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Your Home Aesthetics – What To Change To Turn Your Home into Dream House

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Manmohan Kumar

01 March, 2022

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Your home should be your sanctuary – the place you can retreat to and relax with your family and friends when the outside world gets too much. But, the problem with most people is that they just don’t know how to go about doing this, and therefore, they don’t achieve their goal of having an aesthetically pleasing home.

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Turn Your Home into Dream House

Aesthetics are important for every home, and this can include both the outside and the inside of your house. Home aesthetics may sound like an insignificant element, but it’s essential to make your house a place you love living in and want to come back to after work or days out.

A home is more than just an investment; it’s also an important part of our lives, which affects our health and wellbeing. In fact, research shows that living in a pleasing environment can reduce stress and improve your immune system, making you healthier and happier overall.

Home aesthetics are important because they can affect your life in many ways. The way your home looks can impact how you feel when you come home, which can even improve the quality of your sleep and your overall mood. Home aesthetics are about more than just personal taste, though; you should also consider how the aesthetic of your home can impact your lifestyle and how it relates to the value of your property. That is why we’ve gathered up our top home aesthetics tips that will turn your home into the dream house that you have always wanted!

Pare Down

A home is a place of comfort and familiarity, not chaos. To create a space that offers those feelings, you’ll want to strip it down and start over. Choose one or two ways you can improve home aesthetics—for example, a fresh coat of paint for one room or addition in another—and work from there. Eliminate all clutter; do away with anything and everything that doesn’t add value. This might seem counterintuitive advice when you’re in the middle of your own home renovation, but just remember to look forward before looking back. Anything you can pare down now will make your life easier later on. 

Add Some Visual Interest

Painting is one of those quick, easy and relatively affordable ways to improve home aesthetics. Paint can add some visual interest in a way that’s not only pleasing but also long-lasting—deciding which color(s) to go with is an important part of your overall home improvement plan. Plus, who doesn’t love a blank slate? For most people painting over existing paint results in a dramatic change without having to completely redo their entire home décor; giving you more bang for your buck!

Organize For Visibility

If you’re looking for a way to create contrast and define your space, consider painting stripes on either side of a door. The effect will be most eye-catching if you use contrasting colors:

  • White trim and walls with yellow or green stripes
  • White trim and walls with red stripes
  • Cream trim and walls with brown stripes

Painting wide vertical lines up high create depth in a room, while short horizontal lines accentuate height. For best results, paint before moving furniture into position. In any case, always test an inconspicuous patch first to make sure that you like it—the hardest part about using these stripes is convincing people not to move them!

Enhance Your Doors & Windows Significantly

It is not something that everybody thinks of when considering improving home aesthetics. We all feel that altering things within our homes is by far the most important thing we can do. Fixing up or upgrading your doors and windows, on the other hand, may significantly improve the aesthetics of your home. Even if you do not rearrange your furnishings or other household items, altering your windows and doors will give your home an amazing design. Another significant benefit of doing so is that it may probably protect your home and manage indoor temperatures, making it much more energy-efficient.

Lighten Up

Although they might not seem like it, dark interiors can make a home feel small and uninviting. Adding more light fixtures with brighter bulbs, skylights or (if allowed) installing larger windows can instantly transform a dark and cramped space into a room that feels expansive and airy. How much you have to invest in lighting will depend on your budget, but even small changes can make a big difference.

Use Artwork and Photographs

Home décor is often one of those things that people can feel a bit intimated by. No need to fear, however, there are lots of small ways you can improve your home aesthetics. Try adding artwork or photographs—there’s no right or wrong style to make your place more comfortable for yourself and those you live with. Remember, home should be a space where we want to spend time. Having our own pictures around allows us to create a space we enjoy being in and encourages us to reflect on what we love most about life. It’s important not just for home design but also mental health too!

Maintain Visual Harmony

The way that your home looks is a reflection of you. Use one or two walls as your canvas, and work on creating a sense of visual harmony in your home by choosing a single color family or pattern (or both) and sticking with it. Let’s say you choose to do stripes: look for patterns that share similar colors throughout your home, not only on ceilings and floors but also in furniture and accessories. As mentioned above, using repetition will help keep things cohesive and make your home feel more visually pleasing—and less like an interior design mistake. There are two basic ways to put together a room from scratch—you can either use a neutral color scheme or go bold with contrasting colors that complement each other well.


As corny as it may seem, improving home aesthetics does not have to be expensive and complicated. Simply take a look around your home to see what may be improved. If you don’t like the colors or textures on your walls, paint or rip them down. If you have an area of clutter that bothers you, get rid of it. Adding new lights and decorations may also improve house aesthetics without spending a lot of money or effort because sometimes all you need is additional light.

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