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Get Eco-Friendly Designer Home with Home Remodeling Atlanta

Every home reaches a point wherever it requires home remodeling or repairing. Some do it to profit from the premises, while others make it more attractive or give it a fresh atmosphere. Still, others do it for seasonal or cultural celebrations, among many other reasons. Whatever the reason, you desire a stylish eco-friendly home with home remodeling Atlanta to be a part of the green environment movement and protect our precious planet earth from many forms of pollution that you can avoid. We have spoken about a few environmentally friendly practices to assist you in totally remodeling your home in this blog.
Eco Friendly Home Renovation

Overhaul the Floor with Renewable or Reclaimed Wood

Renovations to the floor are one of those locations when the home truly shines. Today, eco-friendly alternatives are also being utilized in large numbers. For example, reclaimed timber planks are recommended since they do not warp after being fitted if done correctly. Scaffold boards are inexpensive and versatile, working well on both floors and walls.

Many home remodeling contractors or architects use cork, a renewable resource that may be collected from the same tree for hundreds of years. It is soft and springy, with good thermal and acoustic characteristics. Moreover, cork is also water-resistant and wipeable.

Bamboo is another option that is chosen since it is robust, moisture-resistant, produces back quicker than wood & does not need insecticides throughout the growth process.

Use Paint That Doesn’t Contain Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generate toxic chemicals, resulting in long-term health consequences for individuals. Chemical components in VOC paints evaporate into the air when the complete paint dries. Swapping to low-VOC or VOC-free paint is a better choice for the atmosphere, the home & the residents since they will be able to breathe relaxedly. It’s essential if you’re painting a nursery or a child’s room. 

Use Products that are Chemical free

Chemicals abound in the home building industry. Chemicals are used to clean brushes and clean up spills, and formaldehyde may be found in building materials and other home items. White spirit, wallpaper remover, and strong duct brick cleansers are all skin irritants that should be avoided. Whether you are constructing a home from scratch or just doing home remodeling Atlanta, for the sake of your health and the health of the environment, switch to non-irritating alternatives and formaldehyde-free goods.

Make The Shift to Renewable Energy

Green energy can be created in a variety of methods at home. You might, for example, construct wind turbines to generate power or just solar panels to accomplish the same goal. The sun is a renewable and robust source of green energy that is always present. Solar panels will be used to harvest it, eliminating the need for grid energy. You will be conserving energy, assisting the environment & saving cash that would otherwise be spent on power bills.

Low-Flow Devices at Your Home

Toilets use around a quarter of all home water. Some toilets may consume up to 13 liters of water every flush. As a result, you must transition to water-saving low-flow plumbing systems. To save water, swap your shower, toilet & sink faucets with low-flow models.

Discuss this with your home remodeling Atlanta professionals and consider a dual-flush system, in which one button is used to flush liquid waste, and the other is pressed to flush solid trash. Dual-flush systems are extensively accessible on the market. Install flow regulators in the shower and sinks, in addition to low-flowing toilets, to help you conserve water and recycle as much as possible.

Insulate Your Home with High-Quality Insulation

To further protect oneself from the weather, you should pick high-quality insulation. Poor insulation may not bother you during the hot summer months, but it will cost you dearly come winter. A properly insulated roof will help you save money on electricity while also lowering your carbon footprint. You can help your home stay warmer in the winter season & cooler in the summer by using high-quality insulation & plasterboard while lowering your expenses and decreasing your conservational influence.

Select Energy-Saving Appliances

Consider energy-efficient appliances for a more environmentally friendly household when doing home remodel. Look for eco-friendly dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, freezers & washing machines since they use less energy and are more cost-effective. Also, LED lighting should be considered because artificial lighting contributes to around 15% of the average home energy expenditure.

Only 10% of electrical energy is converted into light by incandescent bulbs, with the rest being wasted as heat. LED lighting uses a lot less energy and is a more environmentally friendly form of artificial light.

Make A Habit to Use Reclaimed Materials

Reclaimed materials, such as wood and steel, are an environmentally beneficial alternative for building, windows, and furnishings. It also saves energy, time, money & trees. It will also reduce the number of harmful chemicals used in the wood sector. Reclaimed wood and discarded metals may be used to create a distinctive and modern design for your home. Reclaim and utilize the old bricks instead of tossing them away.

Think of Using Recycled Glass

Bio-glass may be found at a variety of shops and home improvement centers. It’s a type of glass that appears like new windows yet is entirely safe for the environment. When planning a kitchen remodeling, recycled glass may be a great addition to the kitchen since they offer a new level of brightness to the space, allowing for more natural lighting and morning sunlight while also saving you money on your lighting costs.

Rather Than Replacing, Reface

A home may be renovated and given a fresh new look without being wholly demolished or wasting materials. Refacing your home will provide a fresh new look while also adding value and saving you money. Repurposing and refacing products and materials helps you save money on home improvements. It also helps the environment by conserving natural resources and reducing emissions from the manufacture and transportation of these products. Whether you need to reface rather than replace, you must replace your old appliances with newer, more energy-efficient ones.

Green Roofs Are Excellent Choices

You can choose to paint your home using environmentally friendly paints, such as water-soluble paints or plant oils and resins. A green roof incompletely or completely sheltered with plants. They’re simple to install and maintain, and they may be used on tiny garages, living quarters, or any other structure. Green roofs may also be added to both new and refurbished homes. They can also thrive in the presence of other structures, such as solar panels and open space used for recreation or other uses.

Rather Than Demolish, Deconstruct

Before starting a home renovation, you might want to take a tour around the home to see what you can save and reuse. It’s a green approach to save money and resources while remodeling your home. Flooring, doors, tiles, bricks, cabinets, molding, and light fixtures are just a few of the items you might be able to save. Instead of tossing anything away, consider repurposing it in another room. If you demolish these artefacts without rescuing them, you’ll have to buy new ones, which is both expensive and environmentally unfriendly. Furthermore, demolition has a significant environmental impact, owing to the waste of resources.

Make Your Home More Ventilated

Some homes were constructed in radon-heavy areas. Because radon has been proven to cause cancer, you should rule out below-grade living space from your plans if you reside in such a location. Install a radon-venting system in your basement as well. In addition, regardless of where the home is located, make sure there is enough natural ventilation rather than relying on mechanical aeration systems. It is preferable to remodel the home to have windows as a minimum of two walls in the foremost areas of the home.

Take Into Consideration a Renewable Heating System

Most homes require additional heating, particularly during the winter months, and they rely on electricity to do it. Consider a more natural approach to house heating. Ground-source heat pumps, for example, take heat from the soil through underground pipes to heat the home and water circuits.

As a result, you’d have to excavate your backyard & install the system. Air-source systems, on the other hand, heat the home by taking out heat from the air. They may be mounted on an external wall or in the attic, making them perfect for retrofits. The heat from burning pellets or logs is used to warm space in a wood-fueled heating system. They are expensive, but they are a worthy and environmentally beneficial alternative to power.

Work On Installing Kitchen Water Filters

Install a water filter while kitchen renovation Atlanta to remove the need to rely on disposable plastic water bottles all of the time. Place windows with the most natural light since this will reduce your reliance on power while also giving you a lot of natural sparkling light and warmth. Additionally, maintain the refrigerator in an excellent location, preferably away from windows, the oven, and other heat sources. It allows you to get the most out of your refrigerator while also lowering your energy expenses.

Whether you’re planning to build a new home or modify an existing one, the eco-friendly home remodeling ideas described above can help you take a step toward making our planet more environmentally friendly. You can contact Homednb to hire reliable and trusted professionals for home remodeling Atlanta!