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6 Custom Home Design Ideas to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

Natural light in a home gives your room an entirely new and full-spectrum tone that artificial light bulbs can only duplicate while delivering a space you desire. The best thing about natural light is that it will not bring heavy power bills at the end of the month, but it can give your space a much better source of light as compared to any other alternative.
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Many homeowners do not consider the natural lights when building their space because they don’t include these things in the process, and if you are among them, we can help you with our remodeling process.

You need to choose a space to turn it in the same direction of the sun or rearrange it to a sunnier location; rest our home renovation designer can handle the process. There are a few custom home design ideas you can consider to increase the amount of natural lights to your home interiors.

Ways To Increase Natural Light In Homes:

Paint your roof space white

The overall beauty created by your roofs has added the eaves, and in any case, the entire section reflects the natural light to send it to your homes. However, painting your eaves in a white shade is among the efficient ways to boost the natural light in any room of your home. Even if you have the home exteriors in a different color, you can still paint your eaves in white color because of these eaves; the curbside appearance enhances the entire look perfectly.

Use the glossy white or lighter color paint

Painting walls and ceilings with white or light grey are among the most efficient ways you can use to enhance the natural light in your space.

  • White is attractive – Nothing can be more attractive than white, and if you really don’t like white but want more light, look for the mixture of white with some other color tones. White colors are available in a wider range of delicately diverse shades that improve the room perfectly.
  • Ceilings are important – Most ceilings are kept white for a reason – White makes the walls look brighter, and since ceilings often go unobserved when looking around the room’s décor, there is no design consequence for going with white. Flat white is chosen for an attractive shine because a matte finish can reduce the violent look, and ceilings don’t need the washability of the glossier paint because they don’t get touched regularly.

Add mirrors with higher reflective paint

The higher the shiny finish level, the more the light reflectance will be – more light will rebound off a surface painted with a high gloss paint than any other substitute. If you are using glossier paint for your walls, you can give them a mirror-like effect as mirrors are a great way to reflect light. It does not mean that you mandatorily have to use the high-gloss paint, though you can if you want, but it means you can go a notch up in a glossier direction. You can go with a the option of a glossy paint wall for your space if you have a remarkably dark room, even though it is not classically used on the walls. You just need to know that more gloss means there is more glare from the strong light, especially with the use of artificial light.

Use glass or highly reflective tiles

Glass tiles are the next best thing to install mirrors on your kitchen or bathrooms, and in the right light, glass tiles can deliver a great reflection for space. Along with the glass, install highly glossy ceramic tiles that have nearly equal reflective effects as compared to a low-reflection backsplash material. In terms of light reflection, the subway tile is also superior to various other materials, and it is extremely cheaper – you can get it at just a few dollars per square foot.

Installation of skylights in your ceilings

Skylights are an amazingly effective way to pull in natural lights, and these are often known as windows for the roof that delivers a glazing area like a medium-sized window. However, skylights can bring in more consistent light than any other windows because these are less likely to be shadowed by outdoor objects, and the sunlight reflects right to the interiors.

Add glass blocks to your walls

Not the easiest alternative, but an effective way is to replace your exterior wall section with a glass block that can bring in a relevant amount of natural light. These can be a great solution when your homes are in the wrong direction and don’t get natural light during any time of the day. Glass blocks are not a structural replacement for the wall stud system, but you can install the header over the block sections, any window, or a door unit. Lastly, adding a reflective room feature can send more light into the room, and if you are installing a chandelier, you don’t even have to keep it turned on to let this happen. It would help to go with the shinier, glossier, and reflective room elements, including mirrors, sconces, and shiny cabinet pulls. A great alternative is scheduling an appointment with our home remodeling consultants, who can help you make things easier.