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Are you a General Contractor or a Firm?

If you’re a skilled and reputable general contractor or a firm looking to expand your business opportunities and connect with potential clients, registering with Homednb is a fantastic choice. Homednb is a trusted platform that brings together homeowners and top-notch contractors to create dream homes with seamless construction and renovation experiences.

Are you a contractor? Work with us
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Here's how you can register with Homednb:

Complete the Registration Form

Fill out the contractor registration form with accurate and up-to-date information. The form requires details such as your company name, contact information, city, state, zip code, areas of expertise, years of experience, and any certifications or licenses you hold.

Showcase Your Portfolio

To stand out to potential clients, consider uploading a portfolio of your previous projects. High-quality images or videos that highlight your craftsmanship, attention to detail, and creativity can significantly enhance your profile's attractiveness.

Highlight Customer Testimonials

If you have positive reviews or testimonials from previous clients, make sure to include them in your registration. Positive feedback from satisfied customers can build trust and confidence in your services.

General Contractor, Construction Firm, Home renovation, remodel, renovate, Build,

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Use the registration process to showcase your expertise in various construction and renovation fields. Whether it’s a custom home build, a remodel, or a specialized services. Emphasize your strengths and the value you bring to homeowners

Agree to our Terms and Conditions

By reading and accept Homednb’s terms and conditions to ensure you’re in compliance with the platform’s guidelines and policies.

Submit Your Registration

Filled out all the necessary information such as City, State and Phone Number. Then you submit your registration form for review.

Are you a contractor? Work with us

Verification and Approval

Homednb will review your registration and assess your qualifications to ensure you meet our standards for excellence and professionalism. If your application is approved, you will be notified, and your profile will be made available to potential clients.

By registering with Homednb, you’ll gain access to a wide pool of homeowners actively seeking reliable and skilled general contractors like yourself. Moreover, this platform presents an excellent opportunity to grow your business, expand your client base, and take part in creating stunning dream homes for homeowners across the country. So, don’t miss this chance to elevate your contracting career and join the Homednb family today!

“This was a one-month renovation, and it was right on schedule, from start to finish. It was such a beautiful experience. I just shared my vision about my bathroom, and they have just made my dull and drab bathroom stunning. Their attention to detail was outstanding.”

Candie, Bathroom Remodeling

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Are you a contractor? Work with us