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10 Tips To Turn Your Patio Into A Living Room in Los Angeles

Outdoor living spaces are more popular than ever and have become the centerpiece of many homes in Los Angeles.

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We all love the great outdoors here in Los Angeles. But with city living, having a backyard can be the difference between feeling like you live in the city or like you live on a farm. Moreover, in Los Angeles, you can’t afford to waste any square footage. You need to think outside the box home remodel tips to maximize your outdoor space. And turn it into a livable room where you can lounge and entertain guests this summer and beyond. If you love to entertain, but can’t fit an extra living room in your house or apartment. Consider turning your patio into a living room that can be used all year round!

A patio or porch can be an ideal place to relax, and with the right home remodel tips, you can turn your patio into an extension of your home’s living room.

If you live in Los Angeles and have outdoor space, it’s not uncommon to want to turn your patio into an actual living room to enjoy the fresh air. And natural light of the outdoors and your cozy indoor living space. It’s not as complicated as you might think, and it’s a fantastic way to increase the value of your home if you’re planning on selling. Fortunately, Los Angeles designers and architects have come up with some pretty great home remodel ideas to turn your patio into the perfect place to entertain or relax on those warm summer nights with friends and family.

So, we’ve compiled ten ways to turn your patio into a living room in Los Angeles that you’ll love:

#1 Tip: Add Comfortable Seating

A centerpiece of any outdoor lounge area is comfy seating. Picking out furniture for an outdoor space isn’t much different than picking out furniture for an indoor area. But there are some factors you should consider. For example, plastic or resin wicker furniture can be used outside. Make sure it has been treated with UV-protectant paint and sealant. If you do opt for wooden furniture, do not use it directly on the ground—it will rot quickly. Instead, purchase deck chairs with low backs. And even footstools to sit comfortably while still maintaining a safe distance from the ground.

#2 Tip: Install Mood Lighting

Another home remodel idea is installing mood lighting- Nothing says party-like mood lighting. Hang colored paper lanterns above your table or along strands of twinkle lights set up around your space. Scented candles offer more than just style. They can create an inviting ambiance that sets a great first impression for any party guest. Plus, it will give you another excuse to light something on fire! Just make sure you’re observing proper safety precautions when building those backyard flames (and don’t forget to get a permit). And if you want something other than candlelight, consider setting up string lights with LED bulbs—they’ll last longer and are easier on our environment.

#3 Tip: Add Lush Greenery

One of the best things about summer is that it’s an excuse to get cozy. Whether you’re using your patio as a second living room. Or want an excuse to take advantage of spring and summer weather, blankets and throws are key. Make sure you have some clean sheets handy because these can be added on top of existing furniture or over chaise lounges. And patio chairs when you need extra cushioning.

#4 Tip: Up the Plushness

Remember what makes a sofa so comfy to lounge on the cushiness. To obtain that same comfort level outside, invest in quality cushions to ensure you are sitting cozy all around. Skipping benches and Adirondack chairs, forget about these chairs. Choose a comfortable couch or daybed, throw pillows, and an ottoman so that guests are as relaxed as possible. Search for water-resistant fabrics that can resist mildew and mold. They are as delicate as durable. But they are also stain- and fade-resistant and can be readily cleaned with bleach if necessary.

#5 Tip: Add Coziness with Blankets and Throws

Blankets, throw, and pillows are easy to add color, texture, and personal style to any outdoor space. Layering different textures is key. Because it adds dimension and character and can visually enlarge a space. Choose plush blankets with varying textures like fleece or fur for chilly nights, thinner cotton. Or linen throws for warmer nights or colorful patterned pillows that can double as extra seating. You’ll create a unique and cozy visual experience by layering different fabrics—all from your patio!

#6 Tip:  Add an Awning for a Retractable Ceiling

Awnings can completely change any outdoor space, from a simple porch to an entire backyard. A retractable awning is one of those cool add-ons that will help extend your patio and keep you out of direct sunlight. If it gets too hot, just put it away until later! You’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful sunny days all year long. An outdoor awning is an excellent way to shield yourself from sun and rain. This type of overhead shade will protect you from inclement weather. Giving you an extra reason to spend time outside during all four seasons. Look for one made of a waterproof fabric so water doesn’t leak through and ruin your furniture or flooring below. If just one or two people are sitting on your patio most of the time. Look for models that have perforated panels or open-weave materials. They’ll provide air circulation while still protecting you from rain and wind.

#7 Tip: Pick Patterns that Pop

Patterns can add visual interest and help draw attention to certain areas of your outdoor space. To create a place that feels more like an extension of your home during your home remodel Los Angeles. Select patterns and textures that reflect what’s happening indoors. For example, if you want to use throw pillows outside, choose ones with muted tones and loose patterns. So they feel at home on a patio chair or couch. And keep rugs small; L-shaped runners are great for weaving between chairs. And keeping you from scuffing up wood floors while carrying food and drinks back out.

#8 Tip: Make Space for Your Favorite Hobbies

Chances are, you’re not spending all that much time on your patio if it’s small and has little appeal. If you really want to get more use out of it, build some shelves for display, grab a couple of chairs so you can sit out and enjoy friends, or throw down an area rug and put up some magazine racks or knickknacks. Your patio doesn’t have to feel like an extension of your house; take advantage of its outdoor appeal by making it feel cozy but separate.

#9 Tip: Create a Book Nook

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space for reading, use it. Bring books outside if you live in a small apartment or don’t have a dedicated nook. A lounge chair or blanket is all you need. Coffee table books, paperbacks, and hardcovers are all good—as long as they are of interest to you, that’s what matters most. Laying down with good reading material on an afternoon is one of life’s little pleasures. (And yes, there will always be that boss who walks by during your midday break and sees you taking time for yourself.)

#10 Tip: Enjoy the Open Air

You may find that you enjoy your patio even more when it’s not so stuffy inside. If you have a balcony, porch, or other outdoor space attached to your apartment, consider spending as much time outside as possible while still taking advantage of indoor comforts. Bring out some extra pillows and throw rugs, and if there’s any sun-blocking equipment (like curtains) available, close those off entirely. Grab some additional seating by placing furniture on cinder blocks (tip: add a thick layer of outdoor cushions to protect their bottoms from wear and tear).

The Bottom Line

Do you have an older home and want to create a backyard oasis? Do you live in an apartment with no access to a porch or balcony? Well, it doesn’t matter what your situation is; there are lots of ways that you can transform your patio into something fun and relaxing with an exterior home renovation in Los Angeles. We live in a world where we often forget how to make time for our friends and families. Instead, many of us surround ourselves with things that we think will bring us comfort or happiness.

The reality is that no matter how many Instagram likes you get on your next holiday selfie, there’s nothing like sitting around a dinner table filled with family and loved ones. To put it simply: nothing will ever replace face-to-face human interaction! As summer has started, now is a great time to consider ways to turn your patio into an extension of your living room to enjoy more time surrounded by people who matter most.

If you need any professional help to turn your patio into an appealing and comfortable living room in Los Angeles, contact Homednb. We make the home renovation process worry-free and transparent with trusted and reliable contractors, a secured payment method, and manage and monitor your project from start to finish!