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Home Remodeling Tips To Prepare Your Living Space for Summer in Baltimore

Baltimore is one of the hottest cities in the U.S., with summer temperatures easily reaching the 90s and higher on most days. With summer weather in Baltimore just around the corner, many homeowners will be thinking about ways to get their homes ready for the hot. And also humid temperatures that are expected to come with it.

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So, whether you’re planning on staying in your home during the summer or going on vacation, it’s essential to ensure that your home stays livable in the summer heat. And for that you should consider a home remodeling Baltimore project. Prepping your home for summer weather in Baltimore is an exhausting and time-consuming endeavor, but it’s not impossible.

Summer in Baltimore brings hot temperatures and plenty of humidity, which means its prime time to update your home. So you can enjoy the warm weather in comfort and style. Luckily, even if you aren’t a total DIY pro, there are plenty of home remodeling tips. You can take advantage of to spruce up your house before summer kicks into high gear! With the right home remodeling tips, you can easily avoid making costly mistakes with your renovations. Also you can make your home comfortable and enjoyable to live in during summer and beyond.

If you’re looking to make your home more summer-ready, here are some tips shared by our home remodeling Baltimore professionals. These tips help you prepare your home for summer weather!

Hire an Interior Designer

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or just not skilled at interior design, hiring an interior designer has most likely crossed your mind. Many home renovation consultants Baltimore offer free home consultations, so you can able to get great advice from them. Another thing they can do is help determine your design aesthetic so that you can buy furniture and other items with your budget and style in mind.

This will help prevent overspending on things that don’t quite fit into your new space. While it may seem like a lot of money upfront, it’ll save you money down the road by helping avoid costly mistakes.

Bring Out The Brightest Furniture

Bright colors, like white and red, can make your home feel fresh, bright, and summery. However, there are also more subtle ways to bring a summer vibe into your home. For example, consider adding pops of color through furniture upholstery or artwork. You can also consider choosing light-colored wooden floors so your home will feel lighter and brighter during hot days. The key is using color sparingly. So that you don’t end up with a room that feels overwhelming or empty when fall rolls around. When it comes to home remodeling Baltimore, this is one of the best ways to make your home feel new. Also it prepare for warmer weather without breaking your budget.

Get Your Basement Ready

If you have any areas of your home that are vulnerable to moisture, such as a basement, it’s wise to take steps now. So they don’t become damp and start smelling. If you live in a home that has a basement, and you haven’t finished it yet (for whatever reason), now is probably your last chance to consider basement remodeling. The summer is quickly approaching, and now is a great time to get your basement weatherized and ready for hot days. Unfinished basements is susceptible to moisture and mold as temperatures rise. And if you don’t have something in place by early. May, it might be too late. 

If you live near water or another high humidity area, consider installing dehumidifiers; otherwise, utilize air conditioners. You can also ventilate during hot days to cool air sinks into your basement while warmer air floats out.

Use Lots of Light Colors

Using lighter colors throughout your home can keep it from feeling too stuffy and help keep rooms cool when it’s warm outside. Consider painting walls, furniture, and floors lighter shades of white, cream, yellow, or blue. Even colorful accessories can add some cheerfulness when they’re paired with paler colors. Staying cool doesn’t mean staying hidden: make sure windows are clean and remove unnecessary curtains or blinds that might block airflow. Choose paint with low VOCs—volatile organic compounds that contribute to poor indoor air quality (and create those familiar new-paint smells). It would help if you also avoided oil-based paints; they take longer to dry and contain chemicals that could affect your health over time.

Choose Outdoor Design Features That Help Beat the Heat

Keep cool by adding outdoor rooms and design features that help you beat the heat. It’s hard to imagine being too hot when relaxing on your porch, but that’s sometimes a reality if you live in Baltimore

Even still, there are many ways to keep things cool during those warmer months. Outdoor kitchens are especially great additions because they let you cook (or just hang out) outside. While still enjoying meals with family or friends inside your home. So, consider an outdoor kitchen design Baltimore that will definitely help you beat the heat while cooking. Also, consider pergolas, which provide shade and make beautiful backdrops when entertaining guests or relaxing with loved ones during parties.

Build A Water Feature Into Your Outdoor Space

One of our favorite strategies is introducing an outdoor water feature into your backyard. While it’s still winter, you can pick out what features you want and then order them to be ready when spring weather rolls around. If you know you are going to be entertaining more during the summer months, having an outdoor kitchen or food station outside would be a great idea as well. Guests won’t even have to come inside for dinner! Plus, if you don’t love cleaning your grill (who does?), grilling hot dogs and hamburgers over coals is another easy way to enjoy eating al fresco during warm weather.

Add Plants Where You Can To Cool Down Your Home

If you’re looking to give your home a nice facelift before summer hits, incorporate some plants where you can. It’s easy to forget how much heat can be produced by your home. The average house produces as much heat as a 400-watt light bulb in one day. Consider adding plants to your living space, where they’ll soak up carbon dioxide and release oxygen into your environment. Not only will you breathe easier, but these plants will help absorb some of that extra energy being produced by your home. Or at least provide some beautiful greenery in which to bask. 

Succulents are ideal because they are easy to take care of and they don’t require much sunlight. If you need any help picking out different plants or setting them up in your home, you can consult with experienced home renovation contractors Baltimore. They will ensure that your home is set up just right for summer.

Update Your Windows Treatment

A lot of heat can escape through your windows. So update your window treatments when planning home remodeling Baltimore projects if you’re trying to save money and stay cool during the summer months. Sheers or shades that come down over your windows can help cut down on warm air escaping and help keep away the hot glare from direct sunlight. Curtains should clean and able to let in light and air; if they don’t do both, it’s time to replace them! If you have solid doors leading out onto your porch or patio, make sure they are well-insulated. Weather stripping around exterior doors is another important detail that helps prevent heat loss. Installing ceiling fans throughout your home will create a breeze without forcing your air conditioning system to work overtime.

Refresh Outdoor Spaces

Spring is a time to refresh your outdoor spaces. Whether you have a patio, porch, or deck, it’s a good idea to take advantage of mild temperatures and sunshine by bringing out some cushions, changing out tableware, or laying down some rugs. By taking care of summertime essentials now, you can able to spend more time outdoors in warmer months. Without worrying about cleaning up clutter or putting away sheets and blankets. Now is also a great time to buy outdoor furniture if you need it—this way, when spring really does roll around (in theory), everything will be ready to go.


The thought of summer brings the urge to spruce up your home and make it ready for friends and family to come over. Spring has arrived, and that means it’s time to get your home ready to host outdoor parties! Don’t worry, though; you don’t have to pay someone thousands of dollars to do it. With these home remodeling tips, homeowners can turn their living space into the haven. They’ve always wanted while preparing it for entertaining!

If you are also looking to make updates and upgrades to your homes that will better accommodate your active summer lifestyles, start by looking at the above tips shared by our home remodeling Baltimore professionals. These are the things you can do right now to get your home ready for summer! If you need any professional help to give your home the desired makeover this summer, you can contact Homednb! Our trusted contractors can help you prepare your home for the coming summer with quick and easy home upgrades!