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Innovative Kitchen Renovation Design to Withstand a Disaster

The kitchen is one of the most engaging spaces in the home, whether you live alone or with a family. Kitchens have unquestionably become the main point of any home, a place where you can show off your lifestyle, style, class & taste. Kitchens are no longer only spaces to prepare meals in fact, aesthetics have made their way in. As a result, paying attention to the layout, color, and design of the kitchen space is very important. Every feature of your kitchen, from fun to practical, traditional to contemporary, must be present. Your kitchen should have an innovative and luxurious feel about it, which is one of the most important things to consider when considering a kitchen renovation.
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When redesigning a kitchen, it’s wise to consider the natural catastrophes occurring around the world. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding, severe storms, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural events can destroy residential property.

Fortunately, you can plan ahead of time to handle these crisis circumstances better. Even with a home warranty, homeowners cannot guarantee that any part of their home will survive one of these potentially disastrous events because no one knows when or where a cataclysmic catastrophe will occur. Making a kitchen to resist a disaster better demonstrates beneficial in several circumstances. Renovating a kitchen to withstand a disaster can be pretty daunting. So, you can also contact an architect and kitchen renovation contractor to get the job done efficiently.

The main benefit of preparing your kitchen to withstand a disaster is, of course, improved protection. A home kitchen built to withstand natural tragedies is more likely to offer a safer place for its residents than one made without bearing in mind the local weather, climate, and natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, wildfires, etc. Some helpful kitchen renovation tips and tactics might also help you reach your objective without excessive sweating. Here, we have gathered a few innovative kitchen remodeling design ideas to help you prepare for a natural disaster.

Tips on How to Make Your Kitchen Survive a Disaster:

Contemplate Designing Built-In Appliances

Nowadays, several home builders or home renovation companies include built-in appliances in their home designs. Built-in appliances design has many benefits during earthquakes since heavyweight microwaves & refrigerators are more firmly held in place. Even though the equipment usually fails to operate due to power outages during a natural catastrophe, protecting these things by embedding them in walls and countertops provides some safety advantages. So, by including built-in appliances in your kitchen space, you can make a one-step to make it disaster-resistant. 

Keep your Kitchen Pantry Secured

Having a pantry in your kitchen is a new trend in kitchen renovation design because it can help you store plentiful food in the event of a disaster. By keeping your kitchen filled with enough food, you might be able to survive for several days without going to a grocery store in the event of a local disaster. Previously, most individuals kept a kitchen pantry regularly upheld to store food, often in a “root cellar.” But now, several families stock specially packaged meals nearby that may be consumed months or even years after being stored. Place the pantry in a convenient, dry area where the food will stay fresh. To decrease the possibility of these constructions tumbling over during a seismic event, securely fasten pantry shelves in place into the walls.

Stock Weighty Stuffs at Ground Level

To make the kitchen disaster-resistant, many builders and home remodeling contractors install built-in cabinets and other firmly fastened permanent storage at ground level to help in the case of a tragedy. You can keep larger and heavier things from tumbling over and harming someone by securely keeping them at lower elevations.

Build a Kitchen Near a Doorway

Preferably, build your home kitchen near an external exit. In the event of an emergency, this position enables somebody working in that home area to exit the premises if required swiftly. A seismic event may cause natural gas lines to rupture suddenly, requiring the prompt evacuation of all residents and pets in the home. If you are designing a new kitchen, try to make it near the exit door of your home.

Always Install Sprinkler System

Many homes may survive fire damage more securely by installing an indoor kitchen sprinkler system. When a fire breaks out in a contemporary home, the sprinkler system activates. They would be able to keep a fire from spreading and inflicting further damage to the home. Today, whether individuals build an entirely new home or just give their kitchen a new look by kitchen remodeling, installing a kitchen sprinkler system can help you in the event of an emergency.

On Magnetically Locking Kitchen Doors, Install Panic Bars

Even if the kitchen door has an electronic or magnetic lock, installing panic bars on the interior will help people escape the premises more quickly if they need to evacuate quickly. These doors are still used to safeguard commercial & institutional kitchens, although they are less common in homes. You can also replace the traditional doors with sliding barn door hardware. Compared to regular doors, these doors might present less danger of opening in a catastrophe event since they require less room to function. Many architects and home renovation professionals install panic bars on magnetically locking kitchen doors.

Use Incorporated Recessed Illumination in Kitchen

While lighting is important for a productive kitchen setting, it may be an issue if glass lighting fixtures break or fall during a natural disaster. Installing correctly positioned built-in recessed kitchen lighting alternatively can be beneficial in some homes. Several beautiful tubular skylights may complement this type of kitchen design, providing more light into the kitchen in areas that need it. So, whether you are building a new kitchen or just remodeling your kitchen, make use of incorporated recessed illumination in your kitchen space.

Install Egress Windows in Your Kitchen

Many construction regulations for kitchens don’t require egress windows, but they can be beneficial in some circumstances. If a fire or other calamity occurs inside, this window style allows inhabitants to escape via the window. If a natural disaster blocks alternative escape routes, opening this emergency exit might save lives. You can discuss with your kitchen remodel contractor whether or not you need to install egress windows.

Emphasize Kitchen Floors

A homeowner can assist in guaranteeing that damaged water pipes during a natural catastrophe do not cause as much damage to the kitchen’s interior by strengthening kitchen flooring with additional support. The most critical necessity during a natural disaster, according to disaster specialists, is the availability to clean, drinkable water. In the event of a crisis, tap water may become inaccessible, particularly if pipes burst. As a result, keeping some bottled water on hand for drinking purposes is also beneficial.

Make a Special Effort to Protect Your Kitchen Décor

It’s sensible to put in a little effort to keep your current kitchen décor as safe as feasible. Attach kitchen clocks, wall hangings, plant stands, and other ornamental objects to adjoining walls firmly and permanently. Anything that may fall from a great height during a seismic event or a storm is a possible threat in a kitchen. Although some of these procedures necessitate major modifications, disaster-proofing a contemporary kitchen often begins during the planning phase. When safety features save lives, everyone benefits. Now, you can hire home interior renovation professionals to take care of your kitchen or overall home interior décor.


Natural calamities such as wildfires, storms, earthquakes, floods have previously occurred in recent years. These natural disasters have served as a stark reminder to all of us of the significance of making our homes disaster-proof. When it comes to disaster-proofing a house, kitchen remodeling is at the top of most individuals’ wish lists. If you wish to create a disaster relief kitchen on your own, then you can consider the above-discussed tips that help you prepare your kitchen for disaster! And if you don’t have enough time and want a quality job done on your kitchen remodeling, you may hire an experienced kitchen renovation contractor.

A skilled designer may help you save time and money by preventing problems before they arise. Kitchen planners are experts at maximizing storage, making clever substitutes for high-end materials, even recommending the finest contractors for the task of preparing your kitchen for potential disasters in the upcoming years.

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