Kids Bathroom Design Ideas for Inspiration

Kids Bathroom Design Ideas for Inspiration

Kids bathroom design should be welcoming and fun to enjoy its look with feel while enjoying their bath. These youthful kids’ bathroom ideas can provide a great makeover.

A well-designed bathroom space can create an area where your children can enjoy their time during the beginning and end of each day, so, space needs to be interesting, comfortable, and exude a part of their personalities. Planning and designing also involve various factors, including storage, theme, and more, that enhance the space better. There is also unique fun in planning the entire space for your little ones, so you can either do it yourself or hire a designer who can do the entire makeover for your home when you are busy.  

You can plan your budget beforehand so that your finances cannot get affected, but keep in mind that your kid will grow up, and his needs are going to change with time. So, make the overall bathroom design aesthetics to be flexible for your children to grow into it. Before you move with the curated list of kids’ bathroom designs, here is an overview of what you can do to make the bathroom kid-friendly.

Kids Bathroom Design

Tips for Color theme

  • Make your entire space liven up with a few cartoonist patterns, designs, and decals that are there on the walls, cabinets, or towels.
  • Add a splash of bright colors instead of toned-down color shades to make it a pop that looks youthful and fresh.
  • You can even install efficient items that can easily be converted into furniture as per your child’s needs.
  • Make use of funny quotes or enclosed art on the walls, and if possible, you can even make use of the two-shower curtains.
  • It would be great to go with the theme-related decor objects to avoid making the bathroom look congested.
  • You can even install the unique hooks to add a fun look.
  • You can even use your children’s favorite toys as a bathroom decor item.
  • With the use of lower wall shelving, you can save on the floor space.

Here are some of the amazing bathroom design ideas that will definitely make your kids fall in love with them.

A splash of bright-colored strips

These can make the bathroom space colorful that look both fun and inviting – when going with the same design, keep the interiors to be light blue-toned to get a perfect backdrop. The wooden cabinets placed over the lower-end on each surface make it exclusively easier for the kids to get their personal care items and bath toys when they have a bath.

A lively and exciting space

The combination of blue, green, and even white colors on the walls makes a bathroom look dazzling and attractive, so choose your favorite when enhancing your interiors. It makes the entire space look vibrant and energetic, which is overwhelming to the eyes and feels like you are walking on water. The bathtub has to be convenient for your child to easily get in, and add a towel railing can add a pretty cool look.

Keep your space as simple and cozy as possible

Most kids want everything around them to be simple yet elegant with a soft touch of creativity to the interiors. The use of rusty brown with the white walls can complement the tiles elegantly and allow adequate lighting to enter the small area. The mirrored cabinet storage space is all you need to install in the bathroom, but keep it up to a height that is easy to reach.

Bathroom Design Ideas For Inspiration

Bath in style

Add some playfulness to your kids’ bathroom with a nice cartoon shower curtain that will help your kids to think about the cartoon world while having a relaxing bath. Also, go with installing a grab bar that provides your kids with safe support and prevents them from slipping while they are having a bath. The addition of hooks near the doors also lets your kids hang their clothes neatly without dropping them around, and it is also an ideal way to make your kids responsible.

Safety tips

  • Ensure that the bathroom walls are durable enough and easier to maintain for a long time.
  • You can even opt for the smooth ceramic tiles that work great to protect the walls from dents and scratches.
  • Place efficient pads, child-friendly grab bars, or anti-slip mats wherever you feel that safety is a necessity.
  • Place adequate pendant lights and ambient overhead lighting in the bathroom area to make the entire area visible.
  • Avoid sharp corners in the bathroom interiors to ensure a gentle finishing is incorporated in the bathroom fixtures.
  • Avoid using wallpapers instead of tiles in the bathrooms – they can lead to peeling and molding of your bathroom walls.
  • Go with the non-slip flooring options to avoid unnecessary accidents that otherwise can happen.

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