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Eco-Friendly Ways for Home Renovation

Every home eventually has to be renovated or repaired. Many homeowners do it to market their home, while others do it to make it more attractive or give it a fresh vibe, and still, several do it for seasonal or cultural celebration purposes, among many others. Whatever the cause, you must seek eco-friendly ways for home renovation to be a part of the green environment movement and protect our world from many sorts of preventable pollution.

Home Interior Renovation

You’ve already made a green choice by deciding to renovate. Instead of starting from scratch, home renovation allows you to reuse items already in your home. Renovating your home with sustainability in mind will help to reduce the world’s energy usage. Having an ecologically friendly home allows you to avoid many of the adverse effects of renovation, such as

  • Endangering the environment by using newly harvested and discarded resources.
  • Toxin off-gassing.
  • Increasing the quantity of garbage and debris generated by building and destruction.

Having an eco-friendly home may drastically improve your and your family’s quality of life. Because of their energy efficiency, sustainable appliances will ultimately lower your expenses. There are even incentives available from local, state, and federal governments for adopting a greener lifestyle. Tax credits are available for windows, doors, roofing, insulation, and HVAC systems as part of a home renovation. Local utility companies may also pay incentives for green projects. Here are several eco-friendly methods to renovate your home, whether you are just aesthetically upgrading it or doing a whole home renovation .

Use Recycled Wood

Renovations to the floor are one of those locations when the home truly shines. Eco-friendly alternatives are becoming more popular nowadays to incorporate in your home renovation project. Reclaimed wooden planks, for example, are recommended since they do not warp if put properly. Scaffold boards are inexpensive and may be used on both floors and walls. Cork is another option because it is a renewable substance gathered from the same tree for decades. Each harvested cork tree fixes three to five times the amount of carbon. It is soft and springy, with good thermal and acoustic qualities. Bamboo is another option since it is robust, moisture-resistant, grows quicker than wood, and does not need pesticides when growing.

VOC-Free Paint

Volatile organic compounds radiate perilous molecules, making individuals endure long haul wellbeing fallouts. Substance parts in VOC paints vanish into the environment when the paint dries. Changing to without VOC or low VOC paint will be a more secure option for the climate, the home, and its occupants, as they will actually want to inhale simpler. It is mainly important in the circumstance you are painting a kid’s room or nursery.

Install Solar Panel

Green energy may be created at home in a variety of ways. For example, you may construct wind turbines to generate power or install solar panels to accomplish the same thing. The sun is an ever-present source of green energy that is both strong and renewable. It may be harvested using solar panels, eliminating the need for grid power. You will save energy, protect the environment, and save money that would otherwise have gone to pay for power bills. Solar panel systems may be used to create hot water or energy, and they function well in conjunction with financial incentives. Photovoltaic (PV) systems use sunlight to generate power. They don’t require direct sunlight to function, so you may produce on a cloudy day, but they must be attached to a roof or wall that faces south. It is also the most significant aspect of your home renovation project to make it eco-friendly.

Recycle Old Appliances

There’s nothing wrong with your old, outdated appliances. If they still work, do not sell those appliances! You can recycle them or give them to somebody who will make excellent use of them. Check with your city’s recycling program and save on costly upgrades at once. That way you get a new set of appliances and help out Mother Earth in one fell swoop. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Insulate Properly

Insulation can help you save energy consumption in your home by up to forty percent. That’s a significant chunk of money! As part of your home renovation, take time to ensure you properly insulate your house. It will not only make your home more pleasant, but it will also help you save money on electricity. If there are rooms in your house that aren’t being used regularly, shut them off during times when they would otherwise be heated or cooled.

Know When to Reupholster Furniture

Reupholstering furniture is a popular eco-friendly way that can save you tons of money and protect both your wallet and environment. Don’t throw out your old furniture when it’s showing its age; find a professional upholsterer who will work with you to keep your chair, sofa or other piece looking new. The cost of reupholstering is typically lower than purchasing a new set, plus it uses materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Use Natural Materials for Home Décor

If you’re planning home renovation, consider using natural materials in place of plastics and metals. Bamboo flooring, for example, is sturdy and sustainable. You can also use sustainably sourced wood to build things like cabinets or furniture. A lot of your decisions when it comes to home decor go a long way towards reducing unnecessary energy usage in addition to helping out our planet’s natural environment.

Choose Sustainable Outdoor Flooring

Outdoor flooring isn’t typically on most homeowners’ minds when it comes to sustainability, but you can choose flooring that’s naturally more eco-friendly. Sustainable outdoor flooring has qualities like UV protection and mold resistance so that your home is not only more energy efficient, but also friendly to nature.

Select Enclosed Showers Over Tub/Shower Combos: 

When purchasing eco-friendly building materials for your home renovation project, it’s important to get them from a reputable source. This will ensure you know that you’re getting a product that is manufactured to high standards and has been properly tested. You can also ask about recycling options to see how they deal with leftovers from production and shipping. These materials are often expensive, so it’s important to select an excellent brand that you believe in.

Use Products Which are Chemical-free

Chemicals are utilized widely in the construction business. We use them to clean brushes and remove spills, and formaldehyde is found in construction materials and other home items. Buying eco-friendly building materials is a great way to reduce your impact on our planet and improve your own living space. Buying recycled and reclaimed goods may be more expensive, but it’s worth every penny, you’ll be saving trees and reducing pollution at home.

Select Energy-Saving Appliances

Consider energy-efficient appliances for a more environmentally friendly household. Look for eco-friendly dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, ovens, and washing machines that use less energy and are less expensive. Contemplate LED lighting, as false lighting accounts for around fifteen percent of the average residential energy cost. Incandescent bulbs convert just ten percent of electrical energy into light and waste the remainder as heat. LED lighting uses far less energy and is a more environmentally friendly kind of artificial lighting. Some can even live for up to twenty-two years.

Green Roofing

You may protect your home while boosting the biodiversity of your yard by fitting a modest green roof. Green roofs are not just to produce a mini-microclimate, but they mostly shield your roof material from the weather and can reduce the amount of money on your energy costs since soil is an excellent insulator when dried. Drab, flat garage, and shed roofs can also be turned into animal havens.

Install Environmentally Friendly Countertops

Consider replacing the kitchen countertop with an eco-friendly material if all you want to do is give your kitchen an aesthetic boost with minimum environmental effect. Today, several amazing alternatives to granite are available, such as recyclable countertops made of glass, paper, and cork. The end outcome will be a sleek new eco-conscious design for your old, broken countertops.

Final Thoughts

Home Renovation may have a beneficial influence on your life, but it can also have a detrimental impact if you are not cautious. If you want to remodel your house in the next months, it’s critical to consider the environment so that you can help preserve the world while also enhancing your living area. So, with the eco-friendly methods outlined above, you may go green when upgrading your home, from adopting more energy-efficient appliances to replacing many other items with sustainable materials.

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