home décor color trends 2022

Color Trends – What’s hot and what’s not

Colors are about so much more than just appearance. Paint, upholstery, and décor choices may all have an impact on how you feel — and, as a result, how you function — at home. A new paint coat might work wonders whenever it comes to revamping your home. Due to the pandemic, we all know what a rollercoaster ride 2021 was. Without going too philosophical, the world was turning gloomy, and our homes were, more than ever, our refuges of protection, warmth, and peace. As we struggle with a world irreparably altered by the epidemic, our new behaviors, lifestyles, and emotional well-being will continue to impact how we choose to paint our homes. As a result, it’s no wonder that color trends for 2022 continue to reflect our desire for our homes to feel better and more comfortable.

“Colors that we encircle ourselves with have a direct impact on our thoughts or behavior. Therefore, choosing the appropriate colors may make all the difference in boosting the atmosphere of any place.”

Homeowners want their living spaces to provide them enjoyment as well as comfort. And it all begins with selecting the exact color of paint. Color can revolutionize any dull and unappealing space dramatically. Colors have also become a surrogate for our personalities as many of us work from home this year. Colors that individuals associate with themselves serve as backgrounds for personal branding. So, make a significant change in the New Year by decorating your home with colors that boost your mood and well-being. It’s a simple but effective technique to lay the groundwork for all of the additional procedures you’d like to implement.

So, do you want to know which colors will be popular in 2022? Are you ready to witness the hues that will be seen everywhere in 2022 and beyond?

We are here with the complete details of color trends to help you know what’s hot and what’s not this year:

Determining where to begin while looking for the appropriate color for your home is often the most challenging aspect. Auspiciously, numerous home design and build businesses make it easy to get started on the path to a dazzling prospect by offering invaluable industry information. Several color specialists and designers believe that 2022 is the year of new beginnings, and colors that convey this sense of regeneration will be pretty prominent this year.

It’s Good to Be Green

Green has been on trend for a few years now, and it will continue to do so this year as well, as we attempt to feel more connected to nature. A rich green color will always evoke the tranquil, all-encompassing sense of the great outdoors. The green color is a good choice if you want to strike the ideal combination of aggressiveness & adaptability.

Individuals want to bond with nature and feel comfortable in their homes. Thus the most prominent trend we’ll see is recreating the tones we see outdoors, inside. Green represents the force of nature’s development, but picking a deeper hue will also elicit thoughts of reassurance, repose, and security. It’s a solid hue for calming the psyche, which is why it’s been popular this year as people try to create a tranquil ambiance in their homes in the face of the pandemic’s uncertainty.

Comfortable & Familiar Blues

Year after year, blue appears in the hottest color trends but somewhat differently. It’s such a comforting, familiar hue that it’s no wonder that we’re attracted to it over and over again, and deep blue’s appear to be the biggest on-trend this year. So, it’s about thoroughly adopting the deeper tones, not simply incorporating them into a neutral environment with furnishings or a feature wall, but pushing all-in with an inky shade to enhance the visual and cocooning atmosphere.

Blue’s vibrancy and tenderness will remain a priority in our surroundings. As art galleries and museums have learned, darker hues make a much better background for paintings or artworks than white. After you’ve painted a room blue, this might take some time to get used to the appearance. You’re going to be shocked. Individuals have a tough time adjusting to change. After a week, your sentiments will have transformed. We doubt you’ll dislike it, and redecorating isn’t that difficult if you do. If you are still unsure, begin your change in a cloakroom or tiny bedroom, as richer colors work well in smaller areas, contrary to popular belief that white paint makes a room appear larger.

Warm Vintage Shades

This year, cheerful colors have become more popular (unsurprisingly). Yellows, tangerines, soft purples, and baby pinks, which formerly seemed a little childish, are now invading interiors in an innovative, mature way. Even when placed on four walls, their more subdued shapes have surprisingly loveable hues.

When we think about impending home décor color trends 2022, certain hues stick out to us, including pinks, oranges, lavenders, purples, and greens. Because many of us failed to enjoy a good summer or travel on vacation this year, consumers are opting for deeper tones that inject enthusiasm and brightness into their homes – bringing that summer vibe inside.

Natural Territory

Despite the growing popularity of dramatic color statements, some individuals want to instill as much quiet and tranquility as possible in their environments. Warm neutral paint colors also have a trend, and it’s easy to understand this.

Home Renovation

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In addition to giving warmth and versatility to a space, a neutral color scheme may instantly make it seem snug and friendly. You may utilize neutrals in your most frequented areas, such as corridors & living areas, to create a warmer atmosphere that will function with various décor types. New organic colors are becoming more complex, ranging from natural, earthy tones like clay or plaster to richer pigments that mimic the warm texture of terra-cotta.


Yellow has a terrible image for being antiquated and overbearing in the past. Therefore, as individuals look for methods to warm up chilly homes, cheerful colors are coming back into fashion in the home design world. Buttery and citron tones, particularly, resemble the petals of a sunflower, smoothly enliven any area in which they are used.

Go with earthy olive greens & citron yellows that are influenced by the environment. Colors that are grounding & relaxing, uplifting, and cheery are ideal for primary, natural, and attractive home interiors.

The Colors of 1970S

Move over, gray; earthy tones are taking the place of chilly neutrals. Shades that provide instant warmth, like terra-cotta, strong ochres, and even the once-disregarded beige, represent our desire to make our homes seem more comfortable and inviting. For understandable reasons, earthy colors that draw the outside are rising in popularity again. Look for basic neutrals that bring confidence as well. Just be sure to brighten them up with pops of color to keep them from being sapping, draining, mood-hovering tones. We all need it, and a small amount will suffice.

With the resurgence of all these orangey-toned colors, there’s a touch of a 70s feel going on here, and we’re not furious about it. We are eager to embrace this new version of the 1970s style as long as shag rug rugs remain firmly in the past. Several home interior designers believe that 70s & 80s influences will be a significant trend in 2022. There’s something for everyone from disco fever with mirrored surfaces to glassware inspired by old drinks. The colors of the 1970s will also play a significant part in color trends this year, with the earthy terra-cotta tones that have been popular in recent years accented by classic 70s palettes such as deep brown and caramel.

home décor color trends 2022

Feel Good Colors

Colors that make you feel wonderful are the focus for 2022. Forget about being on-trend; the trend is simply doing what you enjoy, creating spaces rich with colors representing your particular style and giving you a lift every time you enter them. Try with other colors as well; after all, it’s only paint, and it’s the most straightforward low-commitment home renovation project you can consider to make your living space as per your desires. So don’t be afraid to attempt something you’ve wanted to see in person for years. The year to do it is 2022.

A color palette of soothing hues will be a significant trend for 2022.’ Dreamy blue and purple tones, bright and welcome yellows, and happy pinks contribute to a feel-good environment. People seek ways to infuse life and vitality to their home interiors after nearly two years of living through a worldwide epidemic, and feel-good color palettes are just one method to do so. A recent increase in the maximalism movement is an example. People want their homes to make them happy, particularly now that they spend so much time in them.


If you’re planning a home renovation project this year, take inspiration from the trendiest color trends of 2022. There are several ways to incorporate these color trends into the décor of your home. So, whether you are renovating your existing home or planning to build a new home from the ground up, let our reliable home remodeling contractors at homednb assist you in creating your ideal home. Share your visions about your dream home with us and let us design & build your dream home with your color preferences!

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