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India Design & Build (Old)

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Hassle-Free & Transparent Home Design & Build and Renovation Process in India

Welcome to Homednb, your ultimate destination for managing your home design & build and old home renovation project in India. We understand the significance of having a place to call your own and are here to help you achieve that. Whether you are an Indian living abroad or a foreigner looking to build or renovate a home in India, we are equipped to make your home building and home remodeling project hassle-free & transparent.

Homednb.com is an online platform that simplifies the home renovation process by providing homeowners with vetted, reliable professionals, a secured escrow payment system, and professional expertise to monitor and manage projects from start to completion.

At Homednb, we will assign you a project manager who is well-versed in managing home design & build and renovation projects in India with fully vetted contractors. We have the expertise to handle every aspect of the construction or renovation process, right from acquiring the necessary permits to delivering the final product. We aim to make a building or renovating your home in India as seamless and stress-free as possible at no cost.

From Imagination To Creation - Homednb Brings Your Dream Home To Life without Hassles

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Find Right Contractor

We understand that finding the right contractor can be challenging, especially for NRI's. That's why we have a database of verified contractors in India who are experienced and trustworthy.

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Project Management

Our assigned project manager will manage your project from start to finish. We'll ensure the construction is completed on time, within budget, and to your requirements.

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Payment Protection

We have a secure payment system in place that ensures your money is protected. We'll only release payments to contractors once the work has been completed to your satisfaction.

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Quality Control

We'll ensure that the construction is of the highest quality. The project manager will conduct regular virtual site visits and inspections to ensure everything goes as planned.

What Our Clients Say

“homednb made my home renovation so easy! I simply submitted a project and had three verified bids in hand! I chose my favorite contractor and they handled the rest! I would never use anyone else again.”
“homednb, is by far the #1 platform for me and my family to have peace of mind! We placed a project, received 3 bids within hours, and selected the best candidate. What a win-win and a much sought-after company, in our community I will definitely recommend them to other’s. Outstanding job!”
“I really enjoyed working with the team at HomeNovator, they are a great group of professionals that really know how to make the process of working with a contractor easy!”

Save Money, Time & Efforts with Homednb

Homednb works closely with Indians living in the USA to understand their vision of their old home in India and bring it to life with top-rated home builders and contractors. We have a database of fully vetted contractors across entire India who are experienced in handling all kinds of home-building and home renovation projects. Whether you’re looking to renovate your existing home or build a new one from scratch, with a project manager, you can experience a hassle-free home renovation at no cost in India.

If you are looking to build your dream home in India or want to renovate the old one & need a hassle-free experience, look no further than Homednb. Register today to get started on your project!


Our team of experienced and trustworthy experts works closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences.


We believe in being honest with our clients about every aspect of the project, from the cost and timeline to potential issues that may arise.


Reliability is the third core value for Homednb. We understand the importance of reliability in home building or home renovation.