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How Homednb Can Manage Your Home Renovation or Building Project Remotely

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Manmohan Kumar

03 October, 2022

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Home renovations are ever simple, uncomplicated, or hassle-free. And if you compel to manage your home renovation or new home building project from a distance for any reason, things will be even more challenging

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Remote project management by Homednb for seamless renovations!

But don’t worry, today we are here to share with you the most reliable way to help you make your long-distance home renovation or building project as simple as possible.

When it comes to upcoming home renovation or new home-building projects you need to organize and manage remotely. Homednb may be just what you’re looking for! Homednb is a reliable platform that allows you to get connect with vetted, experienced, and reliable contractors who will create the home of your dreams from anywhere in the USA.

Our main aim at Homednb is to make long-distance home renovation or construction projects as easy as possible.

The Key Benefits of Having a Professional to Manage Your Project

Having a professional on your side to remotely manage your old home renovation. And the new home-building project can provide you with many benefits. Let’s have a look at some of those:

  • Firstly, professionals can manage your project while in the office, regardless of whether or not they are at the property. You do not have to be at home to provide feedback, answer questions, or review work.
  • A professional also has years of experience managing projects like yours, which will lead to them getting things done much more quickly than if you had done it yourself.
  • Moreover, professionals also know what contractors will be best for the job. And who should come when there are delays due to weather conditions?
  • Hired professionals will work with designers, builders, and general contractors in person, so they can make sure everything is perfect before starting any construction or renovation project.
  • You’ll get a better space in the end without having to worry about all the extra details. This way, you get to focus on the fun parts of owning a home!
  • Professionals will take care of the whole process from design to execution for minimal stress on your end.
  • Lastly, because everything gets manage remotely, this means that their costs are lower. So you won’t need as much money upfront for renovation services as a result

Make Your Dream Home a Reality in the USA From Anywhere with Homednb

Homednb is the modern-day solution to home renovations and new home-building projects. At Homednb, we know that life’s too short to spend hours on the phone with contractors. And service providers who can’t finish your home remodeling or construction project in a timely manner. And, because we do not just focus on getting new homes built, we also know how important it is to keep existing properties in great shape! That’s why we create our online platform – Homednb, to make all of your home improvement needs easier than ever before!

As we all know, not all homeowners have the time or know-how to manage a home renovation or new home building project. This is where a service like Homednb can come in handy. Homednb provides homeowners with a convenient way to get help managing these projects. The service is design to help homeowners create their dream spaces without hassles.

What Benefits a Homeowner will Get with Homednb

Thanks to Homednb, homeowners can manage their home renovations and new home building projects remotely, so they don’t have to lift a finger in construction or construction management. When you choose Homednb to manage your home building or home renovation project, the significant benefit is that it allows homeowners to stay on top of the details from afar.

Save Time

You don’t need to go through the trouble of finding contractors and negotiating with them to get the job done.

Save Money

You can rest assure that all aspects of your home building or remodeling will take care of under your budget.

Better Project Efficiency

Having a project manager will help you develop a construction schedule, track progress, and coordinate the efforts of multiple contractors.

Transparent Process

Monitor the whole process and make it transparent and hassle-free, and you can see the progress of work & status of payments remotely.

Productive Communication

Help to foster productive communication between the homeowner and contractor, allowing the project to run more smoothly.

Project Monitoring  

The professionals will monitor the project’s progress, keeping an eye out for any potential problems. And if any issues do arise, they will work to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Build From Any Location

You can enjoy the experience of designing, building, and remodeling your dream home from anywhere. Just share the project details with Homednb, and let us handle the rest!

Scam Free

You won’t have to worry about scams because all of our firms or contractors are thoroughly vetted!

Save Efforts

You don’t need to worry about the design, quality, and the entire process because we will oversee everything.

So, Homednb, a trustworthy design and build platform, aim to shake up the marketplace by giving homeowners what no other company offer, protection, transparency, reliability, and a backstop against unscrupulous contractors. We only have vetted, licensed, and insured professionals at service that can handle client expectations excellently.

With Homednb, you are left with nothing but a better-customize home to live in. So, let go of the worries by hiring Homednb as your home building or remodeling project management company now!

How Homednb Works – A Comprehensive Process

Homednb will remotely take care of the entire home renovation or new home building project so the homeowner can concentrate on their job, family, or other important matters without worrying about keeping tabs on everything themselves. So, let’s have a look at some of the comprehensive processes of Homednb:

Schedule a Phone Call

  • First of all, the homeowner submits project details by registering on our website.
  • Our sales representative then contacts the homeowner (within 24 hours) to discuss project details and any specific requirements.
  • Our project manager screens and selects the perfect design and build firm from our network of firms in the United States.  
  •  The initial appointment for a firm to do a site visit is made during a phone call (or email only if the homeowner prefers it) based on agreed-upon availability for both parties

Professional Pairing

  • After the site visit, the design and build firm submit a proposal through our platform.
  • Our PM reviews the proposal for fair and accurate pricing to ensure that it meets the timeline and budget acceptable to the owner.
  • PM will send acceptance and send the best proposal to the homeowner.
  • PM will request other proposals from other firms if the owner doesn’t like the first proposal with a justification. Homeowners will accept or decline the proposal through the system.

Construction Begin

  • Once a proposal gets approve, a project plan with milestones is prepare and submit by the selected firm through our platform. (Timelines, payments, & logistics)
  • After that, a payment plan and an escrow account are set up.
  • The contract will then be sign, and work will begin.
  • A down payment is made per contract.
  •  Payments are made based on agreed-upon milestones after concurred with the owner

Process Monitoring

  • Once the construction begins, our project managers will oversee the entire process.
  • Homeowners can review the process status via our platform anytime remotely.
  • We collaborate with homeowners every step to ensure they get the most out of their investment.

Stay Up To Date On Every Step Of The Project From Start To Finish Remotely

Turning a dream home into reality can be such an annoyance. Hundreds of tasks must be complete during the home building or renovation process. However, when you hire Homednb as your project management company, there is nothing to worry about. You can get your desire home without stress with the help of vetted, licensed, and insured design & build firms at Homednb. We make sure to provide you with quality work at the agreeable price without messing up your budget.

We believe that homeowners should not have to be present at a project location 100% of the time. With our online monitoring system, every project step is captured in real-time with no delay, ensuring your satisfaction. After signing up for an account, you can receive updates on what is happening.

So, are you too busy with your hectic schedule and don’t have time to manage your new building or old home renovation project? Don’t worry; Homednb is here to help you make the process hassle-free, transparent and reliable! For more information, you can browse our website!