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Color Trends – What’s hot and what’s not

Colors go beyond appearance. Paint, upholstery, and décor affect our feelings and functionality at home. A fresh coat can transform your space. In 2021, amid the pandemic’s rollercoaster, our homes became refuges of protection, warmth, and peace. As we adapt to a changed world, our behaviors and well-being shape our home’s paint choices. As a result, it’s no wonder that color trends for 2022 continue to reflect our desire for our homes to feel better and more comfortable.

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“Colors that we encircle ourselves with have a direct impact on our thoughts or behavior. Therefore, choosing the appropriate colors may make all the difference in boosting the atmosphere of any place.”

Selecting the right paint color sets the foundation for enjoyable and comfortable living spaces. Colors can transform dull areas and reflect our personalities. Choose colors that boost your mood and well-being to make a significant change in the New Year. Looking ahead, curious about the popular hues of 2022 and beyond?

We are here with the complete details of color trends to help you know what’s hot and what’s not this year:

Determining where to begin while looking for the appropriate color for your home is often the most challenging aspect. Auspiciously, numerous home design and build businesses make it easy to get started on the path to a dazzling prospect by offering invaluable industry information. Several color specialists and designers believe that 2022 is the year of new beginnings, and colors that convey this sense of regeneration will be pretty prominent this year

It’s Good to Be Green

Green has remained a consistent trend, serving as a bridge to nature and fostering a tranquil atmosphere. To evoke the serenity of the great outdoors, consider opting for rich green shades. This color strikes the perfect balance between vitality and adaptability.

Bringing outdoor tones inside is a prominent trend, as it allows people to find comfort and establish a deeper connection with nature. Deeper shades of green are particularly effective in evoking feelings of reassurance, tranquility, and security. Its calming nature has gained popularity, especially during the uncertain times of the pandemic, as it helps create a serene ambiance within our homes.

Comfortable & Familiar Blues

Deep blue shades are enduringly trendy, evoking comfort and familiarity. Embrace their richness for a visually cozy atmosphere. Darker hues enhance artwork vibrancy against an ideal backdrop. Adjusting to the new look may take time, but within a week, you’ll likely appreciate the change. Feel free to redecorate as needed. Begin with a small room or cloakroom to experiment with richer colors, debunking the misconception that white paint creates an illusion of space.

Warm Vintage Shades

Vibrant hues like yellows, tangerines, soft purples, and baby pinks have gained popularity, adding cheer to interiors. Moreover, these colors exhibit a sophisticated and creative presence, even when applied to all four walls in muted shades.

As we gaze into the future of 2022’s color trends, bold and captivating colors such as pinks, oranges, lavenders, purples, and greens step into the limelight. Furthermore, deeper tones are in high demand to infuse homes with energy and brightness. This allows us to bring the summer atmosphere indoors, compensating for a year of limited summer activities and travel.

Natural Territory

Despite the growing popularity of dramatic color statements, some individuals want to instill as much quiet and tranquility as possible in their environments. Warm neutral paint colors also have a trend, and it’s easy to understand this.

In addition to providing warmth and versatility, a neutral color scheme can instantly create a snug and friendly ambiance. Moreover, you can incorporate neutrals in high-traffic areas like corridors and living spaces to establish a warmer atmosphere that complements diverse types of decor.

Furthermore, the emergence of new organic colors brings increased complexity, spanning from natural, earthy tones such as clay or plaster to deeper pigments that emulate the warm texture of terra-cotta.


In the past, yellow had a negative reputation for being outdated and overwhelming. However, as people seek ways to add warmth to their homes, cheerful colors are making a comeback in home design. Buttery and citron tones, reminiscent of sunflower petals, bring life to any space.

Opt for earthy olive greens and citron yellows inspired by nature. These grounding, relaxing, uplifting, and cheerful colors are perfect for creating inviting and attractive home interiors.

The Colors of 1970S

With the rise of earthy tones, cool neutrals like gray are being replaced, instantly infusing warmth and comfort into our homes. Transitioning to terra-cotta, ochre, and beige, we can create a trendy and cozy atmosphere. These earthy colors not only bring us closer to nature but also harmonize with confident basic neutrals.

To prevent a draining effect, it’s essential to add pops of color. Moreover, a touch of the 70s vibe is making a comeback, but without the shag rugs. The influence of the 70s and 80s will play a significant role in 2022, extending to mirrored surfaces and vintage-inspired glassware. Expect earthy terra-cotta tones and classic 70s palettes like deep brown and caramel to dominate this year’s color trends.

Feel Good Colors

2022 prioritizes joyful colors. Forget trends, create spaces reflecting your style and uplifting your mood. Experiment freely—it’s just paint—to transform your living space. Embrace desired changes fearlessly.

A soothing color palette dominates 2022. Dreamy blues, purples, cheerful yellows, and happy pinks create a feel-good environment. Post-pandemic, people seek vibrant home interiors. Maximalism exemplifies this trend. Homes should bring happiness as we spend more time in them.


If you’re planning a home renovation project this year, take inspiration from the trendiest color trends of 2022. There are several ways to incorporate these color trends into the décor of your home. So, whether you are renovating your existing home or planning to build a new home from the ground up, let our reliable home remodeling contractors at Homednb assist you in creating your ideal home. Share your visions about your dream home with us and let us design & build your dream home with your color preferences!