from timber finishes to freshly develope textures and treatments. Green kitchen designs have witnessed a significant increase in sustainability. This notion may be realize through a variety of eco-friendly design methods. Sustainable kitchens are the most effective 2022 kitchen design trend to opt for, with everything from sustainable materials to A-rated equipment.


These kitchen design trends 2022 might emphasize your kitchen as an area where friends and family can gather. The sleek and modern hub may provide a pleasant environment with fashionable accents. Practicality and multi-functionality are the top priorities when creating a kitchen, and a great design may combine flexible space with aesthetically pleasing features. These inventive concepts may provide a pleasant and comfortable kitchen atmosphere. Modern trends offer a design that converts the kitchen into a hideaway, breaking the stereotype of a kitchen being a dull room. With their cutting-edge technology, ecological vision, and daring use of materials and colors, modern kitchen designs provide an inspiring area in the home.

The preceding list of designers’ insights into kitchen design trends will undoubtedly assist you in selecting the perfect kitchen design depending on your preferences and needs. With so many options, styles, and suggestions, choosing the kitchen design for your home might be daunting. Whether you are designing a new kitchen or planning an old kitchen renovation, you should consider current trends to make your kitchen stand out. To give your kitchen a one-of-a-kind design or refurbishment, let our kitchen renovation contractors choose a style that expresses your individuality.