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Your home reflects your personality, lifestyle, and flair. So, it’s essential to make your home comfortable, functional, appealing, and according to your desires. If you are unsatisfied with the existing appearance of your residence and want to renovate it, put an end to your concerns about home improvement in San Jose. Let Homednb connect you with qualified home remodeling San Jose, California specialists who will renovate any aspect of your house! We have a licensed and insured team of vetted home, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling San Jose contractors, so you can rely on us for all of your home remodeling needs.  

At Homednb, we understand the demands of homeowners who want more space for their growing family or who want to change things up but don’t want to buy a new house. So, we are here to make the home remodeling process hassle-free for the homeowners with reliable and trusted home, kitchen, and bathroom kitchen remodel San Jose professionals. Whether you’re building a new addition, renovating an existing room, or remodeling your entire house, Homednb is your one-stop platform for home design, build and remodel services in San Jose Cost!

We Design & Build Spaces That Make Your Eyes Sparkle!

Basement Remodeling
Basement Remodeling

Whether your basement is unfinished or has been finished but no longer fulfils your family’s needs, our home remodel San Jose pros can help. Let them turn it into a space that will complement your house's overall décor.

Living Room Remodeling
Living Room Remodeling

Transform your house into the perfect home with a well-designed living room! Our home, kitchen, and bath design San Jose pros can make this space more comfortable and appealing with creative ideas!

Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling

Let our kitchen designer San Jose work with you to create the right space for you! They will help you choose the right cabinets, countertops, lighting, and more to make your space look stunning!

Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling

Feeling that your bathroom is outdated and needs a makeover? Our bathroom remodeling San Jose pros will create designs that will complement your way of living style and make your space more functional!

What Our Clients Say

“homednb made my home renovation so easy! I simply submitted a project and had three verified bids in hand! I chose my favorite contractor and they handled the rest! I would never use anyone else again.”


“homednb, is by far the #1 platform for me and my family to have peace of mind! We placed a project, received 3 bids within hours, and selected the best candidate. What a win-win and a much sought-after company, in our community I will definitely recommend them to other’s. Outstanding job!”


“I really enjoyed working with the team at HomeNovator, they are a great group of professionals that really know how to make the process of working with a contractor easy!”


Bring Your Dream Space To Life with Home, Bathroom & Kitchen Design San Jose Professionals!

Whether you want to redesign a single area, such as a bathroom or kitchen, or build a new home from scratch, our reliable home, bathroom, and kitchen design San Jose experts can help. When you choose our home remodeling San Jose contractors for your renovation needs, they will first listen to your wants, needs, and aspirations before creating a design that matches your lifestyle. Transforming your house might be a single project or a series of tasks spread out over a reasonable time frame. When our pros finish the job, we want you to walk through the door and feel you’re in the perfect home.

High-Skilled Workers

Whatever your requirements about your dream home are, share them with our highly-skilled professionals and let them bring those visions to reality with unique and creative design ideas!

Thousand Successful Project

With many years of experience, our licensed, insured and bonded home remodeling San Jose contractors will make sure your living space is beautiful and functional as per your desires!

Affordable Price

Our professionals are dedicated to superior customer satisfaction, and they will do everything to complete your home, kitchen, and bath design San Jose project in a timely manner at a fair price!