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New Year’s Resolutions For A Happier, Healthier Home In 2022

As we have reached 2022 and January is finally here after another challenging year, it’s obvious that we all have some resolutions in our thoughts and some things that we might not want to continue in the year 2022! You’ve most likely set personal New Year’s resolutions such as losing weight, saving money
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or spending more time with family and friends, but what about the place where you’ve been spending the majority of your time? What are your objectives for your home design in 2022?  Have you planned any home renovation projects for January 2022? New Year, new thoughts, new ambitions – why not have a completely renovated home that reflects your tastes and the most recent trends?

Every home could benefit from a renovation, and there’s no better opportunity than now to do it, whether you choose to modify the design of your living room,replace a malfunctioning appliance, or thoroughly clean up your garage.

In the excitement of fresh starts, we’ve compiled a list of home resolutions that will make your home more attractive, efficient, clean, & eco-friendly in 2022!

So, Here Are Some Home Resolutions For The New Year

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

So what about attempting to better the planet while also benefiting yourself? Opting for green home design might be an excellent strategy to make this year genuinely distinctive. You might begin with solar panels or a hybrid automobile, but these aren’t just one thing that can help. It would be best if you got yourself familiar with how to effectively recycle, make sure to turn off lights when not being used and switch off the water tap while brushing your teeth.

In this manner, you’ll not only help the environment, but you’ll also save a lot of money on your bills. Sealing or insulating your ducting might help you save energy. It can enhance the effectiveness of your heating & cooling system by about twenty percent. It will improve the comfort of your home while also extending the life of your furnace, heat pump, and air conditioner.

Make Your Kitchen Healthy & Family-Friendly

The kitchen is just where families come together in the middle of the daily stresses. While we are all busy with our work & studies throughout the day, the kitchen brings everyone together. Therefore, why not make your kitchen as healthful & family-friendly as possible? Maintain a clean and organized kitchen and a supply of healthful and nutritional ingredients. Search for some healthy dishes in cookbooks or on the internet. Verify the expiration labels on anything in your pantry that has outlived its usefulness. Try to design & build a kitchen where you can communicate with your family members and guests and prepare delicious meals.

A complete kitchen renovation can help you make your cooking space functional, comfortable, and stunning. You might also design a separate area in the kitchen for your kids to let them entertain while working in the kitchen. In 2022, you should make your cooking space multi-functional as well as attractive.

Prepare Your Home for Entertaining

Every year, many of us make a resolution to spend additional time with our families, loved ones, and friends. Why not provide the spaces you gather in some renovations to make you would really like to welcome guests in? You don’t have to go all out and spend on a complete home renovation. A little rearrangement and updating are all that is required to give your home a new look. Plants are an easy on the pocket way to create your home look more “finished.” They bring fresh energy and help clean the air, plus they’re an affordable way to decorate. A handful of bold displays, such as giant flowered penstemons or potted palm in a colorful ceramic planter that fits your current color scheme, would suffice.

Using a new accent color from your existing décor may make the entire area appear new. To refresh your style, choose an underutilized hue in the space and incorporate more of it in the shape of a new cushion or throw. A brightly colored rug or runner may also serve to anchor your room. Finally, make an effort to rearrange your furniture to orient it in discussion groups rather than simply facing the television. That might mean more opportunities for genuine conversation and connection in 2022.

Bring in Some Natural Light In Your Home

When exposed to direct sunlight, individuals tend to be more efficient and healthier. Bring quite enough natural light as possible into your home. Sunlight offers you access to vitamin D, a mineral linked to battling sickness, cardiovascular disease, and anxiety, and promoting weight reduction. If you are planning a home renovation project in 2022, it’s an essential home resolution that you should really think about. With artificial lights, you should get more ideas from home renovation contractors to bring natural light inside your home.

Incorporate reflective things such as mirrors and other shining elements such as cabinet hardware, glass tiles, or shiny ceramic tiles in the kitchen or bathroom to maximize the quantity of natural light in your home. Add a skylight to freshen up your home and get a more significant dose of sunshine.

Get Rid of Clutter

Things that clutter your home ultimately end up cluttering your life and, eventually, your thinking. It also doesn’t help that once you get into the habit of amassing unneeded items, it creates a vicious spiral that is difficult to quit. However you can conquer it if you’ve the guts and confidence to do so!

Get forward of the situation by establishing what you require. Toss away, give, or sell the goods you don’t want. It’s entirely up to you! Then devise an organizing structure that works for you! Search the Internet for innovative organizing hacks that might serve as inspiration. Ensure to stock up on containers, and no matter which else that will make your life simpler.

Create a Home Office

Remote working is rapidly becoming the custom for a lot of businesses. In specific areas, the home working trend is an entirely innovative method of functioning! Work from home can be challenging for several reasons. During a team meeting, you can have distractions, noisy family, or even pets demanding snuggles. But one thing that can be a motivation killer has a boring environment to work in.

While an environment can’t be too stimulating or distracting, it also can’t be super boring! Do you have a spare room? So, how about turning it into a well-designed home office? We look to continue working from home this year, so why not make the environment more conducive to doing business? You don’t even have to turn the entire space into an office. You may set off a section of one for work by furnishing it with a comfy chair as well as a desk. So, spruce up your home office for your home working endeavors with a complete home office renovation if you already have or design the new one if you don’t have one. A few interior renovations can make your existing home office more comfortable, functional, and pleasing!

Remodel the Basement

Basements are frequently seen as gloomy and desolate spaces. but they don’t have to be that way. They have so much immense potential, and with some effort and planning, they can be converted into one-of-a-kind relaxation zones. Hiring professionals for significant projects like basement renovation is necessary. On the other hand, decorating is something you’ll be able to handle entirely on your own. Fill the room with cushions, carpets, or whatever else you think is essential! You’d be shocked at what simply a smidgeon of color can achieve!

You could already have goods in the basement that you’d like to keep, but they’re best kept out of the way while the renovation continues. It is where short-term storage lockers come into play. One of the reasons individuals pick this option is that they are undergoing renovations and require their belongings to be protected from the work taking place on the premises. When the work is completed, the necessity for temporary storage is eliminated, and everything removed may be returned to the newly renovated basement.


The beginning of a new year provides a new start and a chance to bring in optimistic change. Are you ready to start improving your environment and making your home a happier place this year? Then get down to business! Choose a few chores to complete initially, and then work your way throughout the complete list all through the year. Of course, if this list appears to be a bit too daunting, don’t fret; instead, focus on home renovation projects that you can manage yourself, and there’s nothing wrong with delegating some of these duties to home renovation pros.

We have vetted contractors at Homednb to assist you in giving your home the desired aesthetic. Whether you desire a comprehensive home renovation or only the renovations shared above, you can share your ideas with our trusted and reliable home renovation professionals! We offer several unique ideas for making your living space more comfortable, functional, and visually appealing!