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Home Renovation or Home Building – What’s Better in 2023?

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Manmohan Kumar

21 October, 2022

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Despite variables that generally push down home prices, such as rising mortgage rates and an increase in housing availability, the price of homes and renovations has continued to rise. A home renovation will still increase the curb appeal and value of your home.

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Revitalize or build your dream home!

The statistics still demonstrate how robust and pricey the home building and renovation industry is.

The most advantageous option for your project depends on your goals and the home building or property. We’ll outline the broad guidelines in this post to assist you in deciding when it could be ideal to build new vs. when it would be great to refurbish.

Here we have stated all the important factors that decide whether the new build or renovation will trend

Home Builders Are Having Trouble Catching Up

There is a restricted supply of new dwellings due to old and new issues. Home Builders haven’t been constructing homes at the rate necessary to meet demand over the past ten years has likely led to a shortage of at least a million dwellings. Costs have increased after the epidemic as well. It attributes the “five Ls,” or market restrictions, to the following:

Construction employees are difficult to come by, especially in competitive areas like Texas.


The market requires a two- to the three-year supply of lots, but only around a year’s worth is available.


The market for home builders to obtain the funds required to construct is more competitively restrictive.

Building supplies

In January 2020, the cost of lumber was around $350 per thousand board feet. Now, that is around $1,300. In addition to lumber, there are limitations and delays with items like microwaves and garage doors.

Laws and regulations

Things like zoning may place a restriction on the number of houses that may be built on a particular piece of land.

New home building is even more crucial for buyers attempting to find a house because of the tight housing market. New houses used to make up fewer than one in ten sales, but they now make up around one in three. Due to supply chain challenges, it now takes around eight months to construct a new home, as opposed to the customary six and a half months.

Building homes has become much more difficult when all of those factors are considered.

Expenditures For Home Renovation May Fall In 2023

The most current estimates predict that owner-occupied housing stock expenditures will increase through 2023 and into the beginning of the following year, although at a slower rate.

Residential repair and renovation expenditure is expected to grow year over year at a rate that peaks at 19.7% in the third quarter of this year before falling to 15.1% in the first quarter of 2023.

This year and next, significant rises in home price growth and the resultant levels of tappable home equity will drive renovation activity. Numerous other market measures, such as permits for renovations, existing house sales, and retail sales of construction supplies, still show strong, if declining, growth.

By the first quarter of 2023, the amount spent annually on house maintenance and repairs is expected to reach around $450 billion. However, the rising costs of project finance, home building supplies, and labor, together with mounting worries about a general downturn or recession, might further impede the expansion of home renovation.

Year-over-year expenditure growth remained constant at 1-3% from 2019-Q4 to 2020-Q4, then gradually increased to 11.5% in 2022-Q1. Growth is anticipated to rise more quickly, peaking at 19.7% through 2022-Q3 before dropping to 15.1% in 2023-Q1. Through 2022-Q1, yearly budget levels are anticipated to rise from $391 billion to $449 billion.

Which Is the Most Cost-Effective?

The cost of a home-building project is among the most crucial factors. Everyone aspires to manage their finances as well as possible. Sometimes, deciding between renovation and new construction depends on which option is more economical.

Costs for Home Building

It could make reasonable that the cost of buying fresh land and starting from scratch would be higher. You will be in charge of all site preparation, utility setup, and building the building itself from the core to the outside finishes in return for a blank slate.

Building from scratch will cost more since it often involves a more intricate scope of work, more labor hours, and more materials.

Costs For Home Renovation

When repurposing an existing area, the cost of changing the structure to match your needs must be paid. You are also responsible for updating the building to comply with ADA, health, and safety laws. Depending on how comprehensive the renovations are, some of the previous building’s elements may be retained. These components aid in keeping renovation costs lower than many new constructions.

This won’t always be the case, though. In general, the renovation cost increases with the structure’s age. Renovations also allow room for the unforeseen, so your home renovation contractors cannot be completely certain of the circumstances or surprises they will encounter once work begins. As a result, your project may cost more money and take longer to complete. This might be the case if toxic building materials that need to be mitigated, such as asbestos or lead paint, were utilized in the initial construction.

As a general rule, renovations are less costly than new construction. Assuming the renovation cost will decline in 2023, you must consider renovating your existing home.

Which Project Has a Shorter Duration?

The project’s duration will be determined by its size, whether it involves renovating an existing structure, and whether or not business as usual for your firm must continue throughout construction.

A New Home Building Project’s Duration

New construction projects usually take longer to finish than remodeling projects because of the tremendous amount of labor required. You are in control of setting up the building’s foundation and placement when starting from scratch. Laying down all of the utility equipment is necessary. The entire building must be built from the ground up and completed.

Duration of Home Renovation

Renovations can frequently be more expedient than new construction. Your construction crew will have a lot less work to do because you’re not beginning from scratch and since many of the required building components are already in place and can be integrated into the restored structure.

Most of the time, remodeling an existing structure will be quicker than creating a new one. Thus, once again, renovations stand as the winner.

Which Option Tends to Leave a Design That Is More Attractive and Functional?

A building’s aesthetics convey a solid message for individuals who live in or visit it. Embossed surfaces may convey a cozy sense. Sleek, modern minimalism can convey effectiveness. Your facility’s design is essential as well. You should be pleased with the final outcome when investing in a building project in terms of how it appears and performs.

Creating A New Structure

Building from scratch gives you the most control over the final product’s appearance and functionality. With new construction, you may customize every aspect of the project to meet your demands, including size, layout, energy efficiency, and parking.

A Renovated Building’s Redesign

When remodeling, the restrictions of the existing structure place a little more restrictions on you. Although you may move walls, add to the building, and modify it to meet your needs, you won’t be creating the building from scratch to realize your idea.

What Can Homeowners Do in This Market?

Many purchasers believe that the market is now in a bubble, and they could be tempted to wait for it to explode so that an economic catastrophe will make homes suddenly cheaper. Experts advise against harboring such hopes.

Waiting for a crash is not being patient. You must have some patience and strategy. You might also take other choices into account. If you haven’t already, one is to look at the new building. Although there is a lengthier waiting period than normal, it could be simpler than vying for limited existing properties with a throng of other interested parties. Additionally, there are alternatives to the typical single-family home, such as townhouses.

For patient purchasers, any delay brought on by increased mortgage rates will ease the market a little. The price of home renovations might decrease at the end of the summer since fewer purchasers will be pulling them off the market.

Bottom Line

Construction from scratch is the best option. Overall, creating anything from scratch provides you greater control over the project since you can simply customize it to meet your precise demands and objectives. However, remodeling a somewhat new structure could be quicker and less expensive than new construction.

In contrast to the unrestricted alternatives new construction affords you, you will be somewhat constrained by the existing structure if you renovate a facility. However, remodeling will probably be the less expensive choice if all you want to do is update your current area.

Making the decision to remodel an existing building or start new construction is difficult but essential. It will impact budget and time and guide almost all other decisions you make throughout the construction project.

We at Homednb have assisted several clients in making this choice. We’d be happy to discuss your project to assist you in choosing the best course of action.