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How To Do Home Remodeling in Los Angeles to Protect The Home From Fire?

As various Southern Californians contemplate building their homes, they look for a way to protect them from the wildfires that rip throughout the region. People there undoubtedly look for the material that won’t burn easily. As they want to efficiently protect their home. If you are looking for the protective ways of home remodeling in Los Angeles, then this guide is for you that can help you make your home much safer and reliable for fire safety.

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Site and Landscape

Protecting your home from the fires begins with a thorough planning site layout. And it will also mean you need to look out for the ways you can use to protect your structure from getting impacted. Keep a patio, driveway, or fire-retardant hardscaping at least a minimum of 100 feet. While making sure it separates your home from any wooded area.

Metal fencing around your property, if you keep it as opposed to wood, will not keep the fire at bay. Moreover, it will not even serve as the kindling. Beds that are lined with rocks can add a visual appeal, but you can choose foliage with care. Further, instead of going with the high-moisture plants that grow low to the ground but produce little to no sap are the best. So you need to think about the lavender, aloe, or ice plants. Additionally, the large driveways and the convenient turnarounds will also make it much easier for the firefighters to access your home with very few disruptions.

By creating a barrier between your homes and the fire, you are keeping the flames away from the structures they can burn. And our professionals for home remodel in Los Angeles can help you design a suitable fire-friendly outdoor layout.


If wildfire flames reach your home, you need to keep them outside, providing your structure with a better chance to revive again. Luckily, there are various materials that you can use for a beautiful yet functional home. An exterior made of bricks, tiles, or metal siding will resist the fire without compromising the sense of style. Along with choosing the right materials, paying the required attention to the overall home structure can improve its fire resistance. The underside of the roof’s soffits, balconies, and decks work great to trap flames. While allowing the temperature to skyrocket, and therefore, they need extra reinforcement to ensure structural integrity. With the motive to achieve this, you can consider adding a firewall. Along with the building decks, balconies, rails, or stairwells using fire-resistant materials. 

You need to make sure that even if your home has usual metal wire screens or the back-draft dampers. You can add the fire dampers with the use of fusible links that automatically close down.


When installing roofs, make sure to go with the material that includes concrete and clay tiles, fiberglass, or asphalt shingles, along with the metal roof panels. They are the standard for fire resistance because they are very least flammable. And these materials also do not allow the flame to spread out more than six feet. Make sure the material can withstand a piece of burning material as large as one square foot weighing up to 2,000 grams. Further, they can last between two and four hours before they ignite. Including the 15 cycles of a gas flame that turns off and on.


When it comes to resisting heat and flames, windows are naturally weak. And in fact, the heat radiating through the windows can even cause the combustible materials inside the home to ignite even before the flames reach your indoors. Fire-related glass or tempered glass with double glazing is again a better option as compared to single glazing. But you can go with metal fire doors. The fusible link triggers are built into the roof overhangs that are heat-activated. And these can roll down to cover the windows along with the glass doors.

The fire rating of your glass window panes needs to check regularly. And there are some glasses that will even withstand the hotter temperatures much better than anyone. Some windows are even designed with a special glaze. That works great to endure fire for anywhere ranging from 60-120 minutes without even breaking. But if your windows do not have this glaze, they can be applied later on.


A fireproof home is only as good as the exterior doors, and the solid wood doors work great to provide 20 minutes of fire protection. While a metal core door provides extra protection. For even more protection needed, you can replace your wooden door jamb with a metal one. But the garage doors are another problem area if you are going to use plastic or wooden ones. These will also get burned quickly while allowing the fire to get unlimited access to your home’s interiors.

Fire-resistant Carpeting

Even if the fire impacts your home interiors, you need to make sure that the carpets you are lying are fire-resistant. You may not be aware, but your carpet is a dangerous enabler for the flames. And when you use synthetic carpets at your place, these can burn very easily while increasing the risk of a fire.

It is something as simple as a dropped cigarette that can ignite the fibers. And it is because the carpets usually cover the entire span of the homes. From there, the fire spreads quickly, and it doesn’t matter how fire-resistant your home can be. It can create a disaster if you are not preventing the fires on the interiors.

Choosing fire-resistant carpeting goes a long way for any property. And these carpets come in the same attractive colors, patterns, and textures as the carpets. But without any negative impact of fire.

Material of Carpet

You need to be wise when choosing the material for your carpet. The most common fire-resistant material you can choose is wool, which is again a safer option. An accidental fire arises in an unpredicted manner. And spreads uncontrollably while impacting your home with its severe hazards as house fires impact everyone living in the space. Fires can be started in various ways, but they generally fall in some of the categories. The first is the wildfires, the second is the short circuits in the homes, chemical reactions, and the last is combustible materials. 

Your home is entirely filled with objects and materials that otherwise can be impacted by severe fire breakdowns. Some of those fires, even causes of house fires, are familiar to everyone, but some cause surprises the most. While incorporating the fire-resistant materials along with the design into your home fabrics will vastly enhance the structure’s ability to eliminate the heat and flames from the wildfire. The sprinkler system on the home exterior – including the roofs, patio, decks, and the grounds – can turn themselves on automatically during the fire. Again, when doing home remodeling in Los Angeles, you can think about how it adds value to your home while enhancing its curb appeal.