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Home Renovation Consultants in Newark, NJ

As efficient Newark home builders, we are the experts who can assist you with your upcoming project of an entire property makeover whether it’s basement renovation, bathroom makeover or kitchen remodel Newark. We will begin with your remodel while considering our thorough designs while taking care of our skilled craftsmen’s requirements to bring your kitchen vision to life. Whether you only need a few updates or an entire makeover, we will make sure the designs we craft meets your needs and fits your budget perfectly.perfectly.

We can handle the entire bathroom makeover, living room renovation, basement redesign, new home design and kitchen remodel Newark while handling the entire project with ease. At homednb, we believe that a successful renovation depends on intelligent design and skilled installation, the same as it does on quality. The remodeling process begins with a good design, and if you need help with a new look for your space and looking for new home builders Newark, our custom home designers are here to help.

Our interior designers in Newark, NJ, can make things easier for you!

Basement Redesign Newark
Basement Remodeling

Before remodeling a basement, you need to think about the future use of that room with a flexible space that allows you to change it into whatever you need it to be for your home space.

Living Room Design Newark
Living room remodeling

The living room is among the most cost-effective spaces in the entire home for renovation, and our professionals make sure to provide you with a great centerpiece while updating it in the way you want.

Kitchen Remodeling Newark
Kitchen Remodeling

Our kitchen remodel Newark designer will provide you with inspiration for your space makeover, and no matter the layout you have, these ideas will help you remodel your entire space perfectly.

Bathroom Design Newark
Bathroom Remodeling

Does your bathroom remodeling need a complete makeover? Our designers can inspire you with ideas to update your outdated spaces that strike the perfect balance between beauty and function.

What Our Clients Say

“homednb made my home renovation so easy! I simply submitted a project and had three verified bids in hand! I chose my favorite contractor and they handled the rest! I would never use anyone else again.”


“homednb, is by far the #1 platform for me and my family to have peace of mind! We placed a project, received 3 bids within hours, and selected the best candidate. What a win-win and a much sought-after company, in our community I will definitely recommend them to other’s. Outstanding job!”


“I really enjoyed working with the team at HomeNovator, they are a great group of professionals that really know how to make the process of working with a contractor easy!”


Design your dream space efficiently with Newark Home Builders!

From an entire home makeover to a basement upgrade, homednb does it all to provide you a priority with the motive to satisfy you from the beginning of the project planning to the end of the home remodeling. Still, if you are feeling unsure of where to start, you can schedule an appointment with homednb, one of the best new home builders Newark on your upcoming project. Our professionals will take the design from a paper plan to reality to leave you satisfied with the entire remodeling project.

High-Skilled Workers

Our skilled craftsmen will work efficiently to bring the visualization you have for your kitchen to life while taking into account your requirements for the space makeover.

Thousand Successful Project

No matter your needs, and expectations from the remodeling project, we can handle the entire project with ease while taking care of everything from concepts to completion.

Affordable Price

Once we are on the same page, our designer will present you with affordable service ideas while letting you know how you can get the most out of your entire home space.