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Home Renovation Trends for the New Year

If you would like to do some home renovations before the new year, there are many tasks to choose from. There seems to be a project for everyone; either you want to totally rebuild a kitchenette, build an office space, or simply change some of your fixtures.

Home Interior Renovation

We looked at a few trends that emerged over the previous year and compiled this list of home renovation ideas for the upcoming year, ranging from large to minor, that are worthwhile to consider in 2022.

Upgrades to the Kitchen

In 2022, expect to see changes in house kitchens, whether full-on restorations or equipment upgrades. Everyone expects to see more significant kitchen island hubs and more utility since the kitchen has evolved as a considerable multitasking space. Furthermore, gas and induction cooking was trendy at the time, with induction projected to overtake traditional glass electric convection ovens

Outdoor Entertainment Areas

You’re not alone if you want to improve your outside area. Several outdoor design and home renovation companies have reported high demand for individuals to upgrade their outer living space in the previous year. This task may be as big or as minor as your finances allow. Consider expanding a deck or patio, constructing a pergola, enclosing a porch, or replacing outdated patio furniture. Simply adding an outdoor rug or light may help create the tone and make the room more welcoming.

Change Ancient Windows

Would it be better to upgrade all of your home’s windows? If this is the case, try installing expansive windows in various sections of the house to let in more natural light and make the space look larger than it is. Not to mention that new windows may boost the value of your house, provide a sense of increased home security, and improve energy efficiency.

Renovate Your Bathroom

Upgrading your bathroom is one of the most valuable home renovation projects for every homeowner. Consider the shower while making changes to your bathroom. Many people choose extensive, freestanding showers with zero-clearance entrance and linear drainage. Self-closing toilet lids, leak detection devices, and bidets were among the other rising trends.

Make Statement with Statement walls

Do you want to give an old space a fresh look? Make a statement with a statement wall!  Statement walls are becoming an increasingly fashionable home renovation trend, whether it’s some wallpaper you’ve had your eye on or a rich, bright hue. Rich, saturated hues, including jewel tones such as ruby & sapphire to rustic tones like cypress or saffron, are expected to remain trendy in the upcoming year.  Designers or homeowners will not avoid interiors richly swathed in color.

Home Offices

Having a place designated as a home office is a significant plus since many Americans who are already working from home would prefer to continue doing so even after the epidemic is over. A separate home workplace, be it a spare bedroom or a portion of a basement apartment, enables those who work from home to concentrate and differentiate work and family life.

Kitchen Management Ideas

If renovating your kitchen is at the head of your new year’s home renovation to-do list, but you may not have a lot of money, consider increasing your storage choices. Pull-out drawers, banquettes that serve as sitting and storage, and wall built-ins are all options. Purchasing containers to keep goods in your pantry and cupboards may also aid with organizing.

Closed Floor Plans

Take notice if you’re planning to construct, purchase, or renovate a large home in 2022: With so many people working and attending school from home, many families discover that open floor designs are not for them. Many homebuilders have indicated in recent months that customers are having second thoughts about open floor designs. People feel the need for more great isolation, so we’ll see other doors, especially for home offices, additional insulation for noise issues, and different rooms to keep youngsters busy while parents are working.

Make Your Home Clean & Comfortable

Nobody wants a crowded or confined environment. In 2022, make a commitment to keeping your house pleasant, tidy, and clutter-free. This home renovation project is a low-cost method to make your area seem more spacious while also allowing you to decorate with simple decor.

Renovate Your Home’s Exterior

Renovations to your home’s exterior are reasonable expenditures of both money and labour, whether you plan to sell soon or stay for a long time. You will recoup seventy-four to seventy-seven per cent of your siding replacement costs and sixty-eight per cent of your door repair costs. Replacement of the roof, garage door, and windows are also good options.

Make a Zoom Room

Consider adding a Zoom room if you will be performing consistent video conferencing from your home. Whether for business or education, this area may be a separate room or corner of your house with an aesthetically attractive background for those video chats. The practice of specialized video rooms is expected to continue after the epidemic.

Matte And Brushed Finishes

An update to your finishes and fixtures is a low-cost home renovation job well worth your effort. Matte & brushed finishes are currently extremely common in the kitchenette. Many homeowners consider hands-free features to be essential.

Two Color Cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinetry is another low-cost home renovation trend. If you start this renovation in 2022, don’t feel obligated to maintain your cabinets all the same color. Two-tone cabinets have grown in popularity in the previous year, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming year. For instance, painting your cabinet doors white and your bottom cabinets a vibrant colour, such as a deep blue or green.

Use A Lot of Colors

Speaking of color now is an excellent time to repaint the rooms where you spend the most time. Warmer tones and those that add a pleasant sense to the home are the colors that will be popular in 2022. Shades like soft pinks, calming greens, light blues, and vivid cobalt are trendy right now.

Materials with Low Maintenance

Families with children or pets seek easy-to-clean materials to prevent germs from spreading within the home. Consider non-porous materials such as quartz, metal, and glass, which are all easy to clean. Washable carpets can stand up to everyday use and are an excellent choice for people who have pets or small children who conduct distance learning at home.

Laundry Rooms with a Positive Attitude

Hopefully, 2022 will be the year you make your laundry room a more pleasant location to spend quality time. After all, if you’re going to do the laundry, you may as well make it as pleasurable as practicable. Laundry rooms in 2022 will be painted in exciting, vibrant colors and designs that will give a lot of flair to typically drab sections of the home.

Design for Sustainability

In 2022, expect to see residences with eco-friendly designs. When it comes to home renovation, builders and homeowners seek sustainable solutions, such as smart homes, living walls, roofs, bamboo flooring, and even tiny homes. As individuals grow more environmentally conscious, housebuilders worldwide are using diverse ecologically friendly methods to produce attractive, living homes that are not harmful to the environment. Designers are also attempting to develop parts of the home that are both functional and appealing while also being environmentally friendly.

Radiant Floor Heating

On a chilly winter morning, no one likes to tread onto a cold floor. Whenever it comes to home convenience, radiant floor heating delivers, and homeowners are paying attention. Radiant flooring is one of the most important bathroom trends to watch.

Workout Rooms

With more people staying at home due to the epidemic, it’s no wonder that home gyms are growing increasingly popular and show no signs of slowing down in the next year. During the coronavirus shutdown, sales of workout equipment increased by one hundred seventy percent. In fact, nine out of ten Americans who exercise frequently say they want to continue working out at home even after the outbreak.

Accents Made of Wood

Home renovation professionals predict that a variety of materials, mainly wood, will be popular in interior design and decoration in 2022. Wood not only adds a comfortable sense to a place, but it is also easy to decorate with, and each piece is unique due to the veins, hues, and flaws. Consider adding a wooden coffee table, dining chairs, or wood-accented furniture.


Begin the new year with just some contemporary and modern home renovation ideas that will beautify your home and create a positive environment for the year ahead. These trends are expected to be prevalent next year, raising your house’s value while also improving the quality of your daily life.

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