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Why Remodel A Home in the Summer

Home renovation in the summer is common for homeowners across the country. With fall being back-to-school time followed by the winter holidays and cold weather halting a lot of projects, Spring is when people start planning their home remodel.

Dream Home Remodeling

If you are like most people thinking about a home upgrade, you are starting to plan a renovation project this summer. You may have even spoken to a home improvement designer or home design remodeling contractor. Kitchens, bath basements, and energy savings are common summer projects for your home. Now the question is: Should we renovate this summer or some other time in the year?

Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen in the summer is ideal. With warmer weather comes outdoor barbecues and picnics. Let’s  face it; most of us spend less time slaving away in a hot kitchen in the hot summer months. Summer is the time for cold-cut sandwiches and lemonade for a light midday meal or family barbecues. Alternatively, other days in the park spending more time away from the kitchen.

What better time for a kitchen remodel than in a time of year when you can eat and prepare meals outside with the family more often than any other time of year? During a week-long renovation, you can fire up the barbecue or have snacks on the porch. Also, you can microwave some simple foods, and only have to eat out once or twice during the week! What better time to remodel than when it will inconvenience you the least?

Bathroom Remodel

Let’s face it, there really is no great time for a bathroom renovation. The bathroom is the only room in the house that you absolutely need to have access to daily and by everyone in the house. If you only have one bathroom there is going to be a problem during remodeling time. Thankfully, bathrooms are usually small enough that a renovation can be completed in as little as one day!

One benefit of a bathroom remodel in the summer is, just like with a kitchen, you can easily spend a day or two at a park, hang out outdoors, visit people with a pool or have an outdoor meet up with others, beaches have bathrooms while you spend the day out. During the summer, public bathrooms may not be ideal, but they are plentiful and available everywhere!

Another benefit to remodeling a bathroom is that in the span of a week you can do a bathtub or shower in two days and the floor and cabinets can be done in one day each. It is entirely possible to complete a remodel with no part of your bathroom being out of order for more than two days at most, and if you choose to, you can even have the shower finished in one day.

Basement Remodel

Basement remodeling can be one of the best places in your home renovation any time of year. However, summer is an especially beneficial time as a basement is often nice and cool during the hot summer months. Another benefit is if you begin work on your basement in late Spring or the very beginning of summer, you will be able to enjoy a nice and cool area with your family as the peak of summer arrives.

Energy-Efficient Remodeling

One benefit of any renovation in the home big or small is an opportunity for home energy upgrades. 

As temperatures rise, so do electricity bills. Homeowners seeing those utilities rise during spring makes most homeowners think to themselves what they can do to save money as things warm up and air conditioners kick on. Some benefits to energy efficiency upgrades are saving money on your energy bills, government rebates as most utility companies and even some federal agencies have energy upgrade rebates, tax deductions, special financing, and other money-saving programs from Uncle Sam!

Renovating an attic space and walls with better insulation is one way of doing it. No matter where you are renovating in your home there are energy-efficient upgrades you can make with insulation, windows, improved air conditioning and ducting, and even rooftop solar panels outside the home!

General Reasons to Remodel in Summer

During the summer you do not have to worry about snow or other cold-weather delays. Pipes freezing, power outages common in the winter months are less likely to happen during summer. During construction projects, dust and other particles can pile up real fast. During the summer, ventilation is much easier when you can simply open up the windows, let out some of that dust and toxic paint fumes.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, warmer weather means you are not stuck indoors as the saws scream and hammers bang. You are free to leave and go enjoy your day!

You are ready!

No matter what project you are planning on tackling next, summer is usually the best time to do it. However, start planning now, as summer is also the busiest time for construction agencies. With a country slowly reopening, more and more families are beginning to plan their projects, don’t get caught behind a line of people ahead of you, call us now and we can get you going on the remodel project of your dreams today! Contact Home DNB now, and we will get you the right contractor for your home renovation project. Our team of local experts are vetted for quality, value, and safety. A home remodel is difficult and stressful, let us take care of the house remodel designer and home renovation contractors for you.