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Increase Your Home Security During Home Renovation in Houston

Home renovations are an opportunity to perform much-needed upkeep and make desired upgrades to your home. In Houston, a stylish new kitchen, green and efficient home lighting, a modern living room, gorgeous and safe bathrooms, upgraded bedrooms, or extra storage space are generally at the top of everyone’s to-do list.

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While home renovations frequently target modifications to your home’s overall beauty, practical enhancements that promote family safety are also required. A home renovation Houston is an excellent opportunity to personalize your living space while using the newest innovative home technology. The smart home industry is growing, and many firms are beginning to provide devices that blend in seamlessly with a home’s decor.

The potential benefits of whole-home automation are virtually unlimited for those willing to take the plunge. More significant improvements generally need substantial custom design work, including hardwiring, so upgrade while you’re remodeling to save money. Smart home technology may set your home different from other housing alternatives on the market, potentially increasing the value of your home.

The expense of renovation is one of the most significant restrictions for homeowners. Consider a home renovation loan if you want to increase your home’s security without breaking the bank. These loans may be used to fund a wide range of remodeling improvements for your home’s interior and exterior. Whenever you shop for a home improvement loan, don’t forget to check the interest rates of these loans from multiple lenders. If you get the loan at low-interest rates, you will possibly spend less money.  

Increase home security during your next home renovation Houston project by making a few easy modifications to prevent burglars from coming inside.

Hinges, Locks & Door Jambs Should All Be Replaced

Because the front door is the easiest way to enter a home, it’s also the most convenient method to break in. While alarm systems can help you detect a break-in, you can reduce the danger and enhance the security of your home by getting solid doors and locks. A solid-core door is required. While the glass inlay on ornamental wooden doors is attractive, it can quickly shatter, and wood is not as solid or enduring as steel. 

To increase the security of your home, it would be great if you install steel door jambs & hinges, in addition to a Grade 1 lock. These improvements safeguard your home from lock picking or a break-in attempt by kicking through the door. Replace your locks and get them rekeyed every few years to make your home as secure as possible.

Motion Sensors & Smart Security Options

Although systematizing your home security is still doable in a home that does not need upgrades or repairs, it is considerably easier to perform during a home renovation. Individual components like motion sensors, window or door access, broken glass, smoke or carbon monoxide detection & flooding detection can be combined into an automation system & modified to your home’s specific architecture. When you connect an alarm panel to a home automation system, you may get notifications on your phone if any door or window is opened, or every light in the home can switch on instantaneously or repeatedly flash to warn neighbours of a possible break-in.

Install Mail Slot in Door

Is there a mounted mailbox near your home’s front door? Although this type of letterbox is suitable, it could also be a warning sign for somebody trying to shatter into your home. When your mail begins to be collected in the mailbox, it’s a sign that you’re not at home. It may give a thief the go-ahead to break in without being discovered.

Identity theft is also a concern with piled-up mail. Home renovation contractors now recommend installing a mail slot in your door to alleviate these problems. It would be beneficial if you place a mail slot on your home’s front door. It ensures that your mail is delivered without danger of it being stolen or someone discovering you aren’t at home.

Upgrades to Windows

Windows, mainly those on the ground floor, can be exploited to gain entrance to your home. While you may wish to change windows to avoid breezes and leaks, they also improve the security of your home. The windows present on the ground floor must have working locks and shut correctly. It will help if you utilize a steel bar that will stop somebody from opening a window and entering your home as an extra layer of security.

If you have windows on height, be sure there are no potential entry points, such as a tree or a porch that may be scaled. If the higher windows are easily accessible, double-check that the locks are in proper working condition & close the windows correctly.

Installing A Surveillance System is Great

There are various surveillance camera systems available these days that provide you with a complete view of your home’s outside. You can install security cameras when doing a home renovation if you don’t have them before renovation. Many systems are inexpensive and may be utilized on the move by connecting to a mobile device. These systems are frequently built to be incredibly discreet, allowing you to safeguard your house without detracting from your outside aesthetic. You can do the subsequent with a high-quality surveillance system:

· Keep an eye on your home’s perimeter
· Be alerted to any movement
· As needed, record and evaluate video

Surveillance systems of many sorts are available on the market, including ones that you can install yourself. It is an easy DIY that may significantly improve your home’s security.

Incorporate Outdoor Lighting

For somebody looking to interrupt into your home, darkness is the ideal cover. The more light you have in your home, the safer it is. Many home renovation companies install lights outside that will look attractive and protect your home from the outside. These lights are frequently equipped with motion sensors that activate when relative movement is detected. It is a fast technique to notify you of outside activities you may or may not have anticipated.

Outdoor security lighting systems featuring a security camera, two-way communication system, and siren are more expensive. You can link these devices to your phone, and whenever activity is detected, you will get an alert.

Benefits of a Secured Home:

Your home security system is only getting started once the dust settles and you’re ready to enjoy your newly remodeled home in Houston. In your improved living area, take advantage of the following advantages of a security system:

Increased property value: After you’ve improved the appearance of your home, a security system will increase its worth even more.

Protect your investment: After you’ve invested several dollars for home renovation Houston, make sure it and your loved ones are safe with security systems tailored to your lifestyle, such as monitored alarms.

 Upgrades all around: Electronics in your home may be upgraded simultaneously as the rest of the home. Enjoy smart home technology elements like intercoms and audio systems as part of your luxury makeover.

Greener living entails: Many home remodeling professionals are aware of “green” goods and procedures, and you may have installed energy-efficient appliances as part of your makeover. With a home energy management system that works in concert with your security system, you can continue to save energy and money.

Final Words

Millions of Americans are victims of burglary and theft schemes every year, with burglars and thieves exploiting security flaws to plunder homes effectively. Don’t wait for a robbery to happen before you defend yourself, your family, and your valuables. There are a variety of home repair and construction projects you may do to make your home less vulnerable to break-ins, as well as a variety of devices you can place to alert your loved ones in the event of a break-in.

Last but not least, consider security when remodeling your home. While a new bathroom or kitchen is lovely, the security of your home should always come first. When you’re planning any sort of home renovation Houston, it’s only natural to think about your home’s security. You know there will be some disturbance to your family throughout the remodeling process, so now is the best time to get started on other home upgrades and renovations. Get everything done at once! As a result, you & your loved ones will be safer.

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