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Create a stunning focal wall for your living room

Every room needs a focal point that is simply a statement-making element but great to bring balance to a room in the bedroom. It can be a bed in the bedroom, a table in the dining room surrounded by really cool chairs, or a space all grounded by a beautiful light fixture overhead. But what about the living room?

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There are so many elements in a living space that can become a focal point, and it may not immediately be obvious, so how do you actually choose which one takes priority? Before starting, you need to know about the focal point – what it is? Why do you need to create one? And, how to create a focal point with the use of furniture, artwork, and accessories? What about hiring professional interior designers in Dallas?

It is quite a popular issue as a lot of people think about keeping a main focal point in their living rooms, but they are not sure how they can actually do that. Even if you have all this blank space on your walls and you are not aware of how you can actually use that wall. 

How can you decorate all this blank white wall space? Let’s dig into the answers that you can consider to enhance your living space perfectly. Or, you can hire our interior designers in Dallas to make things achievable and easier for you.

What is a focal point?

A focal point is a space in a room that you want to draw attention to while ultimately becoming a center of attention in that particular area. It could be a wall, a well-decorated corner, and it could be an entire elevation that actually creates a hierarchy for the viewers to take in and enjoy. Hierarchy means the part of the room that grabs your attention immediately you go into a room and where your eyes land after that.

Why create a focal point or a focal wall?

You prefer to create a focal point because you want to draw more attention to a particular point in the space. You want the eyes to land somewhere in the sea of furniture and overall aesthetics. You might want to fill up the blank wall space that feels too shabby or dull. Where there are endless components in your living room, a focal point helps your eyes land on the most important aspect first. There are many reasons to create a focal point and a million ways to design them, but before moving on, you need to know an important difference. It is the essential difference between a focal point and a focal wall.

A focal point can be any point of interest in the overall room –

– It could be elegant furniture,

– It could be a bold colored rug

– It could be a chandelier

– It could be an architectural ceiling

Whereas a focal wall is simply a wall portion that you focus on, so the difference is really just that point of interest.

How to create a focal point with interior designers in Dallas?

When your room has unique architectural features in the room like a built-in bookcase or fireplace – these are very natural focal points of the living room. Here are some of the ways that can draw attention to your bookcase or a fireplace. You can arrange your books and magazines while considering their color-coding. Try to decorate your bookshelves with the use of sentimental decor that is mixed with the books. Don’t ever forget to add plants to your focal wall bookshelf.

If you find books on the bookcases are too cluttered, you can hang a statement art piece centered on the bookshelf for a particular focal point. However, if your fireplace is centered on a focal wall, create visual impact with symmetrical elements.

But what if televisions become the focal point of your living room? If the situation arises, try to conceal your television with a custom art piece that you can remove when needed.

When your space has an elevation of windows with a stunning view that commands attention, these walls or windows naturally become a focal point. It is because of that gorgeous view but you need to get those fabulous window treatments to enhance the look of the space. For the windows that get harsh daylight, try to block that portion of the wall with a piece of art. It can deliver great help to create a stunning focal point as well.

How to determine the empty wall?

Contrary to what you might believe or how you want your space to be, creating a focal wall does not even start with the walls. It actually starts with the installation of the furniture in your space. When you create something for the eyes to focus on, it needs a dimensional perspective. You need to consider the actual function of the space then you can decide on the focal wall that becomes the background for that three-dimensional image. It also helps carry the design intent through. According to your living space, you can decide everything from installation of the furniture to a complete space makeover.

Still not sure how to move forward with these amazing ideas and tips? Let our home renovation contractors in Dallas guide you through every step of the way.