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Home Renovation Ideas to Prepare Your Home for Festive Season

Autumn offers festive vibes, and if you’re already anticipating the holiday season, chances are you’ve begun preparing your home for the festivities. And we’re all set to indulge, decorate, dine, and spend. So, let’s do it – adorn our homes and usher in the festive season with a bang. It’s time to start thinking forward and researching creative home renovation ideas to add seasonal brightness to your space.

Home Renovation Ideas

With the festive season quickly approaching, there are several things you should do to prepare. If you want to host gatherings over the festive season, you will want your home to seem lovely and festive.  If you are expecting relatives to stay with you over the festive season, you should be prepared.

You don’t have to be concerned if you don’t have enough money for complete home renovation. You can always utilize your imagination and unique taste to make your home appear its best throughout the festive season.

Consider the home renovation ideas options listed below to make your home prepared for the festive season. These ideas will assist you in achieving the required festiveness in your home.

Statement Floor

When contemplating home renovation to get your home ready for the festive season, one fast option to significantly impact your living room is to create a statement floor. A statement floor is essentially a characterful surface that injects a lot of personality into a space and pulls the eye, distracting from the rest of the room, allowing items like furniture and accessories to stay the same. Patterned tiles are making a big comeback and are perfect for making a statement floor. The pattern trend has spread to ornate encaustic-style motifs, allowing you to create a tremendous antique scheme.

Create a Feature Wall

With a feature wall, homeowners can easily add a strong new appearance to a dining room. This is where one of the four walls is completely covered in a remarkable or fascinating pattern from top to bottom. The new statement wall will fascinate your visitors as they enter the dining area, eager for their turkey and Christmas pudding! Patterned tiles are currently and will be for the foreseeable future, are a terrific alternative when looking for feature wall ideas for your holiday home renovation project. Furthermore, textured tiles, including split face tiles, have a room-stealing, eye-catching appeal that will undoubtedly be a talking topic at your Christmas feast and future dinner parties!

Renovate Your Bathroom

After a long day of shopping or slaving away at the stove, we prefer to rest and unwind in the bathroom! Whether we’re soaking in the tub or standing under a hot shower, the bathroom serves as a relaxing haven where we can escape from the chaos of the holidays. When it comes to bathroom renovation for the festive season, a pleasant, calming natural plan is a fantastic choice. By incorporating wood and stone surfaces into the bathroom, you are bringing yourself closer to nature, which aids in relaxation and unwinding. That’s just what you & your visitors require, whether soaking in the tub or standing in front of the shower.

Make a Set Out of Odd Seats

It’s that time of year when you need additional chairs at each feast table. You’ll most likely have to get out your collection of mismatched chairs. Before celebration day comes, give abandoned chairs with plain backs a cohesive look with a new coat and ornamental decals in dressed-up furniture patterns. The decals are easy to put on & easy to eliminate when the appearance fades off. Before actually reproducing the pattern, keep in mind the surface is smooth and shiny.

Remodel Your Kitchen

Don’t overlook the kitchen when considering a home renovation to prepare your space for the festive season. The cooking space is vital in every home, and it should be attractive. Replacing an old tile or stone backsplash before the kitchen becomes too crowded with holiday dinner prep might cost more. Choose wallpaper coated with one-fourth inch tempered glass for a less expensive and easier-to-update and clean option. Evaluate the backsplash space and create a plywood template, indicating the wiring holes. Take the design to a glass fabricator to be cut to size & the boundaries polished. Subsequently, papering the wall, screwing down the outlet protection plates to secure the glass. Then, around the bottom and top edges and at the seams, apply a bead of clear silicone sealant. A new backsplash is simply a wallpaper swap away the next time you redecorate your kitchen.

Make a Window-Arch Console Table for a Warm Welcome

With a console table that is one-of-a-kind, you can provide extra space for guests to place their beverages. Search for sturdy, curved wood window edges or garden decorations; if the arches are not thick enough to hold your tabletop, screw two together. After you’ve built a solid foundation, make the top by topping a 2x board with ornate molding with a beveled profile. Apply construction glue to the tops of the arches, shim it level around the peak of each turn & secure with deck screws. If your foundation is made of stone, you’ll need masonry anchors & screws. Top the board with a bluestone step, cut to your chosen measurements. Then, to round off the dramatic display, place a handful of your best items on the console’s top.

Try a Different Color Scheme

Our festive season home renovation ideas also include entirely changing the look and feel of your home with a brand new color scheme. Red, yellow, and orange hues always offer a sense of brightness and warmth. It is ideal to use colors that compliment your personality while making your home look cheery and friendly.

Paint Old Chairs to Make Them Seem New Again

Even a simple supper can be transformed into a spectacular occasion by sprucing up the legs of your dining chairs with a splash of color. Begin by sanding the legs with medium-grit sandpaper to make them as smooth as possible. Remove any dirt with a staple fabric before applying a coat of liquid primer with a tiny brush. After that, apply two coats of latex paint in the desired color, allowing each coat to dry completely between applications. If the legs have intricate woodwork, paint with a side-to-side motion to avoid drips.

Replace Your Furniture

Home renovation is the opportunity for you to replace your old furniture to make your home more appealing. With a furniture makeover, you may completely change the narrative of your home. Replace aging pieces with modern or eclectic showstoppers with bright and cheery upholstery. Change the furniture arrangements in the rooms to create a whole different aesthetic. Perhaps a wingback chair would bring a lot of charm to the space. You may also acquire new furniture to create a pleasant working or study place for yourself and your family members. Add new soft furnishings such as couch coverings and a carpet, or go all out and get new drapes for the entire home.

Renovate Your Basement

A completed or refurbished basement can be used to provide additional sleeping space for out-of-town relatives and friends visiting for the festive season. It’s a great location to hide from the winter chill. However, especially if you expand the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, this upgrade may significantly boost the value of your home. The greatest time to complete this often-overlooked room is during the winter. Updates can range from huge work like laying waterproof flooring on concrete to lesser ones like painting the walls a light color, depending on the age or specifications of your basement.

Make the Minor Details Count

You don’t have to totally refurbish your home to give it that WOW factor. Even with small home renovations such as offering your rooms, a new coat of paint, a new Manchester, hanging up some family photographs, and scattering some nice-smelling candles throughout the area will please your guests.


The festive season is quickly coming, and the holiday mood has already set in for most homeowners. One of the finest ways to make the time you spend together worthwhile is to give your friends and family a distinct sense of your home when they come to visit. You may feel confident that your home renovation project will not go wrong if you use the above-discussed ideas to prepare your home for the festive season. These home renovation ideas are certain to make your home the talk of the town during the festive season.

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