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The Ultimate Laundry Room Remodeling Guide

When deciding to remodel our laundry room, you need to plan your entire space carefully but make sure it is cost-effective, functional, attractive, and enjoyable to use. With basic room design planning, you can consider everything, including the safety, green building, workflow, and organizational planning that will leave this unique space operational with the least effort. You can follow these steps when enhancing your laundry room during home renovation –
Laundry Room Remodeling

Find a place for a laundry room

Have you decided where you want to place your laundry room in your home? These rooms can work great to provide a dedicated space to meet the needed requirements of laundry. In most cases, the homeowners install their laundry rooms in the space during the renovation process to make it easier for the homeowners to use the space as needed.

Homes with basements again provide a great opportunity to create an area for laundry rooms. The basement presents a great benefit for carrying all the noisy laundry procedures out of the living areas.

During a flood, water affects the basements the most, and on the other hand, when you pace the laundry room upstairs in the living areas it makes it convenient to do washing and drying clothes.

Plan the layout for laundry rooms

Once you have decided on the place, you will need to consider the laundry room layout and the footprint within that space to keep the corridor style and use the space better. A gallery or corridor-style laundry room is a long yet narrow room that includes all the machines and cabinets on the side. Whereas, in the larger spaces, an L-shaped room layout works great to provide you with the needed countertop space that you can use ideally for folding clothes.

Design the laundry room

Home interiors often need a style treatment, while the homeowners ignore their laundry room and don’t prefer to spend much on repairing or renovation needs. You need to break from the norm to design your laundry room that matches your home’s style or create a new treatment altogether to make your space stand out. If possible, find the paint colors for your laundry room to catch the attention while inspiring or remain calm throughout the process. 

Keep the budget aside for remodeling a laundry room

You can decide in advance how much you can spend on your laundry room when carrying on home renovation, you can even add the low-cost laundry rooms centered around cabinets, counters, and economical flooring. A mid-range can provide you with a complete complement of cabinets or countertops and better-quality flooring that blends well with the space. A high-cost remodel can include various items that work great to enhance the space –

  • the layout that works well,
  • premium cabinets,
  • countertops, and
  • loads of extras.

Be eco-conscious – make your laundry room green

Laundry rooms are the power consumers, and these can lighten up the energy draw by exploring some of the ways to save energy efficiently. Once the laundry room is operational, you can then work on the ways to save water by correctly gauging load sizes and cycles. Inexpensive, installing products that include indoor clotheslines and drying racks can work efficiently to reduce reliance on the dryers.

Build laundry room storage

A smart system of cabinets is needed for a well-organized laundry room, and the floor-mounted base cabinets, along with the wall cabinets, work great to store a majority of the laundry room’s items. Make sure to not neglect any of the easy storage solutions, such as the open shelves that work great to enhance the space better.

Choose the right flooring

Laundry rooms are rife with moistures – there is water everywhere around from the washer basins, outlet hose, moisturization, and humid air that keep the space wet all day. You can safeguard those water intrusions again by choosing the right type of flooring that resists the moisture and retains dimension when it gets soaked. The sheet vinyl and the ceramic and porcelain tile or the concrete floors work well in the laundry rooms that also protect the flooding again if you install a floor drain appropriately.

Choose laundry room countertops

You need to strike the perfect balance between the function, style, and price by choosing the right countertops installed on the base cabinets. High-end quartz or stone countertops are smoother and deliver excellent resale value, but those are quite expensive. Further, the laminate or the solid surface counters are less expensive, equally reliable, and are ideal for folding clothes.

Install a laundry room sink

laundry room sink, or a utility sink, is an option that allows you to clean the dirty clothing along with pre-soak clothing that is also a bonus that many homeowners actually prefer. However, it can be used for cleaning various dirty items that shouldn’t be cleaned in the other sinks of your home – such as muddy boots, car parts, or paint brushes.