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Freshen Up Your Space with Trendy French Door Curtain Ideas

A French door is actually the superlative of both exterior and interior, as it gives a door with convenient access around the outside while also providing a significant quantity of window space to allow sunlight to flood in. Whether you already have a French door in your living room or you are planning to install it during your next home interior renovation project, you should know how to make it more appealing. Adding French doors is a simple method to boost the quantity of natural light in your home if you’re searching for ways to improve your open plan
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Furthermore, many sellers prefer to invest in this sort of door to increase their homes’ value before selling. Installing French doors may bring a wealth of advantages, ranging from security to energy efficiency to ease.  French doors are frequently seen in living rooms with complete access to the outside, and they’re also lovely embellishments to the inside of your house. But what if you replace a pair of windows with a French door and still want privacy? So you may leave them plain for optimum light, you can bring a touch of seclusion or texture to your French doors by installing curtains in this very same manner you would have for windows.

Curtains might appear to be the last addition to a room, but they serve a more important purpose. They affect how often light enters your area, and their color and texture could either complement or detract from your room’s aesthetic. The curtains in your living room must be hung appropriately, and the manner they are hung determines whether your area is informal or formal.

Whether you currently have French doors that you wish to cover or are thinking about installing a pair during your next home interior renovation, these elegant curtain options are ideal for providing seclusion without detracting from the elegance of your doors.

Let’s have a look at some ideas to choose the perfect curtains for your French door:

Choose a Neutral Color

Curtains are an excellent way to bring color or texture to your living area, but if you have a large number of French doors, you might just want to keep your curtains plain & modest so that they do not detract from the remainder of your décor. Choose a neutral color from the same color scheme as the whole of your décor to make your area feel more integrated.

Add a Pop of Color

A kitchen and dining area with an open concept frequently offers easy accessibility to a patio or garden. So, if you do not yet have an open kitchen with a living room, then you can contact our home interior renovation professionals to design it for you. French doors lend a classical air to the area and make it feel more conventional. Choose a light shade to offer a sense of color without dominating the area if you have a pretty neutral home.

Hang Curtains Ceiling to Floor

You must treat your French doors as if they were windows and adhere to almost the same curtain-hanging guidelines. Hang your curtains from the ceiling to the floor to make your space appear larger. It creates an illusion of more fabulous ceilings and makes your home feel more open & spacious.

Think About Shades

If you have French doors in a small space and don’t have a lot of room for curtains, try Roman shades. If curtains or drapes aren’t appropriate for your area, trying roman shades is an excellent way to improve it.

Install a French Door in a Bathroom

Everyone desires a bathroom design with an unexpected French door leading immediately outside. Of course, adding French doors in your bathroom means you’ll want to think about privacy. These lightweight curtains are thick enough to provide seclusion but not too heavy for a bathroom.

Choose Linen & Accent Color

Linen curtains are ideal for creating a hidden and serene atmosphere in your home. Keep them highly long, and then let them touch the floor to get that relaxed, breezy vibe. Are you having trouble deciding on the appropriate curtain color for your French doors? Choose an accent color from your space and carry it through to the window treatments.

Think about the Curtain Rod & Sheer Stay

Consider choosing a finish that complements the rest of your area when hanging a curtain rod. In this case, a black curtain rod complements the black door finish beautifully, giving the entire area a unified look. Because adding French doors will allow in a wide range of natural light, think about keeping the curtains sheer if you do not even require a lot of seclusions. It is an excellent technique to provide a touch of privacy without restricting the natural light that enters the room.

Draw Them Back

Installing curtain tiebacks to your doors is a beautiful way to give them a window appearance and feel while still allowing immediate access to the outside. You may choose curtains that stand out by using a bit of contrast, or you can choose a hue that fits in with the wall. If you are feeling confused while selecting curtains color, then you may take professional help from an interior designer or a home renovation contractor. A drape that blends into the wall allows the eye to be drawn to the rest of the room and the French doors.

Choose a Contrasting Color & Add Tassels

Picking a hue that contrasts with the rest of your home décor without clashing is one method to add interest to your area. This can provide depth to the room. A dynamic space with plenty of textures & patterns necessitates a curtain that can stand alone. Choose a curtain with tassels or pom-poms for additional visual appeal.

Choose a Vibrant Color & Pattern

A bold color, such as mustard yellow, is ideal for a French door curtain that will be the space’s focal point. As the rest of the space is kept simple, the silky fabric creates a design statement. Consider a modest design that adds interest without becoming overly cluttered. Keep the color palette gentle and simple, and go for a classic theme to add refinement to any area.

Pull The Drapes To One Side & Incorporate Natural Elements

Finding adequate space surrounding your French doors might often restrict your curtain selections. If there isn’t much wall area along either side of your French doors, draw all of the drapes to one edge for an unbalanced aesthetic. Any natural substance, mainly wood, has heft and should stand independently. Choose curtains that complement instead of competing with the natural materials in your home.

Closet Covering

An internal French door lends a traditional touch to any space, but you would not want to view what was on the other side. Install a curtain to further differentiate the areas if you have a French door as a closet door or if you wish to divide two windows.

Let’s have a look at some ways to hang curtains correctly:

Before you get excessively plagued with curtain-specifics, let’s take a look at how to hang curtains appropriately and how the perfect curtains can make your home appear more likable and brighter than it currently is.

Step 1: Determine the Size of Your Door

Remember to check the size of your French door before you start looking for curtains! Don’t presume drapes are one-size-fits-all; instead, measure their length and width. Whereas most curtains are quite size-adaptable, you don’t want to be trapped with door coverings that are much too little or far too huge.

Step 2: Choose the Ideal Curtain

It’s time to go shopping for curtains. While you’re there, think about what kind of curtain your room requires, and don’t choose a window covering until it will work. Curtains should be chosen with practicality in mind first and foremost.

Step 3: Collect Your Materials

Ensure you have everything you’ll want before you try hanging your curtains. Besides the curtains, you’ll need to have a curtain rod & brackets to hang them. You’ll need any tools or gear required for installing the curtains, as well as a level and a ladder.

Step 4: Attach the Brackets

Use a pen as well as a tape measure to determine the location of your curtain brackets—if your brackets came with directions, now would be the time to follow them. Ensure your brackets aren’t misaligned by using a level. Put your brackets just a few inches outside of your door frames so that your curtains do not obstruct any natural light while they are open.

Step 5: Hang Your Curtain Rod & Curtains

After you’ve put your brackets, hang your curtains onto your curtain rod using hooks or clips. And finally there you have a properly curtained French door.

So, enhance your home’s curb appeal by adequately choosing the curtains for your French door. Stay tuned with our blog page to keep yourself updated with the latest and creative home décor ideas to make your home appealing, functional and comfortable!  Whenever you need any professional help for your home interior renovation, you can contact Homednb! We have trusted and reliable home interior designers to help you make your space the way you want it with creative design ideas!